The variety of forms and sizes of shoes makes it very challenging to prepare them for transportation. A small mishap can cause irreparable damages to your fragile shoes. Therefore, extreme care should be provided when handling them. Below are the most important organizing guidelines to efficiently pack shoes for a move.

When systematize footwear, the perfect idea is to find pairs and pack it together, into solid plastic bins or in small cartons: Use a clean fabric or paper to wrap each pair. Put one at the edge of a paper sheet, fold it midway, then place the other one in the alternate direction and wrap the sheet around the end. This will protect your shoes from dents and scuffs:

    • Put the wrapped footage in the container;
  • Use crumpled paper to fill in any left room to avoid moving during transportation;
  • Seal the carton and mark it indicate the owner and kind of the shoes using a permanent marker.

When organizing a couple of pairs in a big carton:

  • Create piles of wrapped shoes. Secure them using tape once they are ready;
  • Place the bundled footwear on their sides in the carton;
  • Start with the bulkiest ones and form a layer of paper for their protection;
  • Proceed to pack a second layer of lighter ones;
  • Place the shoes in opposite directions to maximize on room;
  • Ensure all spaces are packed with paper to prevent movement or damage from other shoes;
  • Avoid packing more than 40 pounds since it may prove challenging to move;
  • Seal the carton using tape and mark it describing what it contains.

NB: There exists another technique of organizing shoes in a container place a few small cartons in the large container in the place of bulky shoes, and organize some piles of shoes on them. All the other guidelines are similar to the ones above.

These guidelines should help you successfully pack your shoes for transit. However, the time, appropriate tools, or anything else required to accomplish this task can be lacking. In such situations, it is best to let the experts do it on your behalf. Just ensure you hire a reputable, skilled, and honorable Mississauga movers for the job.