The process of relocating is stressful, and the last thing you want to deal with is having additional worries from your chosen relocating firm. The selection process for an ideal agency can be tough, especially with the current saturated market that offers hundreds of options. In the past couple of years, thousands of complaints have been brought forth over the less-than-impressive performance by moving firms. These complaints mainly revolve around overcharging for hours that went unworked, the loss and damage of chattels, late arrivals, and presentation of bills much higher than the initial estimates.

Such sights are scary enough to get one of the relocating agencies bandwagons, but you can avoid it altogether by carefully analyzing the firms you choose. We point out some of the assessment tips you can apply to end up with the top movers in Markham.

  • Legitimacy

All reputable relocating companies operate with proper licensing from the necessary bodies. If the firm has an online presence, information on these permits is posted on their official website. If not, ask them to provide the information required to check their legitimacy and confirm the existence of the licenses through the necessary portals online. If your relocation is taking you to another province, a separate license is required to show that the entity is permitted to handle long-distance relocations.

Additionally, check to see if the relocating firm offers insurance for clients’ goods, which is demanded by the law. Most firms offer a basic cover that grants back a portion of the amount covering any damage incurred and a premium package that caters to the entire cost of damage and loss.

  • Referrals

Sifting through the internet can be daunting considering you are presented with a sea of endless options. Therefore, turn to your loved ones, coworkers, and other parties to see if they have any recommendations for firms they have worked with or those they know about. If you have a real estate agent helping you with your relocation, you can reach out to them as well. Once you have a couple of names, search for them online and read real Canada wide moving reviews on their services to see the experiences of other clients who have used their services.

  • Assess them three by three

Once you have a list of companies in Markham that stand as potential candidates for your business, call up three at a time and ask them to give you quotes. Ensure that these estimates are in person so that they can be as accurate as possible to avoid being hit with a surprise bill on the big day.

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