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Most people harbor a lot of unused nick-knacks in their homes, and a relocation presents the perfect opportunity to declutter. Cutting down on your possessions not only makes the organization process more comfortable but also helps reduce hauling charges if they are based on the weight of your goods. Everything you do not need can be placed in two piles; one for pieces to the trash and the other for those to sell. Hosting a garage sale before upping and leaving not only helps you get rid of belongings but also puts some extra cash in your pocket to cover some costs that come with the hauling process. Moving companies in Mississauga provide some pointers on how you can make the event a success.

  • Ascertain your needs

The organization process to determine what stays and what doesn’t can be daunting. The best approach for this situation is to establish what you need, and everything else can end up in the sale or trash. Take time to line out your relationship with your belongings, and organize what will serve a purpose in your new home and the life you want in the next chapter.

Once you have broken down your necessities, it becomes easier to spot things that no longer add value to your life. Go through all your storage areas while packing what you need and collecting what you don’t in a pile. You can dedicate a room in your home to categorize the goods.

  • Determine what goes on sale

Even though your unwanted possessions may not serve a purpose in your new place, they may add value to someone else’s life. Even so, it is likely that not everything you are throwing out will be suitable for sale. Therefore, sort through the pile of unwanted things with a trash container handy so that you can get rid of pieces that are not worth the trouble of selling. Ensure you throw away water-damaged books, broken appliances, and clothes that have bad stains or are ripped. Whatever remains can be part of the event.

  • Put price tags

Depending on the number of things you have, you may want to price objects individually or in a group. The former approach can be cumbersome if you are selling a lot of belongings, which leaves you with the option of classifying them. For instance, you can place toys in a container and label it two dollars per toy. The same can be done with clothes and books. Also, you can group articles in such a way that they all have to be bought at a go. For instance, instead of selling each toy car for fifty cents, you can pack and sell them together for ten dollars. Ensure that the price tags of elements are reasonable to avoid ending up with unsold goods at the end of the sale.

  • Put up adverts

No matter how well your yard sale is organized, the effort will amount to nothing if no buyers turn up. The online platform comes in handy for this purpose with apps such as Facebook where you can advertise to people in your area. Craigslist also allows one to list a garage sale.



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