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When moving long distance, automobiles present a challenge in the process. If you choose not to drive across to where you are moving to there are other methods that you can fall back on to ensure that your vehicle gets to the new locale. Long Distance Movers in Richmond Hill are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to make such moves a success which is why it is advisable that one is enlisted to help.

If you have to transit with your car for many miles, it is essential to know the options available to move it without a lot of effort. Some of the popular methods that are reliable that you can use to ensure your car reaches the new locality will be discussed herein.

Be your hauler

One method that is readily available for transit is to drive oneself to wherever it is you are moving to. This technique is the most affordable, but it is dependent on other technicalities of the move. This alternative, however, may not be viable if you possess multiple vehicles. If you are after relaxing for the period of your transit and not being hands-on with the transfer, you can fall back on any of the other methods discoursed below.


A tow vehicle is among the best methods that local movers in Richmond Hill recommend. If you are looking to minimize on cost, connecting a trailer to the back of the hauling truck could be an ideal solution. This technique is also secure since it allows you to have your eyes on your vehicle during transportation. The major downside of using this system is the risk involved in having a big truck pulling a car behind it for long expanses. The other demerit that one should be cautious about is the laws of the various jurisdictions to be crossed. Some regions have restrictions on what is to be towed and the quantity allowed.

Ship your vehicle

If you are moving internationally and across a water body then shipping will be an ideal solution for you. This approach helps relieve a lot of stress on your end since you can focus more on the relocation instead of how to get your vehicle to where you are going. The cost of shipping is relatively high, and insurance must be bought to cover any damages or loss in case anything happens. The waiting duration for your car, once you get to your new dwellings, may also belong. It is inherent that you confirm the delivery time before settling on this technique.

Enlist the services of an open automobile dealer

This system is almost similar to the shipment option only that the processes involved are carried out by the authorized dealer and not yourself. Safety of your car is ensured when using this method. Delivery time for this option varies and may not be appropriate if you need to use your vehicle immediately.

Contract skilled car shippers

In instances where you are strapped for time and cannot steer your call to the new locale on your own, it is prudent to think about hiring skilled hands to help ease the process. When opting for this system, there are many advantages that you get. First off, delivery of your property will be within the time range that you get to your new dwellings and settle. Companies involving themselves in this business have insurance covers that will cater for any loss or damage to your car while in transit. Multiple corporations within Canada offer auto moving services, but you have to be keen on detail to get the best.



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