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Making the decision of whether to move a preassembled belonging as it is or dismantle it is hard. Both choices come with their own set of pros and cons. For instance, shipping it as it is will save time and avoid any reassembling issues, while disassembling it will ease the carrying process and reduce the chances of damage during transit. Regardless of this puzzle, some big articles are taken apart in most cases, for the well-being of the individuals and articles involved.

Wall units

These are some of the belongings that cannot possibly be moved without being taken apart first. Normally, wall cabinets and shelves are secured using techniques only visible to experts. The process of taking them apart is challenging and dangerous, and shouldn’t be done without the suitable equipment and skill. This is a task best handled by professionals since such articles are not just dismantled in any way but in the assembly's reverse order.

Other independent wall units such as bookshelves aren’t as challenging to dismantle. Shelves that sit on pegs can easily be lifted off and moved individually. For those that are secured using screws, unscrew them as well as the wooden structure. Remember to store all screws in a zip lock case to avoid misplacing them or mixing them up with other parts.


Dismantling is especially the case with king and queen size beds due to the challenge of handling them through small spaces like stairs, corridors, and rooms where ceilings are low. Even so, these pieces are generally easy to handle, since most of them are composed of a metallic or wooden structure with a mattress slate. All these components are secured together using snap-on fixed appliances and screws that can simply be taken out. Though, bunk beds and those with sliders and drawers are harder to tackle. You can handle an uncomplicated bed alone. However, in the case of complex beds, it's advisable to let the professionals handle them.

Dressers and Wardrobes

Since these articles are generally bulky, they're normally taken apart to be transported. Even for small dressers, detached pieces like drawers and shelves must be taken out before being packed. Also, the doors will either be taken out or locked to the structure. Glass panels must be disassembled and carefully packed using blankets or bubble wrap.

In some cases, wardrobes that are too large to transport whole are completely taken apart. A reputable moving team will quickly tackle the large pieces without endangering them.


Big tables are taken apart to make maneuvering them around small spaces easier. Moreover, the flat top on its own will ease the task of packing and securing and will use up less space in the relocating van.

Dismantling a dining table is quite easy. However, consider letting experts take it apart if the fixtures appear complicated. When it comes to vanity tables, they are relatively tricky to dismantle due to the fairly large mirrors they have. Hence, their disassembly is a task best left for skilled experts.

Other articles that are best moved dismantled include gym equipment, desks, armoires, and any big household furniture.

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