All-Encompassing Moving Services in Port Perry

As one of the leading moving companies, our team at Miracle Movers in Port Perry is ready to alleviate your concerns and carry out your move with special attention to detail and your needs. We are Port Perry’s preferred local movers renowned for being the leaders in the industry. We perform every stage of the process with ease and precision.

Besides, if your plans include moving from one province to another, or crossing the border, you can count on us. Not only are we versed in making your relocation in the Greater Toronto Area feel easy, but we are also proud to offer opportunities for moving from Ontario to other provinces or even to arrange your cross-border Canada-USA move. Do not hesitate to choose from a variety of additional options and services to personalize your move.

What you get from our local moving service

illustration of movers

At least two professionals will be assigned to help move your belongings.

moving trucks

Sturdy packing equipment will secure your personal possessions are safely delivered.

stacked moving boxes

Crates will be loaded onto a vehicle of appropriate size with special care for your fragile items.

What makes us one of the best moving companies in Port Perry

Our team of experts goes to great lengths to provide a seamless customer experience for our customers. We are skillful at drafting plans for each relocation, preparing, packing and loading your furniture, appliances and other items on our trucks and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together on arrival.

We have developed an experience-based approach to prevent unwanted outcomes and provide a time-efficient moving service, keeping in mind the needs and expectations of our clients in Port Perry. If you are looking for trustworthy moving companies, we are at your service and eagerly awaiting your call.

We have designed a streamlined 4-step moving process

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Stage 1: Draft a plan

The entire process will commence with an initial assessment by our experts. Once the evaluation is done, we will give you an honest quote, free of charge.

A mover wrapping a table in cloth

Stage 2: Getting ready

On the day of the move, you can calmly go about your business, while our crew of movers arrives on schedule with necessary supplies and secures your belongings.

a dolly next to a pile of moving blankets

Stage 3: Up you go

Previously packed furniture, appliances, and personal items will be carefully loaded onto one of our trucks. All wrapped up and ready to hit the road!

Moving Service heavy items loading

Stage 4: Welcome home

Finally, you will enter this phase with great relief, as our movers make sure that all bits of your beloved household are put back into place in your new home in Port Perry.

Customize your relocation with a vetted moving service

A variety of packing options

  • Packing DIY: Should you prefer, you can prepare and pack your belongings yourself and our team will come to collect and drop them off. It is all up to you!
  • Safety first: You may choose from an array of protective equipment. It might be just what you need to make your move without worries and tension.
  • We take over: Why waste a sunny day on boxing your stuff? Rely on our team of movers in Port Perry to do the heavy lifting for you and get the show on the road.

Additional services

  • Go for our handy plastic bins. Instead of being swamped with cardboard, select a bundle of our green crates to move items from each part of the household. 
  • Unpacking for you: On arrival at your new location, our movers will carefully unload and place your possessions according to your guidelines.
  • Transporting bulky items: Each of our vehicles is equipped with tools to take apart your bed, kitchen counters or table. Once delivered, we will put them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a local move?

Before making the move, it is wise to organize ahead by making a comprehensive plan that should include the following points: 

  • Always make a list of belongings: You can sort them according to various criteria, such as by room, use, item characteristics, or sentimental value.
  • Buy necessary packing supplies: Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and other protective means will help prevent damage to your possessions.
  • Arrange transportation: You should consider which items you would be able to transport in your car and how to transport larger items. Typically, you would need to rent a van or a truck.
  • Disassemble and assemble furniture and appliances: Check whether you should seek support from licenced technicians for particular tasks, like dismounting your A/C. 
  • Declutter and clean the place before you leave: Get rid of the clothes you no longer wear or of damaged or outdated pieces of furniture. 
  • If all of the above steps would seem a bit too much to handle, you can cut yourself some slack and seek professional help from one of the dedicated experts in moving across Port Perry and Southern Ontario, without wasting your precious time. 
What to know before hiring movers?

Before you schedule your relocation appointment, you should get to know what kind of assistance moving companies provide: 

  • There are certain boundaries, as not all items can be transported safely. For example, some movers will not transport hazardous materials like flammable liquids, perishable foodstuff, pets or plants.
  • It is advisable to keep a separate box or luggage with your documents, invoices, and smaller items of personal value, because you do not want to risk the company losing or damaging these items. 
  • Not all appliances and furniture can be disassembled with generic tools. Therefore, specific tasks like mounting and dismounting your TV stand or air conditioning demand help from technically skilled professionals. 

Keep these points in mind before booking your local moving service in the Port Perry area.

How far in advance do I need to book movers?

You should keep in mind that the average workday of a moving company around Port Perry, Scugog Township, and elsewhere in Ontario could be quite busy. How soon you can book your service may depend on the overall volume of work. It may take several weeks or months before the team has available time slots.

Therefore, it is wise to take appropriate steps right away. If you are planning to relocate, you can easily get in touch with a local support line, compare your calendars and schedule the appointment. The earlier the better!

What’s included in the cost of hiring a moving company?

When coming up with a price estimate, professional movers may typically consider the overall time the relocation would take and the amount of work, equipment, and supplies needed. The clock usually starts when the crew arrives and stops with the completion of the delivery.

However, possible additional costs can incur due to parking fees, physically demanding tasks, or any service add-ons. If you contact Miracle Movers, one of the most experienced moving companies in Port Perry and the rest of Ontario, we will give you precise details about the billing.

How do I find a good local moving company in Port Perry & beyond?

It goes without saying that anyone would prefer to spend a relaxing day strolling around the charming Scugog Shores Museum Village or hiking down the exciting Oak Ridges Moraine Trail, instead of worrying about all the details of a relocation. Fortunately, you do not have to undertake very long research to book a crew that could save your day. 

Miracle Movers is just around the corner. We are recognized as top local movers in many other communities of south Ontario. You can therefore rely on our esteemed moving service providers in Uxbridge, highly skilled and trustworthy movers in Georgina, or our dependable relocation professionals in Innisfil and anywhere else across the region. Reach us today to make your stress-free relocation a dream come true!