Pianos are popular for adding a sophisticated touch to any room they are placed. Over the past few years, piano sales across Canada have gone down. Even so, thousands of pieces are sold every year, a good number of which are moved around from time to time. Even though pianos are beautiful possessions, their bulky size is hard to ignore, especially when it comes to moving them. Relocations require an immense deal of effort and endurance even when no fragile items are being handled. Adding a piano into the equation presents even more strain. With the pointers outlined below, you can eliminate a lot of hurdles along the way when placing your piano in storage.

  • Regard the type

Different pianos necessitate the use of varying techniques to haul them from one place to another. A grand piano, for instance, can have its legs dismantled from the main frame while an upright one has to be moved as a whole. Ensure you take out any removable pieces to make the task easier and safer. Despite the type of this possession, ensure you avoid tilting it to limit damaging its internal wiring.

  • Collect essentials

A variety of equipment will be required to lift and load your belonging to the vehicle. Even with the different techniques applied, some of the elements that remain constant in all of them include a hand truck, tape, wrap, rope, and blankets. Also, get some friends to help you out.

  • Relocating the device

Before any lifting can begin, ensure the keyboard lid is shut and all the casters are locked. Proceed to encase the device in plastic wrap and blankets. If any tape is used, make sure it does not come into contact with the piano’s surface to avoid any damage to the top coat.

When lifting the item, ensure it is held at the base and not the legs. Have enough people to help with the task to keep injuries at bay from dropping the piano or having someone handle more than they are meant to. Handling an upright piano demands extra caution to make sure it does not bend to the sides as it could ruin its inner workings. Once the belonging is in the vehicle, keep it in place using ropes to avoid any jostling on the road.

  • Storage

Once the piano has been hauled safely, ensure that it is kept secure in a storage unit. Make sure you choose a storage unit that is suitable for your piece to avoid it incurring damage over time due to external factors. Advisably, opt for a unit that comes with climate control and keep it at less than seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit and above sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. That way, metal elements do not corrode, and neither does the soundboard change in size.

Getting your piano from one location to another is possible with the use of the right tools. You can make things even easier by turning to skilled movers in Ajax to handle everything from taking it apart to putting it together in your new home.