Expert Moving Company in Guelph

Miracle Movers was picked by the Canadian Association of Movers as the leading provider of moving services in Ontario, tailored to meet all your relocation requirements. Our principled and trained local Guelph movers will take away the hassle from the process and give you peace of mind. 

If you’ve decided to move long distances, you’re in luck. Besides being a reputable local moving company, we also offer cross-province relocation and cross-border moving services. We got it all – transparent planning and pricing, experience and honesty. We can give you the kind of transition you won’t even feel. 

What to expect from our moving services

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Our skilled team will come to your location to evaluate your needs.

moving trucks

We’ll handle your valuable items with exceptional caution and care.

stacked moving boxes

We’ll use quality moving supplies to protect your items from any damage.

Why we are the best movers in Guelph

We do what we do with love, and we do it the best. Our diligence and experience to cope with a variety of customer requests is the first on the long list of the perks we offer. We ensure a fast pace and accuracy at every turn, and perform methodical packing and transport of your beloved items to your new location in Guelph. From start to finish, until the transition process is completed by our expert movers, your job will be just to sit back and relax. Call us and let’s make arrangements for a stress-free move today. 

Your key to a smooth move

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Phase 1: Planning stage

After a quick consultation, we will figure out the volume of work and list the necessary supplies.

A mover wrapping a table in cloth

Step 2: Preparation stage

We will arrive on time, and depending on the moving services you have selected, we will start wrapping your items and disassembling the furniture.

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Step 3: Execution stage

With great organization, your possessions will be meticulously loaded on our trucks and transported to your new location.

Moving Service heavy items loading

Step 4: Final stage

The final step of your relocation involves unpacking and assembling furniture in your new home.

Customized moving service

Packing options

  • Your stuff – your packing: It’s natural to have items with high sentimental values. Our Guelph movers could be hired only for relocation.
  • This side up: We’ll safely transport fragile belongings and minimize the risk of damage.
  • Royal transfer: Miracle Movers will do everything for you.


  • Box in a box: Protect your little treasures, craftwork or electrical equipment through the transition by transporting them in sturdy boxes.
  • What comes in…: You can rest a little more. We will do the unloading and unpacking for you.
  • Puzzle: Our skilled movers will reassemble your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire a moving company?

As soon as possible. During summertime, at the peak of the season, your early booking will give us enough time to plan and conceptualize. It is an essential step of our moving services in Guelph to plan ahead, especially if you want long distance residential moving. 

The distance from A to B is an important factor to be considered as well as calculating the time for your packing and moving. Whether it is a small apartment or a medium sized office we will do our best to estimate your relocation time.

What room should I pack first when moving?

It is entirely up to you which room you will pack first. Maybe you could start by cleaning your storage space and see if you want to throw something out. However, try to pack items from each room into the same set of boxes and double check that each box is properly labelled. Also, remember to place the heaviest items on the bottom and light ones on the top. Or, put everything aside and let our local Guelph movers take care of the packing.

How much does it typically cost to hire movers?

Every adventure is unique and moving services will vary depending on your requirements. In Guelph, you will get full support from our experienced staff. With some consultation, a transparent and exact cost will be provided. Although Guelph moving companies may not fit everybody’s budget, it is far easier, more reliable and less stressful than doing it yourself. 

Miracle Movers are at your service, offering a fully customizable and transparent residential moving service. We aim to give you an effortless relocation experience.

How do I find the best movers in Guelph?

Of course, everyone has worries when it comes to relocating to a new home. It is not an easy task. For you. But, for premier local movers in Toronto, it is effortless and straightforward. Either you just want to move to a home down the street, efficiently move to another province or even  move with ease across borders, Miracle Movers can do it quickly and professionally. 

We are at your service across Ontario, offering expert relocation assistance from Guelph Lake to Puslinch Lake and beyond. 

In addition to Guelph, we have also received excellent customer feedback and reviews for our full moving services in Brantford, moving wizards in Cambridge, and efficient moving services in Georgetown

Get in touch with us today and let our experienced movers lend a helping hand!