Affordable prices and convenience have made tiny houses more widespread than ever. Even so, there is more to think about these small spaces, considering the fact that most of them come at less than four hundred square feet, which is quite limiting. You will need to channel your inner creativity to figure out how to fit belongings in there. When moving to a small home, you should take into account the belongings you own. Ensure you draft out what you require and what can fit in the new space before making any purchases. Your movers in Kitchener listed down some things that are convenient for small spaces.

Composting Restroom

Despite the size of your house, a lavatory is a necessity. However, most tiny homes are located in areas that are out of reach of sewage connections. This means that having a restroom that operates on a flush system will not be possible. Therefore, your next best solution would be to use a composting restroom. They require no water to run, are kind to the environment, and straightforward to use. Having one will cost you anywhere between five hundred and one thousand, five hundred dollars.


Tiny homes come with a lot of shortage in space. Therefore, storing a lot of belongings on the floor is out of the question. Hence, you will need to make use of wall space; a job that will require hooks to be accomplished. These small tools can help you hang a lot of belongings including kitchenware, mugs, clothes, shoes, and much more. If you do not know how to go about installing them, you can hire an expert to have them put all over your new place.

Washer and dryer in one

Since space is limited, buying a washer and a dryer will be a huge inconvenience, unless you have your laundry done elsewhere. However, you can solve this issue by buying a machine that incorporates the purpose of these two. This two-in-one device will cost you between six hundred and over two thousand dollars. You can also opt to go for only a washer, and use a drying rack to dry your garments.


Shelving is a great way to create space horizontally. You can have them on the walls, under staircases, and anywhere else you can find room. It may be tricky to know how to make the most of the shelf installation on your own. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the services of an interior designer who works with small spaces and someone to install the shelves all over your place.

Pullout couch

In most cases, small houses do not come with the space for a guest room.  Even so, it is recommended to have an extra bed in case you have a pal who needs to stay over. This can be done by getting a pullout couch. With one, you will not have to sacrifice space that you are already low on, and the item can double as a couch and become a bed when you need one. The folding aspect will allow it to easily fit into your tiny house without much hassle.

Ovens and stovetops

Your kitchen design will be highly dependent on how often you use it. If you cook on a regular basis, a propane gas is highly recommended along with the installation of top-notch burner stoves that come with an oven. This will require quite an amount of space. Therefore, if fitting all these will be an issue, consider going for two burners instead. If you rarely cook, consider a portable option that can be kept away and pulled out when you need to use it.

Compact Fridge

A lot of fridge options have been provided for small homeowners. The choice you make will be determined by just how small your place is. The best option is to make the purchase before building your home to ensure you plan for where you particular device goes. If the house is already built, a small fridge that can go under the counter will be ideal. If you want a large option, you can have it built into the wall or installed beneath the staircase.