How Do I Safely Transport Large Mirrors?

Transporting large mirrors can be quite a task. Imagine that you’ve just run into a large beautiful antique mirror that would look amazing in your hallway. How do you safely get the mirror from the antique shop to your home without incurring any damage to it?

Or suppose that you’re relocating. Most of your belongings can be bubble-wrapped and packed in boxes for safe transportation to your new place, but what about that huge and fragile bathroom mirror? An unexpected jolt could cause a large pile of mirror shards unless you take proper precautions to move your mirror safely.

Fortunately, it is not difficult. Just follow our guidelines on how to safely move mirrors, and you’ll be able to reflect upon a job well done.

How to safely transport large mirrors?

Transporting a mirror, especially a large one, is a delicate task that you don’t want to get wrong. Take a look at the following guide on relocating large mirrors and ensure you follow the process to make your endeavor easier and safer.

Step 1: Mask your mirror

Get a roll of decorator’s masking tape and use it to create a large ‘X’ from corner to corner of your mirror on both sides (if it’s round or oval-shaped, use your judgment to create equal ‘X’s on each side).

Now, within each quarter created by the large ‘X’, make four smaller masking tape crosses. Even though they are made from glass, mirrors are very slightly flexible. It can be compared to the flexibility of a windowpane that doesn’t break when a bird flies into it.

Masking your mirror performs two purposes: firstly, it provides the mirror with extra stability while still allowing it to bend slightly in the case of bumps and knocks and secondly, in a worst-case scenario, the masking tape should hold most of the broken mirror fragments together.

Step 2: Bring on the bubble-wrap

When it comes to transportation, bubble-wrap is truly the savior of fragile items, and mirrors are no exception. Carefully wrap the mirror with bubble-wrap ensuring that no part of the mirror remains exposed, especially any corners.

If available, place the bubble-wrapped mirror between two sheets of stiff corrugated cardboard of slightly larger size than the mirror and secure it with more masking tape to add further protection.

Step 3: Blanket and box your mirror

If you have a thick blanket, eiderdown, or quilt, you should now wrap it around your mirror before finally putting the whole thing in a suitably-sized box or container. The bubble-wrapped and blanketed mirror should be immobile within this box, so put extra padding if necessary (for example, balled newspaper). Seal the box with packing tape and ensure you clearly indicate that the box contains a mirror and is delicate.

Step 4: Transport your mirror appropriately

If your mirror is being moved with other items as part of a house relocation, it should ideally rest on one of its longer sides in an upright position. Also, it should be placed in the removal van in a way that it cannot move during transit and will not be crushed or impacted as a result of other objects moving.

In case you decide to move your mirror by car, you can lay it flat, but only if the mirror will be the only item that you are moving. And of course, any other precautions should be taken, like making sure that the mirror is not shifting during the move.

Which professional movers in Toronto can move my mirror safely?

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