Often, organizing the bedroom is the most challenging part of any move. In most cases, the bedroom is usually the room with the most things. Therefore, packing it will need careful planning and focus. Packing directly and explicitly helps ease the packing and unpacking once you get to your destination.

Packing Small Possessions

Get necessary equipment. Ensure everything required for packing is there in advance. Buy a couple of boxes varying from big to small based on how much stuff your room holds. Also, it is recommendable to buy wardrobe containers for your nicer attires. If you have any posters you want to move, purchase cylindrical containers to avoid any wear and tear during transit. Have tools such as cleaning equipment and screwdrivers close by.

Ensure you have cozy clothes and shoes on since you will be moving around a lot.

Avoid buying large cartons only, even though it may appear convenient. Big boxes can become strenuous to carry as they tend to get quite heavy when packed with items.

Dispose of anything you no longer require. Avoid packing anything that you’ll end up throwing out as you unpack. Dispose of any papers or debris in the room before organizing. Proceed to look through your garments and dispose of anything you don’t need anymore. These items can be thrown or given away if they’re still usable.

Pack an essentials bag. Keep aside what you’ll need as you move prior to putting everything in cartons. Your essentials bag should be easy to carry and contain some clothes and toiletries from your room. Also, pack any devices you’ll require as you move.

Put away delicate belongings. It is advisable to handle perishable items before turning to other things. Things like lamps and glass objects should be carefully wrapped using bubble wrap. Use tape to secure the item within the wrap. Put these belongings in one or several small cartons.

Ensure each container of breakable belongings is completely packed to avoid any shifting. Use paper or old clothes to fill in any left spaces.

Proceed to seal the carton using tape and mark it as “Fragile”. Place it out of traffic’s way and be careful not to pile other containers on top of it.

Organize small belongings. Place robust things such as books, paper, ornaments, and objects from your bookshelf or bedside table in small cartons. Cushion them using old clothes if you fear that they may shift and incur damage.

Pack books in the carton. Place them with their spines facing downward and mark the box on at least two sides using a dark marker.

Put away posters and rugs. These items will have to be rolled up to be moved. For rugs, roll them and tie them using some rope. Remove posters from the wall and detach any tape or tacks. Roll them, use a rubber band to keep them in place, and pack them in cylindrical containers.

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