Moving a Wood Stove: How Do I Manage Alone?

Relocating your wood stove is one of the most important and difficult tasks during a move. Just like heaters, wood stoves are used to keep the house warm during cold weather. They are also quite appealing to the eye and can serve the purpose of décor. Most people who own wooden stoves have confessed how useful these devices have been to them.

However, these items can prove quite challenging when it comes to moving since most people lack the knowledge on how to go about moving them. Professional movers from Hamilton have compiled the procedure on how you can move a wood stove on your own.

How do I prepare to move a wood stove?

Before you can begin moving your stove, you need to understand the reasons why moving them can be tricky to handle. The most crucial factor is its weight. Stoves weigh between three hundred and eight hundred pounds. Some are known to pack even more weight.

This is because they are built from heavy-duty iron and steel to withstand the high temperatures. This means that even with a few helping hands, carrying the tool will prove challenging. Another factor is its size. Some stoves measure as high as forty inches, as wide as thirty-three inches, and as long as twenty-five inches.

These measurements and the packed weight makes them hard to handle during a move. Making even one mistake in the process could result in damage to both property and individuals involved.

Equipment required

If you decide to move on with the relocation process yourself, you will require some special tools to achieve the move from your current location to your destination, as well as the assistance of another kind. Here’s what you require to successfully move a wood stove:

  • Capable helping hands: Get at least three pals to help. Even so, keep in mind that this equipment is quite heavy and you will probably need more help.
  • A hand truck: When it comes to moving bulky belongings, dollies are your best friend. Ensure whichever type you get comes with four wheels and operates properly.
  • Thick plywood sheets: These will keep your floors safe as well as the stove.
  • Rope: Purchase two long ropes that run at least six feet.
  • Screwdriver: Necessary to unfasten the device’s door.
  • Thick work gloves: Safety equipment for everyone involved in the move.
  • Hammer: In case some minor fixing is required.

How do I relocate a wood stove?

Once you have acquired all the necessary tools, you can proceed to the move. Keep in mind that the task ahead is bound to be challenging.

General considerations:

  • Procedure 1: Ensure that the root to be used during the move is clear of any objects, kids, and pets. Dress appropriately so that you can be as comfortable as possible during the process.
  • Procedure 2: Follow the instructions manual the device came with to eject the stove pipe cautiously
  • Procedure 3: Take apart all detachable elements, such as the door, using the screwdriver.

Shifting the device within the same home:

  • Procedure 1: Create a path using plywood from the device’s current location to its destination
  • Procedure 2: Llit the stove and place it on the path. All of you may have to do this depending on how heavy the device is.
  • Procedure 3: If the device proves too heavy, use a hand truck to move it to the plywood path. Place the dolly beneath the stove and have your pals place it on the path cautiously.
  • Procedure 4: Secure the two ropes to the two front legs. Have two of your friends pull at the ropes as the rest of the team pushes the device.
  • Procedure 5: The plywood will allow the device to glide easily until the desired destination is reached. Once there, position the item and attach the stove pipe.

If you are moving it to a different house:

This will prove more difficult because you will encounter more hurdles and the stove will have to be put into the relocating truck and unloaded once you arrive at your destination.

  • Procedure 1: Use blankets to encase the device and keep them in place using tape.
  • Procedure 2: Place the device on the hand truck cautiously with the help of all the individuals involved. Tie the stove to the dolly using ropes to ensure minimum shifting.
  • Procedure 3: Use the helping hands to keep the device in place as you push the hand truck. Do not be in a rush but have open communication instead, to avoid any accidents.
  • Procedure 4: Load the stove into the relocating truck using a loading ramp. Have two people pulling it from the top and the rest pushing it up.
  • Procedure 5: The encased stove should then be held in place at the side of the vehicle using ropes to make it as immobile as possible.

If you doubt your capability of pulling off this move by yourself, do not hesitate to contact experts to help you out.

Which expert movers in Hamilton, Ontario can move my wood stove?

Relocating your wood stove can be physically extremely demanding, as wood stoves tend to be large, bulky, and very heavy. Relocating such items requires not only physical strength and help of several people, but also experience in lifting, maneuvering, and loading onto or into a vehicle that is being used for the move. It is for these reasons that it is best to hire qualified movers in Hamilton, Ontario, and let them move your wood stove.

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