Welcome back! Yesterday we gave you some helpful tips on what to do when your local moving companies didn’t show up to reduce frustration and stress. Please review additional tips on how to properly handle such a situation.

What to do while waiting for the last minute local moving crew?

The time you’ll spend waiting for your household items to be picked and moved by the replacement local moving companies won’t help calm the nerves, but at least you can use that period to ensure that:

Large furniture is partly dismantled: if you haven’t, do your best to remove the detachable parts of your large furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, desks, wardrobe, etc. However, if you are not certain that you can do it alone or you fear that the dismantling process could turn out to be too unsafe for you and your furniture, just leave the job to the experts.

All belongings are packed: given that you’re not waiting for a professional packing team to arrive, all items in your home should be carefully packed by now so when movers arrive they will just load it onto the moving truck.

Boxes are correctly labeled: what’s more, each packed carton should be labeled properly with its content, designated room and extra handling instructions, such as THIS WAY UP, DELICATE and so on. With a black marker pen, check the moving boxes one by one for any missing instructions. You may not think that this process is of importance to the success of the move, but you’ll be glad to have gone the extra mile later on when you’re unpacking the piles of newly delivered containers. Keep in mind that labeling your packed cartons is a great time saver in disguise.

Essentials bag is ready: if you were wondering whether to actually prepare a survival box or not, now you undoubtedly know the right answer solely because you’re going to have to switch to survival mode due to the situation at hand. You’re waiting for your movers to arrive (if they do show up at all!) and all your belongings are already packed away in moving boxes. Having a box or two with absolute essential tools within easy reach is a great idea!

Prized possessions are kept safe: check once more to see if all your items of high or sentimental significance are kept in a safe place, away from the cartons that will sooner or later be loaded into the moving truck. You and you alone are responsible for the safety of your valuables and don’t even consider entrusting them to your moving crew.
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My moving service is late for delivery

Pacing up and down in nervous expectation and waiting for the moving team to arrive at your new address raises an entirely new set of troubling questions than the circumstance described above. If your Toronto moving company is late for delivery, there are essentially two possible scenarios:

Your movers are trustworthy: and you should not worry too much. Just call their head office (you should have their contacts clearly written on your moving contract or if it’s not there, visit the company’s website to get it) and ask them to explain the situation. There must be a strong reason for the delay, in which case you just have to confirm the new estimated time they will get there. Yes, waiting can be hard, but at least you’ll be sure that things will work out in the end.

Your relocating team is corrupt: and you probably started fretting a bit. If you’ve done your research right, then the chances of you renting the services of a rogue moving company are practically next to none. And yet, bad luck just happens to float around, and you may have been the unfortunate one to get its bitter taste. Sadly, unscrupulous movers do exist, and if you were unlucky enough to have accepted a moving quote that was suspiciously low or to have paid an uncustomary large deposit, then you may be in a load of trouble. In most cases, scam movers will hold their clients’ household goods hostage until a price is paid for their release. Of course, all of this is not legal, and if you can’t get in touch with your moving company or if you do hear from them with such bad news, then don’t hesitate to call the police and then to file a complaint against your local moving company.

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