A 3-Step Guide to Stress-Free Relocation

How do I move without anxiety

Relocating to a brand new house or apartment should be a fresh start. However, it can bear risks and cause a lot of anxiety and frustration. If you’re moving a whole family, you have a lot on your plate and should stick to a very strict plan and comprehensive schedule. 

An easy way out is to call someone for help. However, when you reside in Toronto it’s not always easy to find an available and reliable moving company. To keep your worries at bay in any scenario, read on!

How do I move without anxiety?  Where in Toronto can I find a trustworthy moving company

When relocating to a new house or apartment, many people feel like walking into uncharted territory. While it can be exciting, many aspects of your move can cause a headache. This is especially true if you decide to organize and arrange everything by yourself.

The task at hand requires strong time-management skills. You’d also have to strictly follow a comprehensive list of smaller assignments, which include: 

  • Purchasing packing supplies
  • Sorting and packing all belongings
  • Protecting fragile items
  • Labeling boxes
  • Renting a van or truck for the move
  • Loading and unloading the truck
  • Unpacking belongings
  • Assembling and disassembling furniture 
  • Cleaning and tidying up the premises before you leave, and more.

Given the scope of work, you can easily get distracted. Completing all of this without anxiety means that you remain in control and focused at all times, which isn’t easy.  If something doesn’t go exactly how you planned, just remember to: 

  • Focus on what can be improved and adjusted on the go
  • Delegate responsibilities to other household members
  • Take care of yourself and your family members
  • Don’t forget to follow your daily routine: don’t skip meals, your morning coffee or tea, have a good night sleep, take a shower etc.

How do you de-stress during a move?

As mentioned above, many factors can contribute to you feeling uneasy and under pressure during a move. To keep them in check, you should remember the following three points: 

  1. Have a clear plan 

Write everything down several days ahead. A clear plan also means that you’d be prepared if anything goes wrong. It also means steering away from last minute changes. Your plan should include a timetable, your budget, list of boxes, furniture and appliances, order in which you’ll pack things etc. 

2. Be realistic

Give yourself enough time, especially if you’ve fully assumed the responsibility for the move. Start with small steps and save your energy for heavy loading later. While it might not be enough to simply stay patient, bear the wider picture in mind: you’re starting a new, thrilling phase in life, and the day shouldn’t be ruined by small inconveniences. 

Leave room for unexpected events: your estimated time should include small breaks, potential discrepancies, delays in transit due to traffic jams, chances of bad weather etc. Otherwise, if you’re worried that this will all be too overwhelming, you can make your relocation feel easy and effortless by outsourcing it to experts. 

3. Make it enjoyable

Stress is a normal part of every big change in life, so you can embrace it, or overcome it creatively. Your relocation doesn’t have to be all serious, so consider the following ideas to make it fun: 

  • Make a playlist of your favorite tracks and play it while you pack or unload 
  • Prepare some fun activities and delightful snacks for your kids 
  • Invite close friends and family to join in and help out with (un) packing
  • Once you’re finished, treat yourself and your crew to a move-in party 

Of course, if you want to be on the safe side, you should definitely consider hiring a team of professionals to help you with your relocation. 

Where in Toronto can I find a trustworthy moving company?

How do you de-stress during a move

When you’re moving house between two neighborhoods, cities, provinces, or across the border, there’s a lot to manage and tackle. You deserve to cut yourself some slack, especially if you’re shuffling between work, family and other responsibilities. 

If the everyday schedule becomes too arduous, spare yourself the effort and reach out to Miracle Movers. Our team will carry out your relocation with great care and attention to detail, whether you’re moving to Distillery District or anywhere else in Toronto. To leave your worries at rest, we have a crew of professionals who combine extensive experience with top-notch equipment and supplies. Call us today for peace of mind!