Moving to Surrey

A bridge in Surrey

Among many great places to live in Canada, Surrey stands as one of the best choices. It is located in British Columbia and has a population of around 518K. Moving to Surrey means relocating to a place where you can make the most out of your salary, while still enjoying all the amenities a big city has at its disposal. Before searching for the best moving companies Toronto residents frequently use, you should first understand what is life like in this city. We’ll explore in great detail everything that makes Surrey one of the most popular destinations in Canada.

Moving to Surrey means moving to one of the best cities in Canada!

Surrey is the 12th largest city in Canada and stands out as the most livable city in British Columbia. What makes Surrey so appealing is its balanced cost of living. With an average cost of living of 1,342 C$ without rent and a median after-tax salary of 3,883 C$, residents find it comfortable to sustain their lives. This financial stability means people can cover their expenses for about 1.9 months with one salary, making Surrey an affordable and desirable place to reside. Its top-notch quality of life, combined with reasonable living costs, cements Surrey’s reputation as a city that offers both comfort and opportunity to its residents.

Person spending money online after moving to Surrey
Moving to Surrey will give you an opportunity to live a more comfortable life, as the average salary covers your expenses more than enough.

Cost of living

If you move to Surrey alone, you’d spend approximately 527 C$ on food, ensuring a decent and nourishing diet. Transportation costs average around 134 C$, making it convenient for residents to commute. Basic utilities require an expenditure of about 226 C$. These essential expenses are balanced against the city’s median after-tax salary of 3,883 C$, offering financial stability. Surrey’s affordability enables its residents to comfortably meet their daily needs. This balanced approach to expenditure allows individuals to enjoy a good quality of life while still having room for savings and recreational activities. It is this equilibrium between living costs and income that contributes significantly to Surrey’s reputation as a desirable and sustainable place. To make your move as affordable as your new life, there are reliable movers Surrey boasts that can execute your move with ease and confidence.

Apartment building
Even though housing is more expensive in Surrey than the national average, there are plenty of excellent apartments on the market for most budgets.

Housing costs

Surrey’s housing market is dynamic and diverse, offering options for various budgets. The average house price stands at 981,817 C$, which is still much more than the national average of 655,507 C$. However, homes in Surrey don’t stay on the market for long. The median days on the market is just 24 days, indicating a high demand and swift transactions. For those opting to rent, the average rent hovers around 2,000 C$, providing accessible housing solutions for tenants. This robust market activity demonstrates Surrey’s appeal as a residential destination, whether one is looking to buy or rent. The city’s housing sector caters to a range of preferences, ensuring that residents can find suitable accommodations in a thriving community. After you find your perfect home enlist the help of long distance movers Toronto offers to help you transition smoothly. 

Job market and employment

Surrey’s job market has experienced significant growth, expanding by 6,615 jobs. This is a 2.0% increase since July 2022. This growth spanned across both goods-producing and service-producing sectors, with remarkable developments noted in key areas. Notably, the wholesale and retail trade sector saw a substantial increase, accounting for 77% of Surrey’s employment growth over the past year, creating over 5,100 new jobs. The healthcare industry experienced a boost of 7.4%, adding nearly 2,900 jobs, while finance, insurance, and real estate sectors expanded by 14.4%, contributing 2,164 jobs to the market. The education sector also saw a significant rise of 13.7%, creating almost 3,000 additional jobs, possibly due to sustained attendance throughout the year. Additionally, Surrey’s resource sector, including agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil, and gas, demonstrated remarkable growth, expanding by 51.2% and adding 1,847 jobs.

It’s important to note that there is a plethora of available jobs in the city, whatever industry you’re in. Software engineers and remote workers frequently move here to find a good paying job and enjoy the benefits moving to Surrey opens up. Take your time to explore the job market in Surrey and find the right opportunity!

Educational opportunities

Whether you’re a parent looking for exceptional schooling for your children or a student aspiring for quality higher education, Surrey offers a multitude of choices. The city’s commitment to education creates a nurturing atmosphere where individuals can explore their potential and achieve their academic goals.

Among the best high schools in Surrey is Fraser Heights Secondary School, renowned for its academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and supportive learning environment. Additionally, Surrey’s elementary schools, such as Coyote Creek Elementary and Pacific Heights Elementary, are recognized for their dedicated teaching staff and innovative teaching methods, ensuring a strong foundation for young learners.

Moreover, Surrey is home to reputable universities like Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Simon Fraser University, providing higher education options for those pursuing advanced degrees. Moving to Surrey means access to these esteemed institutions, fostering a conducive environment for academic growth and skill development. If this sounds appealing to you, use the help of trustworthy cross province movers and relocate to pursue your academic goals.

College students in the cafeteria after moving to Surrey
Surrey is home to some of the best universities in Canada.

Healthcare system 

Surrey is home to the Surrey Memorial Hospital, which is one of the busiest in British Columbia. It offers a wide range of specialized treatments. Surrey’s healthcare facilities feature advanced medical equipment and skilled healthcare professionals, providing efficient care to patients. The city also focuses on preventive healthcare, conducting numerous health campaigns and programs to promote wellness and disease prevention.

Additionally, Surrey has a well-established network of clinics, pharmacies, and medical practitioners, ensuring healthcare services are easily accessible to the community. Its emergency services are prompt and responsive, guaranteeing timely medical assistance during emergencies. Moreover, Surrey’s healthcare system is culturally sensitive, catering to the diverse needs of its multicultural population. There are numerous health programs for Indigenous people, which directly shows how much the city cares for its residents. 

Furthermore, Surrey actively invests in public health education, organizing workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns on various health issues. The city collaborates with the Fraser Health Authority under the Surrey Healthier Community Partnership (HCP). They jointly promote healthy lifestyles citywide, aiding residents with aspects like ensuring food security, drug testings, distributing Active PLAYces Kits, etc.


Surrey has an efficient transit system operated by TransLink. It provides extensive bus services that connect various neighborhoods. Commuters can rely on a network of bus routes, ensuring convenient travel within the city and beyond. Moreover, Surrey is well-connected to neighboring cities like Vancouver and Richmond through the SkyTrain Expo Line, offering a rapid and convenient means of transport for daily commuters.

For those preferring private vehicles, Surrey offers a well-maintained road infrastructure. This makes the job of your chosen residential movers Toronto boasts much easier, should you relocate here. However, it’s worth noting the petrol price, which hovers around 1.38 C$ per liter, influencing commuters’ choices and encouraging the use of public transportation. Speaking of affordability, local transport tickets are reasonably priced at 2.48 C$, making bus travel an economical option.

In addition to traditional transportation, Surrey actively promotes eco-friendly modes like cycling. The city has dedicated bike lanes, encouraging a healthy and sustainable way of commuting. Furthermore, Surrey’s commitment to transportation is reflected in ongoing initiatives, including road maintenance and expansion projects, ensuring smooth traffic flow. These efforts contribute to Surrey’s reputation as a city with a well-planned and accessible transportation system. This means moving to Surrey will allow you to have a convenient daily commute.

Vancouver panorama, a city you can easily visit after moving to Surrey
Surrey is close to Vancouver and Richmond if you’re in need of a change of scenery.

Fun things to do after moving to Surrey

Since Surrey is one of the largest cities in Canada, it’s no surprise you’d have a lot of things to do and see. You can spend your free time in various ways, and all of them guarantee that you’ll have a great time. While you’re out and about enjoying what Surrey has to offer, you can rest easy knowing that your extra belongings are safe in our climate controlled storage Toronto offers. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic activities that await you in your new city of Surrey.

Natural sights and wonders

Surrey is blessed with abundant natural beauty, offering residents and visitors a chance to connect with the outdoors. Among other parks, you’ll definitely love Bear Creek Park and Green Timbers Urban Forest. You’ll also be able to explore its extensive hiking trails, including those in Tynehead Regional Park and Redwood Park. Natural reserves like Serpentine Fen and Elgin Heritage Park, home to diverse wildlife and bird species, are some of the most adored spots in Surrey. The stunning landscapes of Crescent Beach and Blackie Spit Park along the coastline offer breathtaking views and tranquil beach experiences.

Crescent Beach in Surrey
Surrey also offers beaches to its residents, so if you love being next to the ocean moving to Surrey is the right choice.

Clubs, bars and restaurants 

If you are a club enthusiast, The Taphouse, Levels Nightclub, and Fortune Sound Club promise energetic atmospheres and live entertainment. Those seeking a cozy ambiance can explore bars like Ruex Cafe & Bar, Clove, and Baseline’s Pub. These are just some of the places locals gather for laid-back evenings and a variety of drinks.

Surrey’s culinary diversity shines through its restaurants.

  • The Vault is a culinary gem, offering exquisite fine dining experiences.
  • My Shanti serves delicious Indian cuisine.
  • Chopsticks on Pho delivers amazing Vietnamese dishes, satisfying cravings for flavorful pho and other specialties.

If you’re moving a business after your commercial movers Toronto locals recommend have completed their job, treat yourself and your employees to a team dinner in one of these places!

Landmarks, museums, and art

Many landmarks in Surrey showcase its rich past. One notable site is the Historic Stewart Farm. It is a restored 1894 farmhouse showcasing life and artifacts of that era and offers visitors a glimpse into Surrey’s past. The Surrey Museum, with its diverse exhibits, chronicles the city’s evolution from its agricultural roots to a bustling urban center. Another iconic landmark is the Bose Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, a farm that pays homage to Surrey’s agricultural history. The Surrey Arts Centre is a renowned cultural landmark, hosting performances and exhibitions that celebrate the city’s artistic heritage. Additionally, the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway, a living museum, allows visitors to experience vintage tram rides. 

A pumpkin patch
Surrey hosts many festivals and events throughout the year, so there is always something new and interesting to see and do.

Events and festivals 

One of the highlights of the city’s calendar is the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. It draws renowned authors and literary enthusiasts for workshops and discussions, where the love for literature is fostered. The Fusion Festival celebrates the city’s diversity with live music, dance performances, and global cuisine. Surrey also hosts the Surrey Vaisakhi Parade, one of the largest outside of India, commemorating the Sikh New Year with colorful processions and cultural displays.

The Surrey International Children’s Festival captivates young audiences with interactive performances, where their creativity and imagination are stimulated. The Diwali Festival of Lights illuminates the city, embracing Surrey’s thriving South Asian community, and showcases their dance, music, and cuisine.

Moving to Surrey has never been easier!

Surrey’s thriving community spirit, coupled with a commitment to education, healthcare, and accessible transportation, makes it a compelling destination to live, learn, work, and play. It is a dynamic and culturally rich city that offers a harmonious mix of natural beauty, diverse entertainment, and historical significance. If moving to Surrey is something you’re now much closer to, get the best moving and packing services Toronto residents recommend the most and do not hesitate to make this transition a reality.