How to relocate your business?

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Every year, entrepreneurs are pulled by the promising path to growth on the ‘other side,’ whether it’s a new city or even across the country. They go ahead and move to a new location, where they hope their business will grow exponentially. It’s almost unavoidable that nearly every entrepreneur, at some point, will consider hiring a moving and storage company to relocate and expand their business. But before you start calling companies and enquiring about moving dates, it’s important to first understand how to relocate your business the right way. As one of the most trusted moving companies Toronto has to offer, we will help you with this task, and share with you our most useful and crucial tips.

Things to consider before you relocate your business

There are several reasons businesses will move. For instance, they want to reach new people, upgrade their facilities, or have a better quality of life somewhere else. Different businesses and entrepreneurs may not have the same reason to leave, but they can be very similar. One crucial cause of relocation may be to recruit talent and get more qualified workers. There are businesses that need specialized employees for their niche, so it may be certainly worth the relocation. Moreover, when a business is lacking updates in its facilities, equipment, or even working methods – this can be another valid reason for relocation. Many companies may start out in a small place – like a garage, and then they’re able to expand to a bigger faculty. Business owners should move out of their original location if they’re experiencing this.

Before you hire reliable commercial movers Toronto offers to facilitate your relocation, you should think about a few things first. You should decide whether to lease or buy your new office space, pick your new location, and calculate the costs.

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Think long and hard before you decide to relocate your business, to fully understand if it’s the right thing to do.

Buying vs. leasing office space

Before you relocate your business, you have to choose between buying real estate and leasing space. Buying needs capital investment but offers more security, while leasing space is cheaper and more convenient to back out of. You may consider purchasing property and then leasing it to your business. The business can then reduce lease payments while you get the added income. If you decide not to do the long-term mortgage, then consider a lease. You’ll be able to buy a property for a set sum at the end of the lease. Set the price now then save expenses later when you’re ready to pay.

Pick the option that seems the most realistic based on your budget. The most expensive option isn’t always the best one, just like when choosing between cross province movers. Find an option that fits both your plan and your budget, to ensure you’re making the best possible decision. 

Choose your location wisely

The first step when picking a new location for your business is assessing your target market. Choose a location accessible to your customers, suppliers, and employees. Proximity to transportation hubs is crucial for logistics. Research local regulations, taxes, and incentives. Furthermore, understand the labor market- choose areas with skilled workers relevant to your industry. Analyze competition and locate where your services are in demand. Reliable utilities and a secure environment are essential, so evaluate safety and infrastructure. Calculate costs meticulously by comparing rent, utilities, and overheads.

Think about future growth – opt for a scalable location, and consider the area’s reputation and potential for networking. Lastly, consult professionals such as real estate agents and local business organizations for insights and recommendations. They can also recommend trustworthy long distance movers Toronto has to offer, to ensure your business move is done by capable hands.

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Choose your new business location so your employees can thrive in their new environment.

Calculate the cost

Cost is a big concern for business decisions, and a move may be the reason to resolve cost issues. For instance, the cost of living is different across the country. Thunder Bay, Ontario is 13% below the national average, while other cities like Calgary, AB, or Vancouver, BC are much more expensive. Therefore, it would be a much better decision to move to Thunder Bay and save considerably. However, moving to Thunder Bay could be a bad decision for your business if the market isn’t suitable for your products or services. When considering a business move to cut costs, it’s crucial to look at the bigger picture and not just the immediate savings. Similarly, when acquiring packing supplies Toronto residents often use, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Low-cost materials could compromise quality, leading to damages that cost you more in the long run. It’s about balancing cost with quality for a smart business decision.

Costs involve more than just expenses for living. Oftentimes, companies will stay close to good marketplaces but be in a low-cost faculty. There’s a good reason suburban areas are gaining residents exponentially. On top of that, business owners also need to look at recreation, educational institutes, crime rates, and other crucial factors for quality of life. In the suburban areas, there has been an increase in residents, but inner cities are weakening in numbers as well as businesses.

Person calculating the cost of relocating your business
Be meticulous when calculating the costs of your business relocation.

Don’t rush the process!

Relocating your business can be one of the best choices you make as an entrepreneur, but it is also risky. There’s no guarantee that relocation will ensure business success. You’re used to your current location, including old-time habits and solutions to reoccurring problems. In addition, there are other things you need to consider and examine before you decide to move. For instance, here are common mistakes that could make your relocation go tumbling down:

  • Rushing the decision – this process takes time.
  • Focusing merely on the costs – there are plenty of other factors to consider.
  • Ignoring environmental concerns and economic services.
  • Having no plan for expanding your business – once you get to your new location, it doesn’t end from there.

All business decisions have to be made using strict logic and calculations. It’s the optimal way of making sure your next step is taking your business to a new level. To further optimize your business relocation, use the helping hands of the best local movers Toronto has at its disposal.

Expanding without moving your business

Perhaps you’ve figured out that you’re not ready to move. But, there’s still a way you can expand your business without relocating. You may be able to increase development in your business by simply using more space, getting more employees, or improving the efficiency of the workers and facilities. You can even split your current facility into two or more separate locations if you feel it’s going that way.

  • Taking advantage of open space is most likely the cheapest option. Some businesses simply need more space for their employees and equipment – and adding or using extra space can be a solution. If space next to your business location is not being occupied – let the owner know that you’ll be needing that space soon.
  • The second option is focusing on the employees. To save you money, you can train your current employees further and expand their knowledge and skills. If you see that you need additional experienced workers, by all means – get them. But, if you want to focus on the inexpensive option – give your current employees additional training to increase productivity.
  • The third option is increasing productivity by investing in your equipment or current facility. If you’re using old equipment or methods, it’s time you switch out for a more modern version of working efficiently.

Another potential choice for business expansion involves operating from two separate locations. One location could house equipment and administrative functions, while the other serves as a sales outlet. Alternatively, if your business encompasses diverse specialties rather than manufacturing, you could establish distinct locations for specific services, like ‘Wedding Photography’ in one place and ‘Casual Events’ in another. This example illustrates the concept, but as a business owner, it’s essential to find out what works best with two or more locations.

Woman in a retail store
You can expand your business without relocating it, but do a deep analysis to figure out if that’s what’s best for you.

Making the move with reputable movers

Although making the decision to find movers in Mississauga is already stressful, there’s no doubt that actually moving business is a pain in the neck. First, you’ll have to jot down all the reasons your new location offers better opportunities. And that also includes persuading your current employees or workers who are comfortable with their current location. If the main reason for relocating is to take advantage of a better market, make sure you’re not just considering a good lease or great economic development agencies.

Make sure you gather enough detailed information from companies and small business owners who know all about your new location. Ask plenty of questions that will help you decide if you’re making a good decision to move. In addition, it would be a good idea to visit all the sites you are interested in at your new location. Checking out a new city or town by driving by won’t cut it. The Internet can give you aerial views that will give you detailed photos of the retail zone. Once these details have been sorted out, it’s time to focus on how to relocate your business in the most efficient way possible.

Hire a trustworthy moving company to relocate your business

As mentioned before, making the move itself will be a hassle. It’s important that you decide how equipment and heavy items will be moved safely and conveniently. Start by asking for recommendations from fellow business owners or check online reviews to identify reputable moving companies. Look for movers with experience in handling office relocations, as their expertise ensures efficient handling of office equipment. Obtain multiple quotes to compare prices and services. Prioritize movers who offer comprehensive services, including packing, unpacking, and storage options. Verify their insurance coverage to safeguard your belongings during the move, and check their licenses and credentials to ensure legitimacy.

Additionally, inquire about their staff training and background checks, ensuring your items are in trustworthy hands. Clearly communicate your specific requirements and timelines. A reliable moving company will provide a detailed written estimate and a clear contract outlining all terms and conditions.

Mover helping you to relocate your business
Nothing can replace the ability of trustworthy movers to make your relocation hassle-free.

Pack and manage electronics and office equipment

Begin by backing up essential data from computers and servers to prevent data loss. Safely disconnect and label all cables to aid in reassembly. Pack electronics in their original packaging if available, or use cushioned boxes with anti-static packing materials. Clearly mark fragile items to ensure careful handling. Document the configuration of your IT systems to simplify reinstallation at the new location. Consider professional IT support to assist with the setup, ensuring your business operations resume swiftly and seamlessly. To further ensure your equipment arrives unscathed at your new location, your chosen movers can pack your equipment the right way.

Setting up your new space

After the move, concentrate on getting your new workspace up and running. If you used packing services Toronto companies recommend, consider using their unpacking services to make the transition smoother. First, unpack and organize essential items to quickly resume business operations. Assemble office furniture and arrange the layout according to your workflow. Reconnect electronics, ensuring all systems function correctly. Update your business address on all official documents, websites, and social media platforms. Additionally, foster a positive work environment for your employees. Consider a welcome gathering to boost morale. Establish new local contacts and network with neighboring businesses, building a supportive community. Regularly evaluate your new space’s efficiency, making adjustments as needed to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

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To avoid having downtime after you relocate your business, use the help of IT professionals to set up your new location before you move in.

Swiftly relocate your business and start expanding!

Being successful in your business, as well as your personal life, may not always work out. But it’s important to pay attention to the main reasons you’re relocating. Your new spot should really help you grow in all aspects of life. Once you have made your plan to relocate your business, you have to strictly follow it to avoid downtime. You should also consider leasing climate controlled storage Toronto residents recommend the most if you have excess stuff you don’t know where to put. Creating a moving plan may seem tough, but if you are equipped with relevant information and knowledge, your move can be a breeze. Contact us once you’ve chosen your moving date, and we will help you relocate with ease and confidence!