Cases of people relocating long distance without a destination address are pretty common, especially if the move is sudden due to work or family reasons. Many times, people might be aware of the city or region of the state they’re relocating to but aren’t certain about the exact location. Since it’s not always possible to visit your new town or city and secure housing beforehand, you might have some concerns about how to forward your mailing address, and more importantly, where to have the moving van deliver your items. These two tasks can easily be done as long as you are familiar with the general area you’re moving to.

How will the post office forward my mail?

To get a Canada Post mail forward, you will need to at least know the city to which you’re relocating. If you do, the mail can be forwarded to the post office in the area as General Delivery. This service makes it possible to ship mail or packages to someone with no mailing address or a post office box in a particular town. Mail or packages sent using this channel can be held for 30 days and will need to be picked up personally (ensure to bring proper identification).

Once you settle into a permanent home, fill a Change of Address form so that mail can now be forwarded to your new address.

How do I move my items without an address?

You can move your belongings without a permanent address. If you are using a rental truck, you would need to pack and load all your possessions, drive to your destination town, and then put everything into storage as you search for a new place. If you’re using the services of a full-service agency, they will complete the entire move for you. That includes packing, loading, driving and then storing your belongings until you are ready to receive them. Even though truck rental and full-service alternatives offer solutions for individuals moving without a final address, one needs to load and unload a couple of times, and the latter is typically the most costly way to move. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative that doesn’t need you to load and unload multiple times, consider using a hybrid “you pack, we drive” service.

Note: Keep in mind that your initial rate may vary depending on the final destination and storage needs.

Over the years, Best Movers Red Deer has helped many clients who didn’t have a destination address relocate. We work with each unique situation to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here’s what some clients had to say:

By offering options flexible to fit your needs, relocating without a permanent address is straightforward and easy — making Movers Calgary the ideal solution for your cross country move. Contact us today to see how much your move will cost by getting a free online quote. If you have any questions on how to relocate without an address or how to get mail forwarded, feel free leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!