We are probably all familiar with the fact that relocating can be quite pricey. However, the big question is “just how pricey?”. What one person might consider as expensive may be cheap for another. Also, taking into account that every house relocation is unique in its own way due to several factors, you will require an expert to tell you the cost of moving your belongings so that you can make an efficient financial plan. Here is some advice from Toronto Moving Company on how to tell the price of moving your house.

Factors to Consider

There some things that you will have to take into consideration to know how much your relocation is bound to cost and ways you can reduce that amount. These factors include:

  • Home size. The proportion of your house is a determinant of the belongings to be moved. The bigger your house, the more you will pay for relocation. A short relocation will be charged by the hour. If you have a lot to be moved, the more time it will take to organize and move, the more money will have to be involved. As for a long haul, the house size will determine the shipment weight. If your house is big, consider taking only the items that you require
  • Amount of belongings being moved. This amount will be influenced by the things in your house. Try and save on costs by going through your belongings as you back to decide what you need and what you don’t need. Be keen not to take anything that no longer serves you a purpose
  • Amount of special possessions being moved. Your relocating cost will definitely go up if any belongings require special care. Some fine examples are moving a piano, hot tub, or pool table. Ensure that you really want the item in your new home before moving it
  • Total bulk of belongings. Most reputable relocating firms will give you a quote depending on how much your items are bound to weigh. Even so, the relocating vehicle will be weighed at a weighing station where you will receive the precise weight of your goods and the cost
  • Hauling distance. Despite how short or long the distance between the two places, the cost determined by this factor will remain definite. That means that no matter what you do it cannot be altered. Therefore, concentrate on factors you can influence like belongings being moved and the relocating date
  • Extra relocating services. These include packing materials and storage. With the help of other family members, you can pack your belongings on your own, with your own materials if you are looking to save on costs and time
  • Relocating date. Summer relocations are known to be the most expensive since it is a high moving season. Therefore, if you can change the date of your move, try and avoid the months between May and September

Price of a Local Move

A local move is one that is occurring within one hundred miles of your current home. In this case, some relocating firms will present you with the choice of pulling off a self-move. Consider asking your relocation firm for an estimate and compare the prices to see which method will suit you best. Even so, you should go beyond the price factor and consider the period and risks that come with a self-move. Below are some factors to help you decide between the two options:

DIY move price

A self-move will be influenced by:

  • Relocating van. The best way to acquire a moving vehicle is by renting one. This will cost you anywhere between twenty and seventy dollars for each day. The size of the truck you get will be determined by the size of your home. On top of this cost is the vehicle rental insurance. This covers amounts to about one hundred and fifty dollars, not including other fees such as fuel costs
  • Organizing tools. If you are lucky, you may find moving containers for free or at a throwaway price. Even so, you’ll still have to purchase other supplies such as packing tape and paper, bubble wrap, and the cartons if you aren’t lucky enough to find any for free
  • Unforeseen costs. These costs cover for lodging, road taxes, food, etc. the inclusion of damage incurred to property and yourself, the cost of a self-move can be quite high

Relocating Experts Prize

When it comes to professional relocating firms, they charge by the hour. For this reason, time is very crucial.

  • The cost per mover will differ from one place to the other. However, the average rate is between thirty to fifty dollars
  • The size of the moving crew will depend on the size of your house. A small apartment could use two movers while a large house could use more than three movers
  • Their price will depend on how long they take to move your belongings to the relocating vehicle
  • A transport charge will also be thrown in to cater for the time the relocating team used to get from the office to your home

Price of a Relocation across the Country

Research indicates that the price of a cross-country haul is four thousand, three hundred dollars for a distance of one thousand, two hundred, and twenty-five miles. This number will differ, however, depending on the factors mentioned above. The calculation can also prove difficult, so it is best to leave it in the hands of experts.