Moving in Georgetown Made Easy: Something of a Miracle

We’ve all heard the saying that moving home is one of life’s most stressful events. That’s not actually true (not according to research at least), although it can feel that way sometimes. However, if you take the time to plan it out step by step with some help from professional movers in Georgetown, you can get through it stress-free, even in smaller communities. Whether you’re moving your home or office space, Miracle Movers, one of the leading moving companies in the Greater Toronto Area, can make everything run smoothly, from the initial call till the end.

What you get when choosing our top-notch moving services

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A licensed and fully accredited moving company in the Georgetown area.

moving trucks

Upfront and transparent cost estimates come hand in hand with our professional movers.

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Fast, efficient, and friendly crew that will make the whole experience stress-free.

Give yourself a break from the stress of moving

Forget about the logistics, timelines of moving long distances from one province to another, wrapping or crating your furniture and valuables in a proper way so they get where they’re going without a scratch. Scheduling our high-quality moving service in Georgetown means that your items will get to your destination intact and on time. With us, you also get a spot-on accurate estimation bill with no hidden charges. All of this is handled by our fast, efficient, and courteous crew of movers who will handle your move with great attention to detail.

Discover our basic 4 steps of an efficient and high-quality move

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Phase 1: Plan

The whole process begins with logistics planning. Some of our crew members will visit your home or office and evaluate the situation and your needs. This is necessary for a fair and accurate estimate.

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Phase 2: Prepare

After that, your current home needs to be prepared for the move. According to your choices, this step may consist of packing, disassembly, or other necessary work.

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Phase 3: Execute

The actual move. This step entails loading your belongings onto trucks, transporting them to the desired location, and making sure that your items arrive safely and without a scratch.

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Phase 4: Finish

The last phase consists of unpacking, assembly, and even clean-up if that’s what you opted for.

Meet Georgetown movers that cater to your specific needs

Versatile moving and packing options

  • You can pack the items yourself, but why when you can save time and let our team take over.
  • We can pack your most precious and fragile valuables with utmost care to get them to the destination in perfect condition.
  • The full-service option includes all steps of the process. We used tried-and-true methods that will make your move smooth sailing.

Extra services that may come in handy

  • Crating – Protective crating is often necessary and we’re happy to provide it.
  • Unpacking – we bring a convenient unpacking service that can also be included to facilitate your move after you settle in your new home. 
  • Assembly/disassembly – taking your larger pieces apart and carefully assembling them at your new address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full-service move?

Even in smaller communities like Georgetown, there's a selection of licensed, highly professional moving companies that can take care of your move end-to-end. The full-service move means that their staff is going to guide you through each step along the way, including: 

  • The initial call and easy booking
  • Figuring out the best and most cost-effective timeline
  • Making sure everything runs smoothly and on time
  • Helping with confusing paperwork, which is essential if you’re moving across borders from Toronto or the region and have customs forms to deal with
  • Careful packing of all your belongings with particular attention to valuables and delicate items
  • Getting all your belongings from point A to point B with no damage 
  • Unpacking and clean-up may also be included.
Should you move by yourself or hire movers?

You could definitely move by yourself. It would take a lot of time and effort if you’ve never done it before and have no experience with the logistics of it, not to mention paperwork and other issues that tend to come up, especially if you’re moving across the border. 

However, since this is a time-consuming and demanding process, you should be prepared for at least some things to go wrong. If you don’t have that kind of experience or time to figure everything out, or you simply have other arrangements to take care of, your best bet is to contact our top movers in Georgetown and we will handle everything for you. 

How early should you book movers?

The perfect answer would be two months before your move date or at least four weeks. Just be aware that if you have less than a month before your move, your choice of movers is probably going to be pretty limited. 

However, since life rarely goes as planned, a lot of things are often done last minute. And this is definitely where professional moving service is worth its weight in gold. Even if it’s kind of last-minute, our team can make it happen - it’s what we do. Our customer service will guide you through the process, give you a fair and prompt estimate of the costs, and get it done as fast and efficiently as possible.

What does a full-service move cost?

After the initial call with a moving company in Georgetown , you’ll get an assessment of all costs. There are moving companies that offer an online inventory system that should help with the assessment. 

The average cost of a move in Canada typically depends on the provider, any service add-ons, distance, and other factors. You should also have in mind that long-distance moves (1,000 miles, for example) can be costly. Nonetheless, with Miracle Movers, count on upfront and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Enjoy our competitive prices and a stress-free service!

Who are the leading local movers in Georgetown & beyond?

When looking for a moving company, it’s advised to check if local movers you’re considering are licensed and a member of CAM (Canadian Association of Movers). Miracle Movers is one such company. We offer different types of moving services - local, residential, or business, between different cities in the Georgetown area, but also between provinces and cross border moves. 

For instance, we can handle your move to and from Brantford, assist you in moving anywhere in the Burlington area, or help you move to Cambridge, or anywhere else across the Toronto region. We bring you an online inventory system, packing and moving service add-ons, short and long-term storage, complete planning and logistics, help with paperwork, or any issues that may arise along the way. Get clear guidance every step of your move!