Reputable Moving Company in Markham

Miracle Movers is a leading provider of moving services across Ontario, providing clients in Markham with dependable assistance and meeting all requirements. Our team of seasoned and trustworthy local movers is qualified to carry out every detail of your relocation.

Enjoy streamlined moving services

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We’ll send a seasoned team of experts to help you pack and label your items.

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Our movers load your belongings with utmost care and attention to detail.

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We utilize sophisticated tools for maximum protection of your possessions.

Why other moving companies in Markham don’t stand a chance

Our crew is qualified to manage an array of relocation-related tasks. Whether you need assistance to take apart your furniture, label and protect your precious heirlooms or ship them safely to your new place in Markham or elsewhere in the vicinity, you can count on us. Thanks to our tried-and-true approach we’re capable of expediting your relocation with promptness and efficiency. Our moving services are focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our process is designed to render a stress-free relocation

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Stage 1: Make a plan

Everything starts with an in-house consultation: our experts arrive at your home and create a comprehensive plan that will be most suitable to your budget, needs, and scope of the relocation.

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Stage 2: Prep-work

Our team of local movers arrives at your place in Markham as agreed and begins packing and wrapping your items, disassembling furniture, and labeling all the boxes.

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Stage 3: Loading & transport

Once everything is prepared, the crew starts loading the truck and carefully positioning items to prevent accidental damage in transit. With the truck loaded, it’s time to hit the road.

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Stage 4: Delivery & touch-ups

Upon arrival at your new location, the crew will carefully unload your belongings and help you unpack and clean up debris if that’s what you ordered when you booked the service.

Ensure your local moving service is in line with your needs


You pack, we pick up

  • If you want to, you may pack your items and call us to pick them up and transport them to your new location.


Protective supplies

  • You don’t have to rely on your local convenience store: we have a wide array of protective boxes, wrapping, and tape in stock.


Full-scale management

  • If you don’t have the time or energy to handle any aspect of your relocation, leave it all to us. Just be there and we’ll take care!


Custom crating

  • Ditch cardboard boxes for reusable and convenient plastic crating. The amount will largely rely on the size of your move.


Add-on unpacking

  • If you want to clean up or take a tour of your garden, our technicians can unpack your boxes as an add-on service.


Disassembly & assembly

  • Our technicians are skilled at disassembling and assembling various types of furniture and we’ll ensure it arrives in mint condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early should you hire movers?

As a rule of thumb, the earlier you book an appointment with an established moving company in Markham, you’ll have better chances to organize your relocation. Preferred local movers are usually booked for weeks ahead. As soon as you know the approximate date you’d need to move out, call your local experts and schedule your relocation. If you’re moving in the height of the summer season, it’s best to schedule the team a couple of months earlier.

Is it faster for movers to pack or unpack?

Normally, unpacking takes less time, especially if everything was neatly organized, labeled, and protected. This applies to loading and unloading as well – handling your items for the very first time takes more time, while relocation experts will be able to do it faster and without sidetracking when they finally deliver your items. Call your local movers to get a better idea of how long would it take!

Do movers pack your clothes?

Folding and packing clothes can be something that you’d prefer to do yourself. However, many moving companies will offer to do the organizing and packing of your clothes and other items as a convenient add-on. Call your local experts in Markham to find out more about extra services your relocation team can carry out.

Do you tip movers on both ends?

When dealing with professional movers many homeowners might be in awe of their efficiency, speed, and attention to detail. This is usually the reason why you might feel compelled to give them a tip when they load and unload your items. While there is no rule against it, the tip is usually given when everything is delivered and you settle in your new home. Of course, the tip is not mandatory, but your team in Markham will gladly accept it as a sign of your appreciation of their hard work.

Who are the best movers near me in Markham?

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to a different neighborhood in Markham or to a completely different city, having trusted professionals in your corner is key. Miracle Movers have the equipment, team, and service package that can suit your unique needs. With our help, you’ll be able to make good use of your free time, whether it’s running errands in Downtown Markham, or relaxing at Mount Joy Community Center.

What’s more, we provide an array of client-focused relocation services to various Ontario communities. This is why you can count on us for

Apart from the local relocation options, we also offer dependable cross-province transportation services throughout Canada and reliable international relocation options across the CA-US border. Give us a call and schedule your move today!

We can handle a variety of local moving directions