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I was very impressed with Alisha re the preparation process and Phllip and Hanny (?) were great yesterday. No damage at the locations or of items and they were patient with an administrative problem at the destination. I told Philip that my girl friend is moving to the unit in March and I will be referring her to you. Thanks very much.
Toronto, ON
Thanks for reaching out Ron! we were able to get it all done nice & early. The guys were great. Very quick, efficient, helpful, super nice. We'll leave a glowing yelp review & happy to recommend.
Toronto, ON
Good Day Ron, I just wanted to let you know that the yesterday's moving went extremely well. Your two team members Igor and Vlad were extremely professional, courteous and service oriented. They definitely are an asset to your company, my advice- hold on to them :) We have been renovating our house from past 4 months, been gone thru a lot of stressful time with contractors disappearing with the money, commitments not being carried on time etc. Service which was provided by Miracle Movers yesterday was fabulous and has helped us regain some of that trust back towards the service providers. Keep up the good work. Cheers
Suhail Sayed
Brampton, ON
We used miracle movers and the name of the company suits them greatly. We had two great men Phillip and Max that worked so efficiently and quickly that before we could say “jack rabbit” they had finished the move. Thanks to customers service for all their in-put as to the cost which was right on when the move was completed. Many thanks again guys for everything. Sincerely John and Linda.
John and Linda
Toronto, ON
The movers that you sent are very nice, everything got accomplished in a very timely manner, and very carefully done. Thank you, I will recommend your company to anyone who has anything to move. Once again, thank the guys you sent.
Frank Civichino
Vaughan, ON
I wanted to say how well the move went on Saturday. I had my reservations/concerns because of the way it started with the bins but the two guys were totally amazing and did a great job. I would like to write a review and ask that you provide me with the names of the gents who moved us so they can be personally mentioned. Thanks again!
Carole Skinner
Mississauga, ON
I want to thank your company for the help you provided on Thursday May 5. The men were on time, efficient, professional, and courteous. I will recommend your company to anyone needing a mover.
Vancouver, BC
I would like to express how impressed I am with your team's professionalism, efficiency and the quality of your work. Your foreman, Boris, and one of your movers named Slav came to my apartment for several hours to help with packing. I had no idea that they would accomplish all that they did on that day. They showed up on time, finished before the allotted time and the charges were within the initial estimate. You are lucky to have such fine employees.
Richmond Hill, ON
The movers were very polite and cooperative. I had big problems with our condo management, who did NOT put our elevator on service, thus causing some delays... but the move was handled quite well.
Vancouver, BC
You had to arrange a fairly complicated move for us on Wednesday, May 6th: a three-way delivery. In addition, this was an emotionally difficult move as we were moving our very elderly mother/mother-in-law from her apartment into a nursing home. I just wanted to say "thank-you" on behalf of our whole family. It was a pleasure making the arrangements with you. You were flexible, knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring. The movers and their truck arrived right on time and had all the equipment they needed. They were helpful, responsible and very polite. Your company's charges were reasonable and everything was done in good order and good time. Thanks to all of you for a move that made this process so much easier. I will be recommending you to friends and family.
Ottawa, ON


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