Relocating is tough and requires careful planning for it to be successful. During this process, moving proves to be one of the trickiest endeavors you’ll have to embark on. Even though some of the belongings that pose too much of a problem to move can be sold, some hold great value, and you may be reluctant to let them go. Furniture is usually at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to such items. These pieces are tricky to move, but the fact that it is not easy to come by such elements that perfectly suit you calls for you to take them.

A dining room table happens to be one of these items. Therefore, most people choose to take them along. Even though they are of great value, it does not make them any easier to relocate. This is due to the fact that most are usually large and bulky. Additionally, they are prone to damage.

Organizing a Dining Table for Moving
Proper organization when moving is crucial to the maintenance of belongings. Prior to beginning, you need to take a few snaps of your piece in case any damage is incurred during transit. Below is the procedure on organizing your table:

  • Clean the piece properly;
  • Proceed to overturn the article on a blanket;
  • Remove any screws holding the legs in place. As for glue, use a sharp knife to separate them. If you are unsuccessful, encase them in bubble wrap for safety;
  • All small elements should be placed in a ziplock bag to avoid getting lost;
  • The disassembled legs should be encased in bubble wrap;
  • Use more blankets to cover the top of the piece. Try being as generous as possible. Use tape to keep them in place. However, ensure that no tape touches the tabletop, as it could ruin the finish

Organizing a Table Top made of glass

  • It is common knowledge that glass elements are delicate and could easily break if mishandled. Here is how to go about packing a glass tabletop.
  • Disassemble the piece from the rest of the table. This will depend on whether the top is just placed on top or screwed.
  • Cover the most of the piece with masking tape to make it sturdier. It will also help it stay together in case it breaks.
  • Encase it in packing sheets and keep them in place using tape. Keep the tape away from the glass as it could leave troublesome residue.
  • Proceed to encase it with bubble wrap. Use as much as you possibly can, for maximum safety.
  • Ensure you have a moving container specifically made for this piece. However, if you are successful in finding a sturdy container that suits the size of the glass top, you can use it.
  • Use a black marker to indicate that the contents of the box are delicate and should be handled with care.

Moving a Dining Table

After you are done organizing all the pieces, ensure it is cautiously carried and loaded into the Toronto moving vehicle. Have someone help you lift it vertically. If the legs are still on, align it in a horizontal placement. Be cautious when tackling corners and doors to avoid incurring any damage. Never drag the table on the floor as it could cause immense damage.

Place the table upright in the truck with its longest side lying on the rubber bars. Use ropes to keep it upright as it is being transported. If the legs are still in place, it is advisable to opt for an overturned position as opposed to placing it upright. However, the best way to place the table is on its side, and protect the attached legs using soft clothing materials.

In case of a glass top, it is recommendable to place it on its side. Research indicates that the construction of glass is crafted to withstand sudden movements when on its side. Therefore, placing it on the relocating vehicle’s floor will only cause it to incur damage. Place it against one of the walls and use restraints such as ropes, to keep it in place. However, cushion the wall before you can place the glass element. The use of two mattresses as cushioning material will also work.