You want to avoid as many mistakes as possible on your moving day(s). Oftentimes, this doesn’t seem to be the case with all the stress revolved around the relocation process. However, you can have a stress-free move with little mistake if you’re prepared. Knowing what to do – as well as what not to do can definitely help you on moving day. Just read the following 5 moving day mistakes to get more information about perform a smooth relocation.

1: Prioritize Packing

If you’ve set out a schedule to pack, don’t lag behind it. Make sure you’re packing everything you need on time. Making a great checklist for packing won’t be useful if you don’t follow it. Moving day should not mean any packing. A crucial mistake people make is dismissing the packing process and not starting it early. Telling yourself you’ll be able to pack a few boxes in a jiffy won’t work. Moving Day will be a big pain in the neck if you save the packing for later.

Whatever you do during moving day – make sure it doesn’t involve packing. By that point, you should be boxing the last items up. The only boxes you might want to leave unpacked are the ‘essentials’ (we’ll touch on that later). Other than that, you should have a quick and smooth leave from your home or apartment. To ensure you have a stress-free move with your best Toronto movers, follow these guidelines:

  • Make a timeline or schedule for your packing – and follow it.
  • Get all the necessary packing tools and equipment beforehand.
  • Get the hardest areas/rooms of unpacking done first (e.g. the congested garage)
  • Ask friends and family for a helping hand

The biggest point? Prioritize. Don’t leave anything for the last minute or the biggest day of all – moving out. That won’t just be a pain in the neck – it will be a migraine.

2: Don’t Forget to Pack your Essentials

If you’ve ever made the mistake of packing toiletries or other essentials in a bag, and then realize later you needed those – you know how frustrating sorting through a suitcase or bag can be. On moving day, it’s worse. You won’t be able to obtain those ‘essential’ items until they arrive at your new location.

Frequent and common moving mistakes are people packing their prescription bottles, toiletries, extra clothing like pajamas and undergarments and other lifesavers (inhaler, anyone?). You want to prevent searching through boxes or even losing access to the most important necessities.

Your essentials box should also include a survival kit. In your checklist, narrow it to the must-have items you’ll need for a whole day. Think ahead, so that packing a box or two will allow you to have a smooth relocation.

And 3…

You’ve got Steps 1 and 2 – don’t go away. Move on to Moving Day Mistakes Part 2 to read the last three.