How Do I Relocate Without Access to an Elevator?

When you’re moving the bulky household property, such as big and heavy kitchen appliances into an upper floor flat, access to an elevator is not always possible. Sometimes an elevator might be broken, have weight limitations against moving a bed or a sofa in it, or maybe the house doesn’t have an elevator in general.

That is why you should be aware of several aspects of moving without an elevator. Knowing how to ease your moving troubles when you cannot use the elevator is paramount for ensuring your move transpires as smoothly as possible under the giving circumstances. If that’s the case, professional movers in Toronto have a few tips to give you a little bit of know-how in this area.

How do I move without an elevator?

Moving without an elevator can be an immensely difficult task, depending on the items you’re relocating. In order to make safer and easier work of it, you should take a look at the following pieces of advice:

Safety supplies

Caring heavy and bulky items using the stairway only is pretty dangerous, so ensure you protect yourself properly. To avoid slipping, make sure to put on shoes with a good grip, to securely fix your ankles while climbing the stairs. In addition, it’s advisable to use a brace to take care of your lower back due to the heavy lifting you’re planning to be doing.

Extra tip: remember to protect your hands using gloves. There is a good explanation why the professional local moving companies would wear a good, strong pair of gloves. The chairs you have are surely cozy to sit on, but you won’t want to be caught off guard by multiple staples or splinters poking out of the bottom side while you walk stairs.

Ask for a hand

Moving most of the bulky items upstairs yourself is definitely more convenient and easy when there’s an elevator available; but what if there isn’t one? Additional hands will come in handy. If you have at least one friend willing to help you out, it will already be simpler.

So imagine what a piece of cake would be to perform the move with two or even more friends offering their help! Together with a friend, you will carry the bulkiest and heavy items and your third helper will support you in finding the balance or ease the load when tackling corners, watching for those who come up or down the stairs.

When your belongings are extremely heavy, it’s advised to have two helpers caring, for example, a sofa, from the bottom side, since that’s the spot where most of the weight will be.

Dealing with corners

Carrying furniture or appliances up the stairs isn’t the hard part. But when you meet a narrow corner on the next flight, that’s when the things get tricky. You might get the feeling that you’re blocked. Keep in mind that other tenants have successfully relocated into this building before you, without using an elevator as well.

When it is time to maneuver a mattress or couch around a tight corner, put on your thinking cap. Usually, to get around a corner, you can carry it up enough to avoid the railing. You might have to tilt a couch end over end to move it, so again, having two people on the lower side is best.

Use a hand truck

When moving furniture upstairs, a hand truck, also referred to as a dolly or a hand cart, can be your best friend. You can tie furniture to it using bungee straps or cords, and just work your way up the stairs.

The person handling the hand truck pulls it toward them (up to the stairs), while the one below balances the item and lifts it from step to step. Even though it’s slower than carrying it by hand, it makes the job of carrying any heavy cabinets that you’re moving much easier.

There is no easy way to get furniture to an upstairs apartment without an elevator. Just take it one step at a time, and keep your safety in mind.

Which movers in Toronto should I contact if there is no elevator access in the building?

If you’re moving to the upper floors of a building, and you have no access to an elevator, your move can get really tiring really quickly. Know when to cash in your chips and save yourself from the hassle by contacting Miracle Movers, the leading movers in Toronto and the nearby areas.

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