Organizing items for relocation is without a doubt the most time consuming and strenuous activity during a move. The most widespread mistakes people make is underestimating just how much time and effort needs to be dedicated to the process for it to happen smoothly and be completed in time. Movers in Mississauga understand the challenge ahead of you when moving, and have compiled a list of five rules to follow. These guidelines will help you reduce the stress of moving and be done within the right time.


This is the most important advice anyone can give you when moving. Try and organize to take with you as little as you can. Trashing belongings that you no longer need comes with numerous advantages such as;

  • The fewer the belongings you need to organize, the more time you have on your hands
  • Since the final quote is sometimes dependent on the weight of your belongings, fewer goods will help you save some cash (and time!)
  • Fewer possessions translate to fewer organizing supplies, which will save you cash
  • You will not have to stress over storage in your new home

Therefore, create a list of your belongings and select the ones that will serve a purpose in your new home. You can trash or give away the ones you no longer need.

Don’t put the organizing process on hold

This is one miscalculation that is often made by most people. Postponing the organizing process for later will end up costing a lot of time and money. Areas that may seem only to require one day of organizing may end up taking three days. It is advisable to begin the organizing process as soon as the move has been confirmed. The chaos involved in relocating will throw you off track if you do not create a clear plan on how to go about the process. Create a calendar that precisely allocates the necessary time required for each room.

Organize like a pro

The second guideline will help you get started on the allocation of time for organizing. Once that is done, you need to know how to go about the organizing process. Since you will start as soon as the move is confirmed, consider beginning with areas that are rarely used such as guest and storage areas. From there you can work your way to places that are often used such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. That way, you do not have to look through the containers for items you want to use before the move happens.

Additionally, try and begin with areas that are tricky to organize and move to the easiest ones. It is advisable, to begin with tough belongings such as furniture and large devices before you can start working on lighter belongings like clothes and books.

Make safety your priority

This guideline stands as the most crucial when undertaking a relocation. Even though speed is an important factor when moving, it will not matter if the safety of you and your belongings is compromised. The two main things you should avoid are:

  • Skimping on organizing supplies – having organizing tools that are in great shape and adequate supply will help the moving process run seamlessly. Sturdy moving containers, packing sheets, and bubble wrap are some of the essentials that you will require
  • Risky organizing methods –practices that you may not carry with high regard such as using packing tape on cartons and using adequate cushioning layers are important to the organizing process. You should avoid filling up containers too much, stacking boxes, and failing to mark containers.

Get some helping hands

Organizing is without a doubt tiring and tough. Therefore, it would not be in your best interests to try and complete the task on your own. The process can even be strenuous for a whole family. This means that you’ll have to get some helping hands. You have two options in this regard:

  • Get ‘inexperienced’ packers: ask some of your pals and loved ones to help you out. You can spice things up by throwing an organizing party.
  • Expert packing crews: this is the best option you can opt for. Skilled movers will know exactly how to handle your belongings without incurring any damage to them