6 Tips to Prepare Your Family for a Cross Border Move

When you decide to relocate your whole household and start a new life in a different country, you’ll have to consider a lot of things. A lot will change in your everyday dynamic, and you need to take care of your loved ones and ensure that the process goes smoothly. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid stressful situations during such a stressful transition, but you should know how to handle them.  

Before you make an arrangement with a team of cross border movers to relocate your family from the United States to Canada, or vice versa, it’s important to know how to prepare. Read on to learn 5 tips that will help make the transition more comfortable for both you and your kids.

How do you move long distance with kids?

Relocating a household a long distance is rarely an easy task, but it can be especially difficult when you have small children. There are many reasons why this can be very stressful for them:

How do I prepare my family for a cross border move

  • they might be leaving their friends behind, 
  • they will be starting at a new school, 
  • they will arrive in a completely new unfamiliar environment, which can feel intimidating
  • they could be breaking their everyday routine for some time, especially if you’d have to  stay in a rental apartment or a hotel room before your household items are delivered. 

As a parent, it’s important to try and make the transition as smooth as possible. You should talk to your kids about the relocation well in advance so they will be able to mentally prepare and know what to expect. If your kids are small,  try to keep their routine as close to the same as possible. And finally, be there for them – if they need to talk about their feelings, make sure you are available to listen.

How do I prepare my family for a cross border move? 

Before the relocation team arrives, it’s important to do the following things to ensure you and your family members are prepared for the international relocation:

  1. Research the area you’re moving to. This includes things like finding out about the climate, what type of housing is available, what the job market looks like, and what type of schools are in the area.
  2. Check daycare options and schools in the area. Doing this in advance can also prepare the teachers and daycare professionals to help you with the transition.
  3. Pack all the necessary items. Don’t forget your kids’ favorite toys, accessories, and posters. Make sure that you have something for the road, including snacks, cozy clothes, and comfortable footwear, if you need to travel a long distance. Ensure that you have a plan for bulkier items, favorite entertainment devices, and other belongings.
  4. Ensure you have all the necessary documents in order, such as passports, visas, birth certificates, and any other required paperwork.
  5. If you’re moving with pets, arrange for them to be vaccinated and have all the necessary paperwork in order. 
  6. Contact your health insurance provider to find out what coverage you’ll have in your new country.

Where can I find dependable cross border movers for my relocation from the USA to Canada, or the other way around?

How do you move long distance with kids

Whether you’re moving to the Greater Toronto Area, or you’re moving back to the US, you need to pick a team that can help you make the most of your relocation. Fortunately, with Miracle Movers, reliable technicians are always within reach and you don’t have to waste precious time on research. Collect your items, talk to your loved ones, and pick the best date for your relocation. We’ll gladly walk you through the process and make your move memorable and hassle-free.

What to Expect in an International Relocation

Are you planning to relocate internationally? If you’ve done this in the past, you know that it can be a very exciting but also daunting and complex process. There are many things to consider, and if it’s your first time, it can be difficult to know what to expect. 

In this blog post, we’ll outline the typical steps and services involved in an international relocation. We will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about relocations. By reading this post, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from cross border moving companies when planning your USA-to-Canada move. Read on!

What can I expect in an international relocation package?

To help you understand all the aspects of your international move, you should try to break it into a couple of questions: 

How fast can I find reliable cross border moving companies to transfer me from the USA to Canada or vice versa

How long can it take? 

Typically,  an international move will take anywhere from four to six weeks. This can, of course, be longer or shorter depending on the specific circumstances of your move. 

How much does it cost? 

There is no easy answer when it comes to the cost of an international move. It will ultimately depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your shipment, destination between the pick-up and delivery location, and any special services that you may require.

What is usually included in the service? 

The level of service offered by international relocation providers can vary greatly. Some will offer a full-service package that includes everything from packing and shipping to customs clearance and delivery. Other movers may only offer the bare minimum, such as door-to-door transportation.

It’s important to understand what services are included in your quote so that you can budget accordingly. This will also help you in the case that you need a plan for stress-free family relocation, or assistance with transporting bulky furniture, appliances, and other belongings.

What does it look like step by step? 

Here is a brief overview of the typical steps involved in an international move:

What to Expect in an International Relocation

  • Planning and research: This is where you need to figure out the logistics, budget, and time of your relocation, and start looking for reputable and background-checked providers.
  • Get quotes and choose a mover: Once you have an idea of your budget, you can start browsing for the ideal provider. Be sure to get multiple quotes and read reviews before making your decision. 
  • Packing and shipping: Once you’ve found the team that will help you out, they will handle the packing and shipping of your belongings. 
  • Customs clearance: Your selected provider will take care of the customs paperwork and clearance process, if necessary.
  • Storage: Some of the items will have to wait to be transported at a later time, so you’ll have to equip yourself with some patience. Established international relocation providers offer this option and take special care to keep the facilities clean, pest-free, and climate-controlled.
  • Delivery: Your shipment will be delivered to your new home. In international relocations, this can take a couple of weeks, and it’s important to keep track of the progress and know the estimated delivery date.  
  • Unpacking and settling in: Once your shipment has arrived, you can start unpacking and settling into your new home. Since you’ll have plenty of time to plan, it’s important to know whether you need some special add-on services. For example, if you need help with assembling and allocating furniture, unpacking, disposal of packaging waste, and so on.

How fast can I find reliable cross border moving companies to transfer me from the USA to Canada or vice versa? 

Whether you’re moving from Chicago to Toronto, or any other city in Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada, Miracle Movers is always at your beck and call! We cover a wide range of add-on services and our team has the necessary expertise and experience to facilitate your move from a number of different cities in the USA and Canada. We’re also happy to help you with local, cross-province, and coast-to-coast relocations within Canada. 

Call us today and we’ll be happy to make your move stress-free and memorable!

Moving Abroad: 5 Tips for Handling Your Belongings

When moving abroad, there are many things to consider – including what to do with your belongings. Do you take everything with you? Or, is it more practical to leave some items behind? What are the best options for transporting your belongings? Should you even try to make a list, or just try to fit everything onto the truck? 

Of course, there’s an option of hiring one of the leading moving companies to facilitate your relocation from Canada to the US and answer all your questions. In this blog post, we’ll explore different scenarios and provide tips on what to do with your household items when relocating internationally. Keep reading!

What to do with belongings when moving abroad?Moving Abroad 5 Tips for Handling Your Belongings 

When moving to a new country, the options can seem endless when it comes to what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Do you transport your entire home with you or do you downsize and ship a few select items? What about your car? How will you get around in your new city? These are all important questions to consider when making the move.

There are at least five different options in terms of what to do with your belongings when relocating abroad:

Pack up everything

This is probably the most common option for people who are planning to relocate. It’s usually a practical solution if you’re relocating your family across the border, and you own an average amount of household items. This is also useful if you plan on living in your new country for an extended period of time. 

The downside to this option is that it can be expensive and time-consuming to transport everything. Another problem is the extensive paperwork that you might be required to file before crossing the border. Of course, you can opt to buy new items when you arrive at your new place, if that suits your budget. 

Leave everything behind

This option is most common for people who are relocating for a short period of time, for a semester, or a seasonal holiday, or a break year. If you’re planning on living in your new country for less than a year, moving your whole household wouldn’t be the best option. 

The disadvantage of this option is that you might have to spend more money on buying new clothes, small appliances, and artwork, and that you’ll probably have to consider replacing some things in your old household once you return.

Carefully select necessary items

This is a good option if you’re moving for an extended period of time but don’t want to take everything with you. You can ship items that are important to you or that you know you’ll need in your new country. You can consider transporting the following items: 

  • Furniture – pieces that you consider to be most necessary in your new household
  • Clothes – you wouldn’t have to make great compromises, but consider the weather conditions
  • Electronics – such as your laptop, tablet, speakers, and smaller home appliances
  • Books – be careful with this item, as shipping your whole library might be quite expensive, so consider buying or saving the majority of your titles in electronic form.
  • Artwork – if you have a collection of pictures, sculptures, or photographs, you can pick the pieces you like the most.

If you can, avoid shipping the following types of items:  

  • Food – you shouldn’t pack perishable goods, even if it includes canned food. If you’d like to have a snack, keep them with you, in your bag, or in your car. 
  • Toiletries – these items should also go in your suitcase or bag, not in the relocation truck.
  • Cleaning supplies – most relocation companies will not transport chemicals, to avoid liability and protect the rest of your belongings.
  • Bulky items, such as couches, tables, complex HVAC systems – check if you can purchase new furniture and appliances, to prevent damage in transit. 

Store some items

This is a good option if you’re unsure about what to do with your belongings. You can store items that you might need in the future or that are sentimental to you. The downside to this option is that it can be expensive and you might reconsider after a while. The best thing is that you can consult with reputable providers before picking this option

Donate or get rid of some of the items

This is a good option if you want to declutter your life before your international relocation. You can donate items that you don’t need or that are taking up space in your home. 

A very small drawback is that you might not be able to donate everything and some of the items will go to the landfill. Fortunately, there are services that can help you with recycling: they will gladly accept your couch, old cabinet, or mattress, and turn it into raw materials. 

Who is the leading cross border moving company for relocations from Canada to the US?

Who is the leading cross border moving company for relocations from Canada to the US

You don’t have to waste time browsing and calling a number of anonymous companies. Here at Miracle Movers, we boast a stellar track record, friendly customer support, and a team of vetted technicians. Whether you’re moving from GTA to New York, or from any other city in Ontario to Washington DC, and vice versa, our team is at your disposal. We offer comprehensive and detailed relocation packages that can suit your requirements and unique needs. 

We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and prepare you for your international transfer. Go ahead and call us today to arrange your appointment!

8 Traits of Reliable Cross Border Moving Companies

If you are relocating across the US-Canadian border, it is important that you work with reputable experts in international relocations. Not all relocation providers are created equal – in fact, many of them perform poorly when it comes to cross border moving. If you want to find a team that will facilitate your transfer from Canada to the US, or the other way around, how do you know which companies you can trust? What sets them apart from the rest?

Luckily, there’s an easy way to answer these questions. By reading on, you’ll learn how to recognize favorable traits and discern legitimate industry leaders from untrustworthy competitors. Let’s get started!

What to look for in an international moving company? 

When entrusting your belongings to someone else, you want to make sure that they will be handled with care and transported in a safe and timely manner. You may wonder how you identify these companies? They boast the majority of the following eight perks: 

Licensed and certified

8 Traits of Reliable Cross Border Moving Companies

All reliable international relocation teams are licensed by the governing bodies in order to operate internationally. They should also hold a valid license from the Canadian government. Furthermore, they should be members of at least one professional organization.  This is a good way to determine whether the company you’re considering is legitimate.

Resourceful team

Established providers have access to a number of technical and logistical solutions. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done. They can be prone to finding innovative solutions to unique challenges and walking the extra mile to meet your needs and expectations. They carefully train their team, monitor their performance, use professional equipment, and innovative solutions to track your belongings. 

Communication skills

A good international moving team will be communicative and responsive. They will answer your questions in a timely and professional manner. Furthermore, they will keep you updated throughout the relocation process.

Flexible schedule and service options

When you’re relocating, there’s a lot to think about – which is why it’s important to work with a team that is flexible and accommodating. They should be able to work around your schedule and make the process as stress-free as possible. They will also be able to help you with a number of helpful add-ons. For example, if you need help with packing or storage, they should be able to accommodate your needs.

Comprehensive insurance

Reputable providers will have comprehensive insurance coverage. This means that your belongings will be covered in the event of any damage or loss. Make sure to ask about this before you sign any contracts!

Transparent and realistic rates

When you encounter an offer that is too good to be true, it’s best to continue browsing for a serious relocation provider.  While it’s important to find a crew that you can trust, you also want to make sure that they offer competitive rates. Fortunately, many reputable providers offer fairly prices and transparent service packages. 

Positive track record

When browsing through different providers, it’s always useful to read online reviews. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from your international relocation team. You should also check out their social media accounts to see how they interact with past and present clients.

Ample industry experience

It’s always a good idea to work with a team of technicians that has plenty of experience. This way, you can be confident that they know what they’re doing and that they have the necessary resources and skill to get the job done right.

Who offers cost-efficient and reliable cross border moving from Canada to the US

Who offers cost-efficient and reliable cross border moving from Canada to the US? 

Now that you know what to look for, you may be wondering who can facilitate your move across the US-CAN border? The answer is Miracle Movers! We are a top-rated company that can help you with flexible packages, a transparent approach, and diligent execution. Whether you’re transferring from Toronto to New York, or a number of other cities in the States, we can help you out.

We offer full-scale relocation, convenient add-ons, and a dedicated customer support service. If you face trouble deciding what to do with your household items, how to prepare your family for an international move, or how to store your furniture, we have you covered! 

Contact us today to kick off your relocation.

Mid-Winter Relocation: Challenges, Benefits, and Practical Tips

Relocations and stress come hand in hand. Do you know what time of the year is the most stressful when it comes to relocation? You probably didn’t guess it, but summer months are the peak season for relocation. This has a number of consequences, one being the fact that more and more people pick winter months for their relocation

When you live in Toronto, and wish to relocate across the country, long distance moving services are more likely to be available after Christmas holidays. However, is this a wise choice and does it come with some challenges? Read on to find out!

Should you move during the winter months?  

Winter relocation definitely comes with some inconveniences, but there are also some great benefits to moving during this season. Let’s first take a look at the challenges to get you ready to relocate across the country, or anywhere else you’re headed to:

Where in Toronto can I find client-focused long distance moving services

1. Cold weather 

First and foremost, it can be a challenge with the cold temperatures. You’ll need to protect your belongings from the harsh weather and stay warm inside during this time. 

2. The Holiday Season

December and early January are known for their cheerful mood with all kinds of festivities going on. However, in some places, local events might cause a small traffic collapse, which can be somewhat stressful, even more so if you’re in a middle of a move. 

3. Blizzards and snow storms

Deciding whether to move in winter months after a snowy spell is definitely questionable. You might want to consider this wisely before making the final decision. If you feel like you’re not ready, driving through snow storm is one of the things to avoid during a lengthy move.  However, if you have enough experience and all the necessary equipment, including snow tires and chains, then go for it!

What about the benefits of moving in winter months?

Fortunately, there is more than just challenges with relocating in the middle of winter. Even the harsh cold can be a useful ally after all, so take a look at these four perks of winter relocation: 

1. Avoiding the peak season 

Summer is the peak season for most relocations.  There will be a lot of people on the road and it certainly won’t move fast. During the winter, you’ll get a chance to enjoy a more relaxed moving experience with less traffic and a happier voyage.

2. Relocation costs are lower 

Moving in winter months can be cheaper. This includes lower prices for renting the truck, as well as lower costs of renting storage and temporary housing until you settle in.

3. Dodge high temperatures

 If you are relocating to a warmer destination during winter months,  it will be significantly easier on you. You’ll get used to your new environment faster and find the best activities for the family in no time!

4. Fewer crowds 

Moving in mid-winter is perfect if you want to avoid the crowds of people that show up when most people relocate. They will be elsewhere celebrating festivities. Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to make new friends in the neighborhood and get invited to parties by truly friendly people.

How do you move in the winter?

If you’ve decided to move during the winter months, there are a few practical tips and tricks that can help you.

Should you move during the winter months

  1. First of all, it’s crucial to take your time and make a thorough plan. Make sure everything is done in time and your family will not find themselves stuck or errand-less. If possible, start planning as early as possible. It’s best to start planning after Halloween. 
  2. It’s also advised to rent a truck or van, especially if you’re moving during the winter months when snow might hamper your ability to get around town. You can drive yourself, hire a professional, or leave it all to a local provider. Also, don’t forget about obtaining an insurance policy for the vehicle.
  3. Don’t forget to properly pack the truck and use special covers to protect your belongings from snow, ice, or frost. However, it might prove necessary to clean out your vehicle so it doesn’t get stuck in traffic or on the road.
  4. Finally, seek professional help so you can check out all your options and weigh them against each other. Relocation specialists offer different kinds of assistance that can make your move during winter months much easier than you thought possible. Of course, make sure to read all the reviews and prepare a list of the most important questions.

Where in Toronto can I find client-focused long distance moving services?

Whether you’re moving from the suburbs, Etobicoke, or anywhere else in Greater Toronto, you’re fortunate to have a team of reliable specialists nearby. Here at Miracle Movers you’ll find everything you need to ensure your relocation is cost-effective, hassle-free, and efficient. 

Our crew has the necessary equipment and expertise to carry out a relocation of any scope, from local to international, throughout the year. We’ll be glad to hear from you and give you an honest and transparent estimate, so give us a call today!

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

You’re about to embark on a journey that will involve relocating your belongings over a long distance. What should you know before hiring moving companies in Toronto? Whether you’re relocating to a different neighborhood or switching to a different province or across the border, there’s a set of questions you and the selected provider should answer first

Before making a list and packing your things, it’s best to be fully informed about all aspects of your upcoming relocation, so read on!

What to know before moving to another province?  

Apart from the general prep-work of sorting and packing your household items, you should answer the following 6 questions to be completely ready:  

Will you relocate in a DIY manner or hire help? 

This can be a matter of your budget, personal preferences, and the availability of local providers. Some professional movers can help you with individual tasks, some do only local relocations, while others offer full packages that involve everything from short-distance to cross-country and cross-border relocation. 

Either way, you should stick to reliable providers and make an informed decision, so that you don’t compromise your comfort, safety, and health. To ensure that you’re dealing with reliable transportation specialists, ask them the following questions:

Who provides a cost-effective and time-saving long distance moving service in Toronto

  • Do they carry insurance? 
  • Do they have any references?
  • Do they have experience with cross province relocations? 
  • How far in advance should you book your appointment?
  • How long will the transportation take? 
  • What happens if something goes wrong, or if some item is lost? 

Are there any local regulations and paperwork to keep in mind?

You should check the local regulations of the city and province where you’re moving in. This would include changing your postal address, changing the information on the utility checks, and inquiring with local tax authorities. 

What is your budget for the pending relocation?

You should crunch your numbers just right. Your budget will not only include the fuel needed to drive from your old to your new home but also:

  • Packing supplies
  • Renting costs
  • Labor costs 
  • Parking costs and permits
  • Any unexpected expenses that might occur on the way

How will you move your belongings?

This question basically has two possible answers: will you use your own means of transportation (i.e. your car, truck, or van), or will you rely on a rental car. Another question will be whether you’ll drive, or you’ll pay someone to transport and deliver your things. A question for professionals would be: what type of vehicles do they use?

What will be included in your inventory? 

You may choose to move all your clothes, furniture, appliances, devices, decoration, and utensils. However, it’s a good question whether your budget will allow you to move all of them. alternatively, you may leave the bulk of your belongings behind and just move with the most necessary clothes, documents, and valuables. A related question for your relocation team: are there some types of items they won’t move?

How can you keep your valuables and fragile items safe? 

Will you keep them with yourself at all times or in a separate box? You should figure out a way to store them safely. Fragile items require special wrapping to prevent damage. The safest way is to outsource it to professionals, who are versed with packaging techniques. Feel free to ask them about the means by which they transport fragile items.

How do long distance moves work?

This is a complex process that doesn’t just involve driving from one place to another. If you want to relocate economically, this includes far more complex logistics. Let’s break it into 5 steps: 

  1. You will prepare everything and the provider will collect your belongings
  2. The provider will pick a suitable route and include a storage location if needed
  3. Non-transportable items will be stored in the storage facilities
  4. The transportation itself occurs on a schedule that is best for you
  5. Delivery to the new address according to the schedule and chosen mode of transport. 

After all, it’s best to start this process well in advance and plan the budget carefully. Also, keep in mind that it will take longer than a typical local move. Your provider will give you a rough estimate based on the workload, average transport time, current weather conditions, if you’ve decided to relocate during winter, etc.

How do long distance moves work

Who provides a cost-effective and time-saving long distance moving service in Toronto?

If you’ve done the math, you’d see that the best way is to outsource your cross province relocation to a trustworthy team. Whether you’re moving from Toronto or any other neighboring city in the Golden Horseshoe, you can count on Miracle Movers to do the heavy lifting. 

Our technicians combine extensive knowledge, sturdy equipment, and a fleet of trucks to ensure your relocation feels like a breeze. Contact us today to reap all the benefits of our professional assistance!

How To Research & Compare Different Moving Companies

So, you are about to move to a new home. You can’t just call the first moving company you see on the street, although they may be the right choice for your needs. However, the odds of that happening are slim. Besides, if something goes wrong with the move, well, you get the idea. This is why it is wise to do some research before committing the job to just any moving company you find. The type of move, how far away the new place is, how much has to go, and when the move has to take place are all factors that will influence what company is best for the job. In this article, we will take a look at what considerations need to be put into the decision and how to pick the company for your move.

Step #1 – Define What You Need

Before you start looking up moving companies, you need to have an idea of what the job entails. First, you need to set the guidelines in place for items that are non-negotiable such as dates and times for the move, where the move starts and ends, the size of the moving truck required, whether the move requires packing or just loading of pre-packed items, etc. These things will be so that the moving companies you contact can give you accurate quotes on their services. It will also help you to eliminate moving companies that are unable to meet your needs due to booking conflicts, lack of available vehicles, limited labor, or whatever the reason. Once you have a clear definition of the moving job, it also gives you a way to picture what all has to be done before the movers arrive.

Step #2 – Put Together A List of Movers

Here is where you can do a lot of research online and offline. Start by asking around in your circle of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances for recommendations of moving companies. Search online for “movers in (your city)” and also expand that search to include online directories such as industry membership lists, Chamber of Commerce membership lists, city business license lists, and anywhere else you think you will discover names of potential moving companies. You may also receive names through contacting local furniture stores, hardware stores, real estate offices, and anywhere else where a moving company would have a connection of some kind. You should have a list of well over a dozen company names to start with and that is a good way to start this exercise.

Step #3 – The First Short List Process

With your long list of company names, it is time to spend a while online seeking reviews and other details about each of the movers you are researching. Don’t let the odd bad review taint your research. What you should be looking for in reviews is things like: did the moving company do everything they said they would? Was the move conducted professionally from start to finish? Were there any problems and if so, how were they handled? Was the move completed within the set time frame and budget? Was everything delivered in the condition they were loaded in or was there a lot of damage? Does the company specialize in city or country moves? Would you recommend this company to others seeking a moving company? The answers to these questions will cut your list in half and narrow down your choices for more scrutiny.

Step #4 – Request Quotes For Your Short List

At this point, you should have five or six moving company names still on your list. One of the best ways to compare them is by requesting a quote for the move you have planned. If you followed the first step on this list correctly, you should have a complete outline of what your expectations are and what the move will require. There are several ways to reach out for a price including clicking on the “Get Quote” button on the company website, sending a fax request, emailing for a quote, stopping by the moving company office and leaving your details with someone, or picking up the phone and making the request. Regardless of how you contact each moving company, the quotes you receive will help you to narrow down your choices even further before your final decision is made.

Step #5 – Compare The Quotes Received

It is fair to say that you should see a bit of a variation in the prices you have. They won’t all be within $100 of each other, but they should be competitive. If there is an extremely high quote or an unexpectedly low one, it would be wise to follow up with each to find out why there is such a difference in pricing. The answer you receive will give you more information when you whittle down your list even further. Pay attention to the services each mover states will be part of your move and whether or not there are add-ons that can be attached. Ideally, you will want to choose a moving company that will do everything you need them to do with a single, all-inclusive price. The lowest price quote is not always the best, nor is the most expensive of the quotes.

Step #6 – Book Your Upcoming Move

Now is the time to choose the moving company you intend to use for your move. Confirm that your proposed moving dates can fit into their schedule, and set the date and time. There should be some paperwork for both sides to fill out, and you will likely have to answer some questions to help the moving company learn a bit more about what they will be doing for you. If part of the move includes them sending a crew to your residence to pre-pack things, now is the time for you to go home and start organizing that to speed up the process. If the moving company provides boxes and blankets, take advantage of these and put boxes in each room of your home and label them to make unloading and unpacking easier once your belongings reach your new destination.

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to hire a moving company if you know how to do it. The list of steps above is designed to assist you will narrowing down a long list of potential movers to the one that can best do the job for you. If you know what you need, that makes the selection process easier as you basically just have to find the right fit.

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Dos and Don'ts of Your Long-Distance Move

When traveling long distances, you’ll normally feel a lot of excitement. This is especially true if you are relocating permanently or for a longer time, which can be fraught with worry and stress. This process requires a lot of planning and research to get it done right, no matter how much help you have. 

Fortunately, there are some tips that can be followed to ensure that your cross-province transition goes smoothly. Your safest bet is to rely on some of the most established long-distance moving companies in Toronto & the area. Here are some do’s and don’ts from the mouth of some of the 

What do I need to know about moving long-distance?  

Here are four essential things you should know before you decide to hire professionals or do your cross-country relocation yourself: 

Check your calendar

You need to figure out how much time you have. If you’re planning to relocate across the country, it’s going to take longer than if you’re just relocating down the street. Make sure to factor in drive times, packing times, and delivery times when creating your timeline. Also, free up your calendar and pick the best season for your relocation

Set your budget

Where can I hire reliable long-distance moving companies in Toronto and the vicinity

You need to know how much you have budgeted for your move. This includes fuel costs, truck rental fees, delivery charges, and more. It’s also important to take into account the amount of money you’ll need for disposable goods like cardboard boxes, tape, or other packing materials.

Determine your inventory 

You should plan on bringing all necessary items with you during your move. If you’re not bringing any furniture with you, then this is easy. However, if there are heavy appliances or other items that need to be transported make clever decisions. If they can’t fit or would be too expensive to transport, it’s probably for the best to just buy a new appliance once you arrive.

Know the right techniques

Last but not least, you’ll want to pack smart. This means packing heavier items on the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top. It also means using fragile stickers correctly so that your belongings are handled with care.

What are some don’ts for moving long-distance?

Long-distance relocation is not easy. There are also certain things you should avoid when planning your move, which include:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to plan out every detail of your transition. It might be tempting to leave without making sure everything has been packed but this could cause additional problems.
  • Don’t underestimate the total amount of time your long-distance move will take. You might think that it’s only going to take you a few days but if heavy appliances are being transported, this could mean more time on the road and less living in your new home until everything gets there safely.
  • Don’t take shortcuts when packing. Packing light may seem like a good idea at first. Keep note, you need to ensure that your belongings are packed correctly and safely. Moreover, your truck or van should not be overloaded, to prevent damage or problems during transport.
  • Avoid making multiple trips from your old home to the new one because this can be time-consuming and cost you more money. 

What are some dos for moving long-distance?

What are some don'ts for moving long-distance

Apart from the “dont’s”, there are also some additional “dos” that you should remember when you wish to make your transfer feel effortless and streamlined:

  • Do give yourself plenty of time to plan out every detail as well as allow enough travel days, if there are any delays or unforeseen issues.
  • Do research your route and find the most cost-efficient way to transport your belongings. This might include looking into whether or not it’s cheaper to rent a truck or drive your own vehicle.
  • Do research any local laws and regulations regarding cross-province or cross-border relocation or other important information. This will help reduce risks, prepare you for various scenarios, so you don’t get caught off guard.
  • Do contact professional movers and prepare a list of useful questions to help you pick the most reputable team. Also, you can check their online reviews and ratings, insurance coverage, their previous track record, as well as their tips on how to safely pack your items. 

Where can I hire reliable long-distance moving companies in Toronto and the vicinity? 

Whether you’re preparing to relocate from your home in Moss Park or anywhere else in Toronto and the vicinity, you can count on Miracle Movers for meticulous assistance and careful management of your long-distance relocation. 

We can facilitate your journey and make sure your precious belongings arrive safely, regardless of the mileage. You can rely on our team of background-checked and dependable professionals who have the skill, experience, and necessary equipment to provide you with the best possible experience. Reach out to us today and start a new thrilling phase of your life with our assistance!

9 Tips to Prepare for Your Long-Distance Move

Moving from one province to another is a big decision. It requires a lot of time and effort, but it can also be a rewarding experience. Of course, with experienced long-distance movers in your corner, you can make your relocation from Toronto or anywhere else feel like a breeze.

The key to a carefree long-distance relocation lies in thorough preparation. This way you will make sure that you and your family members start a new stage of your life without worries. Keep reading to learn how to accomplish this.  

What is the best way to prepare for a long-distance move?  

If you’re about to move across the country or even around the world, then these nine tips will help you prepare for your relocation in advance:

1. Determine your budget

Before you contact professionals, determine how much you can afford to spend on the move. You will need money for professional assistance, boxes and packing supplies, gas mileage costs if you are driving a truck or van instead of hiring professional movers who use their own vehicle, and for any unexpected costs that may arise.

2. Choose your relocation method

What is the best way to prepare for a long-distance move

You have two options to carry out your relocation:

  •  If you decide to handle the process yourself, make sure to factor in the cost of gas and time involved in the move.
  • If you choose to hire expert help, you should contact several companies and ask the right questions to determine the best provider. This way you’ll avoid some of the common inconveniences.

3. Pack up your belongings

Start packing at least one week before the move date so that you can get rid of unnecessary items and organize what’s left into boxes or other storage containers. Label each box with the contents and room it should be unpacked in at the new home.

4. Notify your utility companies

You will need to contact your local telephone, cable TV, internet, electric, and water providers to cancel or transfer service to your new home.

5. Change your address

Go online to the Canada Post website and fill out a Change of Address form. This will ensure that all your mail is forwarded to your new address.

6. Cancel or transfer your subscriptions

If you have any magazine, newspaper, or other subscription services, make sure to cancel them prior to the move date or have them transferred to your new address.

7. Disconnect your appliances

Make sure to disconnect all of your appliances and schedule a time for professionals to pick them up. In the case of some larger appliances, you will need to schedule appointments with appliance repair specialists to have them dismounted or transferred. Also, you would need to know which appliances to leave behind

8. Reserve a moving truck or van

If you are driving yourself and your family and belongings to the new home, you will need to reserve a truck or van in advance. Be sure to factor in the cost of gas and tolls into your budget.

9. Pack your emergency supplies kit

Make sure to pack an emergency supplies kit that will last you for at least the first few days in your new home. The kit should include essential items like toiletries, a toothbrush and toothpaste, medications, snacks, and drinks. If you decide to change your address during winter, check the weather forecast for the destination.

How long should you prepare for a move?

How long should you prepare for a move

When it comes to cross-province or cross-province relocation, there is no “right” answer to how much time you should allow for preparation. Keep in mind that this depends on a number of factors: 

  • estimated drive time to your destination
  • the number of boxes and furniture you’ll transport
  • the number of stops along the way
  • whether or not you are hiring professionals

The earlier you get started the less stress you’ll feel later on during your big move date.

Where can I book reliable long-distance movers in Toronto and the area?

Whether you are looking to move from Regent Park or any other neighbourhood of Toronto to other parts of Canada, you can count on Miracle Movers. We are the leaders for cross-province, cross-border and local moves. We can facilitate your move, take over the packing process, or carry out the whole process from A to Z. For a free estimate, additional information, and peace of mind, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Moving 101: Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

 Whether you move often or for the first time, you might just be thinking of hiring professional local moving services in your area. Preparing for the big move can be overwhelming, so make sure to make a plan. 

You can start by deciding whether to hire professional movers or do it on your own. Deciding to DIY may largely help your budget but it is time-consuming. If you choose to hire the best movers in Toronto or the region, it’s simple. Just get all the necessary information and tips on how to hire a moving team and you are good to go. 

Remember, your goal is to move without anxiety and de-stress during a move. Luckily, there are top 3 moving tips and tricks that will help you do exactly that.

What are some of the best moving tips? What are some of the best moving tips

Whether you are finally moving into that beautiful new apartment or maybe relocating your office space, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. It’s time to get this moving business taken care of! Here is how to start.

1. Make a realistic moving plan

First, remember all the things you need to do before your big moving day. A moving checklist with a timeline might come in handy. This way, you can always keep track of your progress, stay organized, and don’t forget a thing.

At this point, you can decide whether you want to book professional moving services. Professional movers can handle almost everything for you, depending on your needs. Just make sure to book them in advance to make sure they’re available on your moving day.

Finally, make a reasonable moving budget. You can list all the expected expenses, but also be prepared for the unexpected ones. It’s better to have a bit more just in case.

2. Prepare for the moving day

Here are some hacks to try before the actual packing that will make your move way easier:

  1. Cleaning and decluttering: Start by cleaning the place up and getting rid of all the things you don’t need anymore, including your old clothes that are just taking up your closet space. You can even do a good deed and donate some of your old things or food sitting in your freezer to a local charity.
  2. Buying and finding free packing supplies: Plan early on just how much and what kind of supplies you need so you don’t have to run to the store when packing. You can borrow some packing supplies from your friends and go heavy on buying bubble wrap. It will make your life easier and your valuables safe. Of course, if you hire professional movers, they can also arrange this part for you. 
  3. Invest in buying quality moving boxes: The last thing you want is boxes falling apart when moving them, so this might be just the most important item on the list. They are relatively inexpensive and worth the cost in the end.

3. Be practical when packing  

Packing is all about saving time while making sure your belongings are nicely wrapped and protected. This way, you can make sure they don’t end up getting lost or destroyed. 

So, put on some music and start packing. These are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Don’t leave your boxes half empty. Instead, fill them with smaller items. On the other hand, be careful not to overpack, making the boxes too heavy to lift.
  • Put heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and lighter on top.
  • Color label your boxes with color stickers to always know what goes where. Use different colors for things that go in separate rooms.. 
  • Save some space when packing clothes by rolling instead of folding. As for the clothes on hangers, just wrap them together in large garbage bags.
  • Use your towels and other soft items to wrap up breakables or sharp things. 
  • Use plastic wraps when packing toiletries or items that can lead to a leak. 
  • Pack dishes sideways since they are less likely to break this way. 
  • Tape an X across mirrors to prevent them from shattering.
  • When packing odd-shaped items like lamps, try to fit them well so they don’t waste your space.
  • Finally, leave tasks for the movers. If you hire a moving company, let movers pack your furniture and other heavy things.

Where to find the best movers across Greater Toronto?Where to find the best movers across Greater Toronto

Look no further than Miracle Movers! As the leading local moving company in Toronto, we tailor our quality services to meet your specific needs. Whether cross-province, cross-border, or local task, our professional crew will pack and move your home or office space in no time while you sit back and enjoy a show at the The Royal Conservatory of Music.   

From residential moving to relocating your office area, we provide you with everything you need for a comfortable and stress-free move. Contact us today and get ready for a unique experience! 


A 3-Step Guide to Stress-Free Relocation

Relocating to a brand new house or apartment should be a fresh start. However, it can bear risks and cause a lot of anxiety and frustration. If you’re moving a whole family, you have a lot on your plate and should stick to a very strict plan and comprehensive schedule. 

An easy way out is to call someone for help. However, when you reside in Toronto it’s not always easy to find an available and reliable moving company. To keep your worries at bay in any scenario, read on!

How do I move without anxiety?  Where in Toronto can I find a trustworthy moving company

When relocating to a new house or apartment, many people feel like walking into uncharted territory. While it can be exciting, many aspects of your move can cause a headache. This is especially true if you decide to organize and arrange everything by yourself.

The task at hand requires strong time-management skills. You’d also have to strictly follow a comprehensive list of smaller assignments, which include: 

  • Purchasing packing supplies
  • Sorting and packing all belongings
  • Protecting fragile items
  • Labeling boxes
  • Renting a van or truck for the move
  • Loading and unloading the truck
  • Unpacking belongings
  • Assembling and disassembling furniture 
  • Cleaning and tidying up the premises before you leave, and more.

Given the scope of work, you can easily get distracted. Completing all of this without anxiety means that you remain in control and focused at all times, which isn’t easy.  If something doesn’t go exactly how you planned, just remember to: 

  • Focus on what can be improved and adjusted on the go
  • Delegate responsibilities to other household members
  • Take care of yourself and your family members
  • Don’t forget to follow your daily routine: don’t skip meals, your morning coffee or tea, have a good night sleep, take a shower etc.

How do you de-stress during a move?

As mentioned above, many factors can contribute to you feeling uneasy and under pressure during a move. To keep them in check, you should remember the following three points: 

  1. Have a clear plan 

Write everything down several days ahead. A clear plan also means that you’d be prepared if anything goes wrong. It also means steering away from last minute changes. Your plan should include a timetable, your budget, list of boxes, furniture and appliances, order in which you’ll pack things etc. 

2. Be realistic

Give yourself enough time, especially if you’ve fully assumed the responsibility for the move. Start with small steps and save your energy for heavy loading later. While it might not be enough to simply stay patient, bear the wider picture in mind: you’re starting a new, thrilling phase in life, and the day shouldn’t be ruined by small inconveniences. 

Leave room for unexpected events: your estimated time should include small breaks, potential discrepancies, delays in transit due to traffic jams, chances of bad weather etc. Otherwise, if you’re worried that this will all be too overwhelming, you can make your relocation feel easy and effortless by outsourcing it to experts. 

3. Make it enjoyable

Stress is a normal part of every big change in life, so you can embrace it, or overcome it creatively. Your relocation doesn’t have to be all serious, so consider the following ideas to make it fun: 

  • Make a playlist of your favorite tracks and play it while you pack or unload 
  • Prepare some fun activities and delightful snacks for your kids 
  • Invite close friends and family to join in and help out with (un) packing
  • Once you’re finished, treat yourself and your crew to a move-in party 

Of course, if you want to be on the safe side, you should definitely consider hiring a team of professionals to help you with your relocation

Where in Toronto can I find a trustworthy moving company?

How do you de-stress during a move

When you’re moving house between two neighborhoods, cities, provinces, or across the border, there’s a lot to manage and tackle. You deserve to cut yourself some slack, especially if you’re shuffling between work, family and other responsibilities. 

If the everyday schedule becomes too arduous, spare yourself the effort and reach out to Miracle Movers. Our team will carry out your relocation with great care and attention to detail, whether you’re moving to Distillery District or anywhere else in Toronto. To leave your worries at rest, we have a crew of professionals who combine extensive experience with top-notch equipment and supplies. Call us today for peace of mind!

7 Tips for Hiring Professional Movers

Moving can be tough. There are many decisions to make and often not enough time to get everything in order. If you’re moving to or from Toronto, moving experts can take this huge burden off your shoulders. Hiring professional movers can be the best decision you ever made for your move.

In this blog post, we will discuss some useful tips to help you find the best moving company and make sure your move goes smoothly.

How to hire a professional moving company?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. The number of movers

One of the first decisions to make is how many movers you need. Hiring a moving company with too few people will take up more time. The opposite can also be true, where hiring an overstaffed moving crew may be too costly.

2. Consider the packing process

When you’re looking at prices, don’t forget about what your packing needs are. If there’s one thing that throws off both price and timing estimates, it’s when customers underestimate how much stuff they’ll have to pack. Use hacks and little tricks when moving to avoid mistakes like clothes being packed in dresser drawers instead of suitcases or kitchen appliances being boxed up with miscellaneous items. To streamline the process, you put the movers completely in charge of packing and unpacking.

3. Think about the duration of the steps

Another thing you can do to make your move go as smoothly is to be realistic about what it will take for you and the movers to get everything accomplished in the time available. Consider all aspects: packing, loading, driving, unloading at destination, and unpacking. 

4. Make arrangements for the day

Consider whether or not you want someone there on-site at your new address waiting for when movers arrive, especially if you’re living in an apartment building or have limited access to help from friends and family members. It’s also advisable to discuss how they’ll handle furniture placement once they’ve moved it inside.

5. Check the movers’ credentials

If you have the option, it’s also a good idea to try and find out how much experience the moving company has. It’s best if they’re experienced in loading and unloading items. They should also offer storage services at their warehouse for anything that won’t fit into your new home on delivery day.

6. See if you need additional services

Another thing to consider is whether or not they’ll take care of furniture disassembly and assembly as part of what they provide during an initial quote. Also, tell the company if you’d like them to provide moving supplies, like boxes and crates.

7. Check the company’s policies

Lastly, don’t forget to ask about the moving company’s policies. It goes without saying that they should have liability insurance and a high level of professionalism when dealing with customers, but there are also other considerations:

  • Do they offer an inventory list?
  • How do you know if they’ve taken care of your items in transit?
  • What happens if damage occurs during loading or unloading? Who pays for it?
  • Will someone be available at the destination on delivery day to help carry things inside as well as make sure all furniture pieces go where you want them?

Where in Toronto can I find a reliable moving serviceWhere in Toronto can I find a reliable moving service?

When hiring a moving company, there are many things you should focus on to make the whole moving process less stressful. Whether you’re moving into a home near Toronto Sculpture Garden or elsewhere in the city, Miracle Movers is one of the trustworthy companies that will render a quality service. 

We’ll save your time and energy by sending out qualified movers to handle the work for you. We’d love to hear from you and help you have a stress-free experience, so don’t hesitate to call us today. Get your free price estimate now!