Smooth & Efficient Local Moving Services in Etobicoke

At Miracle Movers, one of the leading residential and office moving companies in Etobicoke and the area, we follow the principles of integrity, transparency and honesty every step of the way to spare you frustration, stress and delays. We’ll help you make a carefree transition and not let anything on the checklist fly under the radar.

Sit back and enjoy a carefully planned and safely executed moving process, as well as a comfortable user experience overall. Moving locally, to another province or across the border? We can optimize the package to your needs, requirements and desires. We charge by the hour and top it all off with premium customer care! Find out what makes Miracle Movers the top pick of residential and commercial clients in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas.

What our local move pricing covers

Best Local Moving Service in Toronto

Professional movers: a 2-man crew minimum, depending on project size

Trusted Toronto local moving company

A moving truck with a capacity corresponding to your project size

Reliable movers and packers in Toronto

All the padding & supplies you need to keep your items safe

We bring transparency & efficiency

It is difficult to say straight off the bat how long it will take us to execute your move, but like other pro movers in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding communities, we do have a minimum for labor hours normally required: 2 hours on every day of the week except on 3-hour minimum Saturdays. For a 3-mover crew, the minimum will be 3 labor hours. This principle applies to all the services we provide: fast and efficient local moves in Toronto, carefully organized cross-province moves, full-service cross-border moves and car shipment.

The price will ultimately depend on whether we can execute the move in a single trip or if additional trips will be needed, as well as on how long it will take your crew to finish the loading, transportation and unloading. We start the clock upon arrival and stop it upon delivery completion. We will not charge you by the full additional hour unless we have to: we charge in 30-minute increments, so we will round up the charges accordingly.

Extra charges for local moves

Travel time

We have a clearly defined flat fee based on the estimated travel time and gas and insurance costs incurred between our premises and your pick-up location, as well as for the distance traveled between the drop-off site and our premises.

Packing Service in Toronto when moving

Packing service

The packing portion of your moving service is time-consuming and requires care and special supplies, all of which will be factored in the price. If you want us to handle the packing for you, let us know ahead of time so we can include this in the cost estimate.


We always put effort into the protection of your property and your belongings because this is an integral part of our service. All the tools and equipment needed to prevent damage to your items are already included in the service and come free-of-charge.

Tailored approach to your moving service in Etobicoke

Customize Your Move

  • DIY Do your own packing and save time and money. We can supply special packing boxes.
  • Fragile packing We can pack your more fragile items to ensure their safe drop-off.
  • Full-service Why risk damage and waste time? Book our no-mess full-service package!

Convenient service extras

  • Crating service Our crates protect your expensive equipment which requires extra care.
  • Unpacking service We can unpack your items and put them in designated areas.
  • Disassembling and assembling Your movers can disassemble or assemble bulky items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do movers cost for local moves?

Our rate is hourly, so the price of your Etobicoke moving service will be based on the required time and other resources: work scope, distance between points A and B and the size of the moving truck.

Do movers load boxes or furniture first?

Normally, we will load the heaviest, bulkiest items first. We will normally disassemble the larger pieces of furniture prior to loading them on the truck. After we have finished loading all the biggest, longest items, we will proceed to load the boxes, again starting with the largest and heaviest ones.

At Miracle Movers, we can supply special moving boxes you can use to pack and organize your items. But if you opt for the full-service package for your move to or from Etobicoke or anywhere else in Ontario, we can do the packing for you. We will also take precautionary measures to ensure the safety and protection of your items, especially the most fragile and the most sensitive ones.

Is it better to move with boxes or totes?

While plastic totes seem extremely durable, we prefer moving boxes which are designed to withstand weight by absorbing it and keep the load inside the boxes tight until it has been unloaded and unpacked.

How long before moving should you start packing?

The cost of your moving service in the Etobicoke region will ultimately depend not only on the distance between pick-up and drop-off sites and the size of your moving truck, but also on your level of readiness for the service. If you opt to handle the packing by yourself, the price will be lower, but be mindful of the time factor.

Just to be on the safe side, start planning as soon as possible, preferably 6-3 weeks prior to the move. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for you to add the finishing touches as the moving day starts to approach.

How do I find dependable movers in Etobicoke & across Toronto, Ontario?

At Miracle Movers, you will find a well-coordinated team committed to making your move painless and successful.

As one of the most in-demand moving companies in Ottawa, Etobicoke and the surrounding areas across Toronto, Ontario, we can facilitate your move out of your condo in Oakville and into a spacious 3-bedroom apartment with a view of Lake Ontario or accelerate your move into a more conveniently located Richmond Hill apartment.

If you are leaving your small office in Etobicoke near Toronto Pearson International Airport to move into a more spacious office space, our office movers can take over and have all your office furniture, equipment and supplies transported to safety in no time.

We are here for you, ready to make sure you are perfectly prepared for the moving day and feeling completely at ease and confident that everything will go without a hitch. Let us guide you through and help you navigate the process. Make your appointment now!