So, you’ve got the first two common mistakes addressed. Now, let’s talk about additional concerns when avoiding errors in your relocation.

3: Don’t Procrastinate Tasks for Moving Day

The moving-out day can be the most stressful and hectic period – as well the most unpredictable one. Since you never know what things can come up, it’s best that you’re 100% prepared as much as possible. After constant going back and forth, completing one task after another, there’s no doubt that you want to save the ‘quick’ tasks for the following moving day. Your plan is to get it done first thing in the morning, so what could go wrong? A lot of things.

Because moving day is so frantic and congested with tasks, your plan could easily go wrong. Not to mention the unpredictability – your movers in Toronto may come at a different time than planned, someone is sick, your alarm didn’t go off… Don’t leave everything for moving day. You should have all your pre-move tasks done beforehand.

4: Ensure Safety is First

Our best tip to you is to stay safe during the hectic moving day. As mentioned before, moving day is full of completing tasks and going back in forth – this can be very dangerous. While hustling to move items to and fro – you can get yourself injured. Safety is your first priority. Don’t wait for any accidents to happen – take action and guarantee your safety. If you have a baby or small child, make sure you keep them away from the moving process. Ask someone to look after them or hire a babysitter for the time being. It’s better to focus, knowing that you and your children are safe. Make sure your pets are in a danger-free zone as well. They can cause accidents and injuries to themselves and others as well. Find someone to look after them – or, of course, hire a pet-sitter.

Make sure you keep pathways and hallways to the moving truck safe. Don’t block pathways by leaving items lying idly. You don’t want an obstacle – you want a safe and easy route to the moving truck. Make sure you also wear the right attire. Avoid sandals and flip-flops, baggy clothing, and formal accessories (like dangling earrings). You want to make sure you wear a closed pair of shoes that provide enough support for your ankles.

Don’t ever underestimate the importance and preparation of safety. If you want to find additional information to ensure your safety on moving day, click here.

5: Keep Your Valuables with You

If you’ve received plenty of reviews from friends and reliable sources about the reliability of the moving company you selected, then you should be able to entrust them with packing your things (if you chose that additional service), protecting them, and loading them safely. But, even if you’ve managed to hire the most reliable and experienced movers, you can’t be sure that you’ll be able to entrust them with your most valuable items. The best Toronto movers, no matter what company they work for or how much they get paid, can be tempted by the high value of some of your possessions. Make sure you keep your most prized or high-value possessions with you.

Relocating your valuables from your home to the new one is a task you should complete. If you own expensive items that are too big to carry yourself, then have a moving company help you out. Make sure you pay any additional insurance first.

The most important thing you need to get from this is that your most valuable items should stay with you.

A Bonus: Stay Positive

We know the moving process can be very stressful and serve as a monumental change in your life. But, make sure you stay positive during the process. And even add some humor during the process! A few laughs and jokes can help you, and whoever’s helping you out, get through the day. You want to look at the bright side of things; be optimistic. Listen to a podcast on your phone that will lift your spirits up. Smile at the neighbors. If that doesn’t work – then consider tagging your friends along the moving party. Safety first – positive next!