Seasoned Local Movers in Lindsay

Miracle Movers is the leading moving company in Lindsey and across the Ontario region. Whether you’re planning to move to another part of town, the other side of the country to another province, or across the border, you can count on our experts to use our vast experience to swiftly execute your relocation.

Our team is qualified, insured, and fully committed to making your move a stress-free affair. By choosing one of our customizable packages, we’ll make your transition a smooth and easy-going process.

Our moving services are all-inclusive

illustration of movers

Our movers will arrive at your location to pack and load up your possessions.

moving trucks

Your precious belongings will be safely delivered to their final destination.

stacked moving boxes

We’ll proceed to unload and assemble your belongings to maximize your comfort.

Why we stand out from other moving companies

Our efficient local movers in Lindsay are dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free process, one that ensures your ultimate satisfaction. We accomplish this via our flexible scheduling, customized packages, transparent costs, swift transport, and overall high level of professionalism. Reach out to our team and let the best movers in the region take care of your relocation.

Lean on our smooth-running moving services in Lindsay

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Step 1: Set up a consultation

Book an appointment with the finest local movers and let us know your requirements.

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Step 2: Pick your preferred packing option

You can either choose to pack your belongings by yourself or have our team take care of it for you.

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Step 3: Our crew gets to work

After your possessions are placed safely in our truck, we give them a smooth ride to their final destination.

Moving Service heavy items loading

Step 4: Welcoming you into your new home

In the final stage, we’ll unload, unpack, and assemble your furniture and have it ready on your first day in your new home.

Our moving services are tailored to your needs

Your packing requests

  • Pack everything yourself: We’ll take over once you’re done packing your belongings. 
  • Use our packing supplies:  We have quality supplies at the ready to protect your belongings.
  • Let us pack your things for you: Tend to other things while our team packs up for you.

Extra services

  • You may request crating: Your fragile items may need extra protection.
  • Expert unpacking: Our professionals will safely unpack your treasured items.  
  • Furniture assembly: If requested, we’ll disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a move to another province?

Packing up your belongings and moving is always a stressful experience. Moving to another province is even more challenging. While this move can be nerve-racking, you can help yourself by following these tips and make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Start planning early: like with most things, planning in advance and determining which items you’re taking and which you’re leaving behind is crucial in saving time and further stress down the line. 
  • Do your due diligence: before you are ready to move, do your research and get as much info as possible on the location you’ll be relocating to. This will help you get to know your future surroundings.  
  • Choose the right company: picking the best movers in Lindsay with cross-country moving experience will make the entire process a pleasant and smooth experience. 
  • Secure your prized possessions: if you have any fragile items that you don’t trust anyone with, consider taking them yourself, either by car or plane. Pick a suitcase or storage unit specifically for these items. 
How should I prepare my home for the movers?

A professional moving company will take care of the entire process, from disassembling your furniture and packaging, to unpacking and reassembling. However, there are things you can do to speed up the whole process. Before the local movers arrive, you should: 

  • Declutter the space to allow safe passage through the home.
  • Disconnect all appliances as pros typically don’t do this.
  • Keep valuable items secured to prevent damage.
  • Keep your children and pets out of harm’s way during the process.
Should I pay the movers before or after?

A reputable moving company will never ask you to pay upfront. However, most services do charge a deposit to ensure you don’t cancel at the last second. Once your items are safely delivered to their destination in Lindsay, is when you typically pay for the moving services.

At Miracle Movers, we have a 72-hour cancellation policy. This means that all cancellations made within 72 hours of the scheduled move will make your deposit non-refundable.

What is the cheapest time of year to move?

If you’re not in a rush, and you can plan your move in advance, hiring moving services in Lindsay is best left for the wintertime. Typically, people move during warmer months. Because the demand is high, you may not be able to find local movers during summer. Winter is the season when the need is at its lowest and is therefore reflected in the prices.

Who are the trusted movers in Lindsay and the nearby areas?

With over a decade of success in the industry, we’ve made a name for ourselves in Lindsay and the surrounding areas. Miracle Movers is a renowned moving company providing a full range of services across Ontario. We are the go-to movers if you’re relocating to another province, and our experts are qualified to carry out proficient cross-border moves to the US.  

Additionally, we cover numerous neighborhoods in the area. We can organize a swift and organized move to Peterborough, provide you with hassle-free moving service in Port Perry, assist you in making a smooth relocation in Innisfil, and all across the region.

Instead of having to do all the heavy lifting, hire our experts and take the day off to visit Kawartha Art Gallery or go for a hike at the Kawartha Highlands. Whatever type of service you need, rest assured we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our team today to set up an appointment!