Efficient & Reliable Moving Services in Peterborough, Ontario

Miracle Movers is your reputable long-distance and local moving company in Peterborough, Ontario. We cater to clients in all the surrounding communities, as well as across the entire Greater Toronto Area. Our primary goal is to help individuals relocate their homes and their lives without the added stress of planning and executing a relocation on their own.

We have the experience and the skills to perform quick and efficient moves, and the dedication to ensure there are no problems and surprises during your move. We’re here to help you start a new chapter of your life without worrying about how you’re going to get your belongings to your new address.

You can always count on our long-standing moving company

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Our movers arrive at your home to perform a detailed inspection and provide an accurate estimate.

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We are a fully insured and licensed professional relocation company that performs safe moves.

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Our full-service relocation option includes packing, unpacking, storage, and other services.

Our movers perform quick and seamless relocations

Miracle Movers is your go-to provider of different types of tailor-made moving services across Peterborough and the area, including reliable cross-province relocations, seamless local moves, and streamlined cross-border transfers. We have assembled a team of expert movers who implement a detail-oriented approach to every move they perform.

First, they will take the time to listen to your specific needs and requirements and create a custom plan of the relocation. Then, they will move on to preparing your belongings for the move and executing the transfer safely and responsibly. This is the only way to ensure an efficient move that is per your exact wishes.

We have designed a streamlined 4-step moving process

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Phase 1: Planning

We begin our process with an initial consultation regarding your relocation requirements and a detailed inspection of your property necessary to design a plan of the move.

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Phase 2: Preparation

Once we create a detailed plan of the move, our expert movers will take the time to carefully prepare all your belongings for the relocation and perform any extra services you booked.

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Phase 3: Execution

Once the preparation is done, our movers will carefully load all the boxes onto a moving truck and safely transfer them to your new location where they will unload them.

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Phase 4: Completion

At the end of the process our staff will finalize your relocation by taking care of all post-move services you chose, such as unpacking, electrical work, reassembly, etc.

Our comprehensive moving services eliminate stress from your move

Additional moving services

  • Our relocation service includes more than just the planning and the transfer of all your belongings. 
  • We offer other services, including tagging & zoning, disassembly & reassembly, packing & unpacking, etc.
  • Add-on services include various storage options, as well as customizable requests on your part.

Moving supplies

  • You can count on our expert movers to bring the necessary packing and moving supplies to your home. 
  • Our movers bring various supplies, including labels, markers, bubble and shrink wrap, and cardboard bins.
  • Some packing and moving supplies they bring are standard, while some require additional payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are full-service movers worth it?

Yes, hiring full-service movers in Peterborough to handle your relocation is definitely worth investing in. Full-service movers will expertly take care of every aspect of your move, from packing and unpacking to loading and unloading your belongings.

Also, they are well-versed in performing other moving-related tasks, such as electrical work, furniture disassembly and reassembly, adequate waste disposal, as well as any additional requirements you have for them. Only a full-service move ensures you don’t have to lift a finger while professionals handle everything.

How do I research and compare local moving companies?

When you’re looking for reputable Peterborough providers of local moving services, it’s important to perform proper research and compare several moving companies to ensure you’re hiring the right professionals for the job. Here’s how you should do that: 

  • Know the services you need and find movers that perform those tasks
  • Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for advice and referrals 
  • Compile a detailed list of several companies
  • Take a look at their online reviews
  • Narrow your choice to three companies and get their quotes
  • Check the licenses and insurance 
  • Stay away from red flags, such as up-front payments, cash only, and lack of experience
How do I prepare my apartment for moving?

Preparation is key when moving to or from Peterborough, Ontario. Taking the time and putting in the initial effort to prep your apartment for the relocation will save you both energy and time further down the road. Here’s how you should prepare your apartment for the move: 

  • Create a detailed to-do list
  • Inspect your lease to see what your pre and post-move obligations are
  • Assemble the necessary moving supplies and packing accessories, or hire a moving company that does this for you
  • Donate or sell all of your unnecessary belongings
  • Use color coding to separate belongings by room
  • Secure your fragile items well
How much do local movers usually cost?

The price of a professional moving service in Peterborough and the nearby are depends on several factors, including: 

  • The number of movers necessary to perform the move
  • The amount of belongings you’re relocating
  • The distance your movers will have to cross
  • Additional tasks your movers will handle
  • The season and the date of the move

Taking all these variables into account, the only way to correctly estimate the price of your relocation is to contact a moving company, give them the necessary information, and allow them to provide an estimate of the costs. Anything else would only be speculation.

Who provides the best moving services in Peterborough, ON & the nearby communities?

Miracle Movers is a reputable professional relocation company that offers stress free moving services to both new residents of Peterborough, as well as current residents who are moving to another location. It makes no difference if your new home is near the Canadian Canoe Museum or in the vicinity of the Riverview Park and Zoo – we’re here for you!

What’s more, our company does not only cater to individuals in need of reliable local moving. We offer a wide array of different relocation services across the Greater Toronto Area. You can turn to us if you require reliable and safe cross-border moving services, and we can help you relocate across provinces efficiently and without stress. Also, you can turn to us if you need: 

Reach out to us today and tell us how we can help you out!