You just told a friend you’re relocating, and her response was, “I’m sorry. Can I help you in any way?” She might have said the same thing if you had told her you had just lost your job, or your pet or wrecked your car.

Universally, packing and moving are pretty much acknowledged as a nuisance at best and a worry-fest at worst. Movers in Etobicoke is aware that relocating can raise fears and stress.

Doubt and change take center stage. Comforting habits exit to the right. In addition to the emotional distress, there’s a ton of work to do.

We have written about the stress that comes with relocating in the past. Honestly, it’s a topic worth revisiting because professional moving agencies witness a lot of anxiety.

As movers, we do our best to make the experience of clients moving both locally and long-distance easy. Our movers are friendly and polite. Our clear policies, costs, and up-to-date licensing and insurance mean you don’t have to fret about getting scammed.

A lot of stress originates from feeling flooded and out of control. Here are a few tips on how to remove the stress of moving in three sure-fire steps:

Get Help

Hire help early on. Schedule appointments well in advance for the services you plan to rent. Many qualified experts can help whether you’re moving within the city, or outside Canada. Don’t limit your calls to professional local moving companies only. Here are a few other services to consider contacting:

  • Painters
  • Repair or handyman services
  • Professional house cleaners
  • Realtors

Start Early

Putting off the organizing and packing will only increase your stress. Give yourself two to three months to handle the details. You can remove trash, have a garage sale and complete paperwork weeks or even months before relocating. If you have to move last minute, skilled Toronto movers can help. We will pack your possessions even if you have short notice before you move house. Our movers will pack your things securely, clearly labeling all boxes.

Get Organized

Often, a feeling of powerlessness is the root of stress. Maybe moving wasn’t your choice, but events out of your control are commanding the change. If that’s the case, take control of the process. Create a list of everything that needs to be done and work your way through it. Use this chance to purge excess items from your life by selling or donating or things you don’t need anymore.

A Happy Ending

Moving is a nuisance. But you are the one to write your story. Write a happy ending for yourself. Say a proper farewell to your old house, neighborhood, friends, and coworkers. Throw a party. Visit your favorite rendezvous points before relocating. If you go about endings the right way, they don’t have to be sad.

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