Is it cheap to live in Scarborough?

A person researching whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough

Whether you are a local or thinking of moving to Scarborough, Ontario, looking into the cost of living is a must. Examining expenses, such as housing, utilities, transportation, moving services Toronto locals recommend, and everyday necessities will help you make sound choices suitable to your financial goals. Moreover, this enables you to plan your finances wisely, ensure a comfortable lifestyle, and achieve your desired quality of life. Let’s discover whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough and the benefits of moving and residing here.

Factors that determine whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough

To make informed decisions about where to live, how to manage finances, and plan for the future, it’s important for residents, newcomers, and prospective residents of Scarborough to understand the cost of living in the area. Knowing this information will help individuals and families achieve the quality of life they want. Before you look for the most suitable movers Scarborough offers, take a look at the following aspects in order to examine whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough:

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Everyday life expenses
A room of an apartment
Scarborough offers you many housing options.


Apartments and condominiums are popular choices, particularly in the more urbanized areas of Scarborough. These often range from high-rise buildings to low-rise complexes. Renting an apartment or owning a condominium can provide a convenient and low-maintenance housing solution. If you ever need extra space in your home, keep in mind that renting storage units Toronto locals rely on when they want to organize their living space can be a good solution.

Housing in Scarborough can be more affordable than in Toronto. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto costs an average of C$2,583.32 per month, while in Scarborough, the same accommodation costs approximately C$1,833.33 per month. The price difference is significant.


It is crucial to factor in the utility costs when budgeting for your accommodations in Scarborough as they directly influence the overall cost of living. For an 85 square meter (approximately 915 square feet) apartment, the cost of basic utilities, including electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage, averages around 300.00 C$. These essential services are a core component of daily life, and they directly influence the overall cost of living.


Scarborough, like many parts of the Greater Toronto Area, is well-served by public transportation. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates the transit system, which includes bus and subway services. For those who rely on public transit, a one-way ticket for a ride on the TTC in Scarborough is generally priced at 3.25 C$. This ticket allows passengers access to buses, subways, and streetcars within the city, providing an affordable and convenient means of getting around.

Everyday life expenses

The cost of living is not all about rent and utilities. While housing costs are a significant part of the equation, various other facets determine the affordability of a particular place. Scarborough, Ontario, for instance, offers residents a cost advantage that extends beyond housing. Dining out, a common indulgence for many exemplifies this point. In Toronto, a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, including a three-course meal, can set you back around 109.72 C$. However, in Scarborough, the same dining experience is more budget-friendly, with an average cost of just 75.00 C$.

Moreover, if you prefer to prepare your meals at home, Scarborough’s grocery prices are usually around 30 percent less expensive than in Toronto. This translates to practical savings that can significantly impact your overall cost of living in this lively community.

A couple calculating whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough
Do a thorough cost of living analysis to decide whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough

Scarborough life

Living in Scarborough promises a rich cultural life. In addition, it is a cost-effective place to live, which provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Cultural activities

Living in Scarborough is an enriching experience. You can enjoy diverse cultural activities that reflect its multicultural composition. Here is a list of cultural institutions and events:

  • Scarborough Bluffs: These natural formations along Lake Ontario provide an excellent setting for outdoor activities like hiking, picnicking, and enjoying the scenic beauty.
  • Scarborough Arts: A local arts organization that promotes and supports artists in the area, offering a wide range of cultural events, workshops, and exhibitions.
  • Scarborough Museum: A heritage museum that offers a glimpse into the history of Scarborough through its exhibits and events.
  • Scarborough Film Festival: An annual film festival that showcases independent films and local talent.

Education opportunities

Quality education enhances individual development and societal progress. Scarborough grants you a chance to pursue high-quality education with the following institutions:

  • University of Toronto Scarborough: Located on the eastern edge of Scarborough, this renowned institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields.
  • Centennial College: A well-established community college, Centennial College provides a variety of diploma and certificate programs.
  • Scarborough Board of Education (TDSB): The Toronto District School Board operates numerous public schools in Scarborough, offering education from elementary to high school levels.

Job market

Before you start looking for the best long-distance or local movers Toronto has, you should evaluate the job market in Scarborough. Scarborough’s job market is characterized by its diverse range of employment opportunities. Scarborough offers a variety of jobs, particularly in healthcare, through the Scarborough Health Network (SHN) in its hospitals and medical facilities. Retail, customer service, and management jobs are also available at the Scarborough Town Centre. Administrative and public service job opportunities can be found at organizations such as the Scarborough Civic Centre.

To decide whether it is cheap to live in Scarborough, we should consider the average income, too. Scarborough’s average monthly net salary (after tax) is higher than Toronto’s, standing at C$5,175.00. This means that Scarborough is a great place to build a career and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

A person at a job interview
You will benefit from job opportunities in Scarborough.

Achieve your desired quality of life in Scarborough

Scarborough is an important part of the Greater Toronto Area that offers many benefits. It is cheap to live in Scarborough when we compare it to Toronto. It is considered a cost-effective alternative to living in downtown Toronto due to its lower housing costs. The region also has a higher average monthly net salary than Toronto, which provides residents with the opportunity to enjoy the cultural diversity, recreational activities, and natural beauty available. Living in Scarborough can offer a high quality of life and many opportunities for personal and professional growth.