Every business has its own language words used that may not be part of the common vocabulary and the relocating service is no exception. If you’re trying to understand your moving contractor quote, it’s advised to review couple common moving terms. Knowing these commonly used words will improve the understanding of the relocation industry, and support the expectations.

Bill of Lading is the official document between a carrier and shipper for items transit. Each shipment needs this document bill of lading.

Bulkhead this is a secure divider wall that separates your items and others in the trucks. The Bulkhead is a very good and helpful invention in the moving industry.

Consignee names the worker receiving the goods/loads. Your bill of lading will state who the consignee is, so the delivery ends up in the appropriate person’s hands. Most likely when it’s house relocation the shipper and consignee is one person.

Destination the city you’re relocating in. Relocating from Toronto, On to Vancouver, BC, your destination in Vancouver.

Door-to-Door a process or relocation when the moving tools are literally drop off to your house, you load all the personal things in, and after that, it’s transported to the clients address at the final destination.

Household Goods (HHG) any used belongings found in your house. This is a transportation industry phrase that covers furniture and possessions.

Inter/Extra-provincial Moves types of moves. Extra-provincial moves go from one province to another. Inter-province moves are within the same province.

Linear Foot a measurement of one foot in length. Moving trailers are measured in linear feet.

Long Distance Move is relocation where the origin and final destination are at least 250 miles apart and in different provinces.

Move Date/ Spot Date the day that the moving tools arrive at your origin, or is “spotted” at your location.

Moving Quote a free estimate of the cost of your relocation created on the provided information to Grande Prairie Movers, including your origin, destination, home size, and estimated move date. You can get a quote online.

Moving Truck a moving vehicle that is 28′ x 8′ x 9′, with a loading room of 2,000 cubic feet. You can utilize as little as five linear feet up to the entire trailer, and you only pay for space you request.

Origin the town you’re moving from. On a move from Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC, the origin would be Toronto.

Reference Number an identification number attached to your moving quote. Any communication about it will include a reference number. You will use this number to make changes to or discuss your moving quote with a moving consultant.

Transit Time the period between picking up the On the moving equipment at the origin and it arriving at the destination.

Weight Tickets a set of approved receipts showing the empty and full weights of the moving truck, often required for military relocations.

Still, need help with a moving phrase?

If there’s another term you see on your moving contract or hear from a moving consultant that you need help knowing its meaning, let us know. Leave a comment below, and we’ll help you understand any moving terms you come across.