No Mess, No Stress: Your Go-To Movers in North York

At Miracle Movers, we employ skilled, experienced local movers in North York and the area who have handled moves just like yours so many times before. We can handle your local moving service to any area across Toronto, Ontario, simplify and organize your cross-province move or plan and execute your cross-border move without a hitch!

We plan ahead for your peace of mind and provide excellent customer care for your absolute satisfaction. Our moving services are available to residential and commercial clients in North York and the surrounding areas. The diligent planning process leaves no room for delays, last-minute changes or uncertainty: the crew will be there right on time to take over and ready to help you relocate and make a safe and smooth transition.

What our local move price covers

Best Local Moving Service in Toronto

Skilled professional moving crew: a minimum of two movers will be put on the job

Trusted Toronto local moving company

A properly sized truck ranging between 16 and 26 feet from our reliable fleet

Reliable movers and packers in Toronto

Full range of padding and moving supplies for the protection of your belongings

Our moving service comes at an hourly rate

As all moving companies serving North York, Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding communities, we have a minimum of labour hours for all moving services we provide. This applies to local, cross-province and cross-border moves, as well as to our car shipping services. The minimum is three hours on Saturdays and two hours every other day of the week. If you have a bigger workload and need three movers in the crew, three hours will be the minimum.

We play fair: we round up the charge to the nearest half-hour instead of the full hour. The countdown begins from the moment your movers arrive at the pick-up site in North York or elsewhere in the area and stops at the moment of delivery. The same process applies if multiple trips are needed. The complexity of the loading, transportation and unloading processes are the key three factors affecting the duration of the moving service.

Additional charges for local moves

Travel time

In addition to the hourly rate, we charge a flat fee based on travel time, insurance and gas costs for the distance travelled from our location to your pick-up location, as well as for the distance travelled between your drop-off site and our premises.

Packing Service in Toronto when moving

Packing service

If you schedule the full-service move, we will perform the packing for you. We will estimate the time and, by extension, the cost of your packing service beforehand and include it in your total cost estimate presented to you ahead of the moving day.


There are no charges for the protective supplies and equipment and the assembly and disassembly tools we will use for your moving service in North York. We only ask that you inform us if specialty tools will be needed so we can make the arrangements in a timely manner.

Customizing your North York move down to the last detail

Customize Your Move

  • DIY If you have the time, you can handle your own packing and reduce the overall cost of your moving service.
  • Fragile packing Are you concerned with the safety of your more delicate items? We can do it for you.
  • Full-service Play it safe and do not leave anything to chance: we can take care of the packing for you.

Convenient service extras

  • Crating service We can supply special crates for added protection of your valuable items and sensitive equipment.
  • Unpacking service If you do not feel like handling your own unpacking, your movers can do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Disassembling and assembling We can disassemble, load, move, unload and reassemble your furniture and other bulky items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a full-service move cost?

Full-service moving packages depend on a variety of factors and circumstances. We will be happy to elaborate on the process and the decisive factors to you so you can decide if our company is the right choice for your residential or commercial relocation.

Give us the details on your North York moving service package and we will give you a rough cost estimate based on our hourly rate and our estimate of the time it will take us to complete your project. Our service is based on honesty, integrity and transparency from start to finish.

What do movers load first?

Because the largest, heaviest and bulkiest items are most likely to cause damage to the lighter ones, these are always the first to go into the truck. We will then proceed to load the remaining items starting at the bigger and longer ones. The most fragile and the lightest items are typically the last to go in.

Do movers disassemble beds?

Absolutely! In addition to packing and unpacking your items, we offer the assembly/disassembly add-on service for furniture, exercise equipment, etc. We only ask that you inform us ahead of time and you will require this service so we can bring the required specialty tools needed for the job.

How do I organize my packing for moving?

If you have the time and energy to handle the packing yourself, we will adjust the total cost estimate accordingly, as well as supply you with the moving boxes. Try to start ahead of the moving day so you will have sufficient time to have everything ready in time for the move. If not, we can organize and manage the packing portion of the service, too.

How soon can I schedule movers in North York & other parts of Toronto, Ontario?

At Miracle Movers, we always think and plan ahead because this is instrumental in securing your prompt and timely moving service. Whether you require assistance from our house, condo, apartment or office movers, we deliver. Our company counts as one of the most reputable moving companies among clients in Etobicoke, North York and nearby areas in Toronto, Ontario.

We can plan, organize and coordinate your move from a small apartment in Ottawa to a much more comfortable condo not far from Downsview Airport. Schedule a full-service move from your home in Oakville and we will handle everything else. Have you found yourself the ideal new office in North York City Centre? We can help you relocate there safely and swiftly.

We will make all the arrangements to plan and execute your move while making sure that all the items are packed, disassembled, loaded, transported, unloaded, unpacked and reassembled to your exact specifications. It really is that simple!

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