3 Money-Saving Tips for Your Move

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Relocation is usually both an exciting and exhausting event. Finally packing up to relocate is so close to finally sitting down and enjoying your new home, but you shouldn’t underestimate this part of the process. If you’re not careful, the move itself can lead to your items getting lost or damaged, or create unexpected expenses.

Many people choose to rely on moving companies in Etobicoke to ensure their belongings get safely transferred to their new homes. However, it’s possible to move all by yourself, and here’s how to ensure you’re not losing money in the process.

How can I save money during my relocation?

Even though they are one of the most important terms in the glossary of relocation, moving expenses are often overlooked when choosing when to move to your new place. That’s why, when the time comes around to pack, load, and move, it can all seem quite intimidating.

Luckily, there are many tips on how to pack both efficiently and safely while saving up on moving expenses, and we’ve gone over a few of them ahead.

1. Pack tightly and conveniently

If you just start packing all items in your home without any plan or order, you might end up pretty frustrated with the task. It’ll also make unpacking ten times harder. Most importantly, you may end up using more supplies to pack, which in turn will require more trips to carry it all, wasting your money unnecessarily.

To prevent this, you’ll want to pack conveniently. Sort all your things into categories and pack them that way. Use safety filler or cushions only for delicate items that could break in transport. Pack everything else as tightly as possible.

When loading a van or a car, place bulky items on the bottom, and work your way up to the small and soft ones. The goal is to utilize the space in the best way possible.

2. Get rid of everything you won’t need

When moving, you’ll need to decide which of your belongings you’ll be bringing with you, and which ones you won’t. There are likely things you simply have no more use for, and transporting them will just be a waste of time and money. Some bulky items and furniture pieces are not worth transporting either, especially if you know they won’t fit into your new living space.

Set up a pile for things that you’ll recycle, those that you’ll donate, and those that you can sell. The move is a great opportunity to get rid of items you were keeping but you know you won’t need. Depending on their value and condition, sort them into these three piles.

Hosting a garage sale is a great, old-fashioned way for your discarded things to find a new life. Alternatively, there are plenty of online marketplaces you can utilize for this purpose too. Not only does this reduce the amount of money you’ll spend on the move, but you’ll earn some too. Everything you couldn’t manage to sell, you can donate as well.

3. Use the supplies you already have

When packing, you’ll need some supplies like boxes, tape, padding, etc. But before you spend a lot of money buying completely new supplies, think of what you already have. There are likely many things you already own that you can use now.

Here’s some key advice on how to pack in the most convenient way without spending much on supplies:

  • If you’ve kept the original packaging of things like appliances or electronics, use them to pack those items. Original packaging is already safe for transport!
  • Use any boxes you have laying around in your attic or garage. The cardboard boxes you saved up previously are great, as long as they’re in good condition.
  • Instead of using boxes, pack soft items like clothes, linen, pillows, and plush toys in bags. Stronger trash bags are a great option, and so are old pillowcases or sheets.
  • If there are items that need to be secured for transport, you can use old clothing pieces or linen too. For example, you can use socks to wrap glassware or t-shirts for bigger plates.
  • If what you already have in the house is not enough, you can find moving supplies on online marketplaces too.

What reputable moving companies in Etobicoke can I call for help?

How can I save money during my relocationIf you’ve decided to reach out for help moving to your new home nearby Etobicoke Creek, Miracle Movers are here to help. Our professional and experienced movers can handle relocations of all sizes and across all distances.

Per request, we can pack up all your things, ship them to the new location, and lay them out according to your wishes. We can guarantee that everything will be conveniently packed and secured, relieving you of the stress of having to devote days upon days to packing. Call us today!