How Do I Relocate a Hot Tub on My Own?

Hot tubs provide an amazing way to have fun and relax. On the downside, they provide one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to moving them. They are categorized together with other bulky items like grand pianos and furniture. 

This is because they pack a lot of weight and tend to have weirdly-shaped, bulky structures. Before you can underestimate the task ahead of you, let the leading moving company in Winnipeg assure you that the task ahead is bound to be tough. You’ll soon see why you should always choose to hire experienced movers for such demanding moving tasks.

What is the simplest way to move your tub?

The simplest method would be to leave it behind. When you consider the amount of time required to organize it, relocate it, and reinstall it as well as the costs incurred and the damage risks, you will most probably find not moving it is the best option.

Therefore, you will need to table various factors such as the mode of transit, the organization period, disassembly, transit itself, and putting it back together. Also, remember that a lot of risks will be involved during the task. In the end, most people find it more convenient to buy a new one for their new place.

What is the best way to move a hot tub?

However, if you weigh the necessary factors and decide that taking the piece with you is in your best interest, you need to consider the ideal way to relocate it. You need to be prepared, which is why you should spend some time organizing the moving process

The task ahead is not a simple one since a tub usually weighs about eight hundred pounds. The ideal option would be to rent the services of a relocating crew to handle the job for you: they should not be ordinary movers but those with extensive experience.

The cost is a major deciding factor when it comes to such a move. It can be difficult to gauge the amount it will require since the situation is usually unique to various circumstances. The ideal way to know is to ask for quotes from several moving agencies to get a closer range.

How do I shift the tub on my own?

After looking at all the risks and options involved, some may consider shifting the hot tub themselves. Here is the procedure on how to go about it:

Procedure 1 

Collect all the necessary tools required. They include ropes, four by four wood elements, hand trucks, and three pairs of capable helping hands.

Procedure 2

Clear all obstructions from the passage that the piece will be moved through. Ensure that the article will fit in the chosen path.

Procedure 3

Disconnect the power to the item and open the spa panel. Cut the water and fuel supply as well as all the plugs. Store all wires coiled up to ensure none of them become a tripping hazard.

Procedure 4

Using the instructional manual the device came with, drain it of all water while adhering to draining regulations.

Procedure 5

When all the water is out, shut the drain channel securely, and use towels to soak any remaining moisture.

Procedure 6

Have each person lift at the corners of the piece and place it on the wood elements. Ensure it is about two or three inches off the ground.

Procedure 7

If the ground is even the entire path to the relocating truck, proceed to place the piece upright on two hand trucks: one at the back and the other at the front. Take extra precautions when doing this to avoid the device from slipping. Use ropes to keep the appliance secure and push it slowly towards the loading vehicle.

Procedure 8

If the path is not even, you will have to relocate the tub on its side. This process is quite complicated so you’ll have to be extra cautious. Once it has been turned, place it on the dolly and secure it using ropes. Everybody should hold on to the appliance until it is loaded in the truck.

Procedure 9

Using a loading ramp, push the hand truck into the relocating truck. Ensure the tub is the first piece that is loaded. Use thick blankets to encase the piece and use straps to secure it to the vehicle to make it immobile.

Procedure 10

When you arrive at your destination, use the procedures above in vice versa order to get it into position.

Which moving company in Winnipeg can move my hot tub with ease?

If this process appears too hard to try on your own, so consider turning to experts for help. Miracle Movers is the leading moving company in Winnipeg and the nearby area. If you’ve got a hot tub to move, it’s always best to hire the pros for the job and save yourself the stress and the physical exertion of doing it on your own. Take a stroll through Assiniboine Park and let us relocate your hot tub to your new location. Contact us today and we’ll help you out!