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Whether you’re changing streets, cities, or countries, relocating is a big deal. Once you’ve narrowed it down to where you’ll be living, there are some specific things to consider before settling down in one place. It all comes down to one question: what does one look for in a neighborhood? To help you answer this, we’ll be focusing on several areas around Toronto. Whether you’re considering East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, or York, each has unique offerings that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Stay tuned as we explore the important factors that should be on your radar when trying to find the right neighborhood in Toronto.

Ask a professional to help you find the right neighborhood in Toronto

There are two people you should consult with when looking for a new house: a mortgage expert and a real estate agent. Both experts will sit down with you and listen to your future goals and hopes because they want to find you your dream home. A mortgage expert will tell you what’s attainable based on how much you make, your expenses, and your lifestyle, while a real estate agent will show you various potential neighborhoods and advise you along the way.

Consider asking yourself:

  • What type of home are you searching for? Single detached, townhouse, duplex, or apartment?
  • What kind of neighbors do you want? Singles, families, professionals, couples, or retirees?
  • What is essential to you in a neighborhood? Shopping, good schools, or great restaurants?
People packing for their move with a professional, and talking about how to find the right neighborhood in Toronto
Professionals can give you the best advice when it comes to choosing your future Toronto destination.

Another good step is to hire local movers Toronto residents trust for a smooth transition to your new home. While they can’t advise you on which neighborhood to choose, their services can make the physical act of moving less stressful. This gives you more time and energy to focus on selecting the right area based on advice from your mortgage expert and real estate agent. Ensuring a hassle-free move can make the whole experience of relocating to Toronto more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Make sure you research about transportation

Transportation is a huge determinant when looking for the right neighborhood. Regardless of how much you rely on public transportation, consider living in an area that has various public transit methods. Some popular ones include trains, buses, bike lanes, and the metro. In a busy city like Toronto, efficient transportation is the lifeblood that connects its lively areas together. From the iconic red and white TTC buses and streetcars to the expansive subway system, Toronto has lots of ways to get around. Each area has its own special transport features, like Etobicoke being close to big roads, or easy subway access in North York. This makes sure the area you pick offers not just a home, but also an easy way to explore what the city has to offer.

a person on a bike
When trying to find the right neighborhood in Toronto, it’s crucial to consider how easy it will be to get around, as transportation is a key factor in your decision.

Each neighborhood provides specific education opportunities

If you have children, you’ll probably want a neighborhood with educational facilities nearby. For families, the proximity and quality of educational facilities are important. Toronto’s neighborhoods offer a wide array of options, from esteemed public schools to reputed private institutions. Considerations extend beyond academic excellence, encompassing aspects like extracurricular opportunities, school culture, and accessibility, ensuring that the educational journey is not just about learning, but about fostering growth in a nurturing environment. While some of the long distance movers Toronto locals trust the most handle the moving logistics, you may think about the following:

  • Do you require daycares and preschools?
  • Do you need a school that offers after school programs because you work late?
  • Do you need summer day camps because you’re too busy at work?
  • How old are your kids and what grade are they in? What level of education do they need?

The answers you give will help you filter through communities more effectively.

Look for amenities close to your home

These include restaurants, nightlife, shopping malls, grocery stores, and many more. A family with young kids would be suitable in a home near a school, park, or recreational hub, whereas a young, professional couple may prefer downtown living. Find a neighborhood that suits your requirements and lifestyle. Whether it’s the quaint, boutique-lined streets of York or the bustling, cosmopolitan vibes of downtown Toronto, amenities play a pivotal role in improving the quality of your daily life. From gourmet restaurants to local markets, each neighborhood offers a unique palette of amenities, catering to both the tranquility seekers and the urban explorers. Have you found one already? Then have a night out with family while some of the residential movers Toronto residents trust prepare everything for your moving day.

sunset in the city
Consider the availability of nearby amenities when choosing your home.

Explore recreational activities

Every city offers something different in terms of recreation. Toronto’s neighborhoods offer a plethora of recreational options, from the lush, expansive parks of Scarborough to the vibrant, cultural festivals of Toronto. Whether it’s a peaceful walk along the Bluffs or a lively night at a downtown festival, recreational activities are not just pastimes, but key elements that shape the community and culture of each neighborhood. Therefore, you may look into options such as:

  • Summer activities: golfing, hiking, sailing, canoeing, cycling, hiking
  • Winter activities: ice skating, skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding
  • If you love nature: parks, pools, gardens, beaches
  • If you prefer the indoors: theaters, community centers,  museums, and art galleries

Are there any exciting festivals, live performances, fairs, concerts, or sports events in your chosen neighborhood? After picking your area, reach out to nearby moving companies and make sure the top-quality storage units Toronto provides are prepared for your stuff.

Safety is another important point to consider

When you move to a new place, you want you and your family to be safe. Therefore, make sure you conduct research before you start packing your bags. Find some statistics about the place, such as the number of crimes and how serious they are. Inform about its watch programs, and if possible, visit the community before the move. This way, you will observe the place and its people, and learn about their safety programs, events, and attitudes toward establishing safety measures. Remember, safety is not just about the numbers. Low crime rates don’t mean that your neighborhood is safe. Safety is also found in the well-lit streets, the presence of local community policing, and a neighborhood where residents look out for one another.

5 people gathering hands know how to find the right neighborhood in Toronto
If you want to find the right neighborhood in Toronto, look for places with low crime rates.

Explore the cultural and community vibes to find the right neighborhood in Toronto

Cultural and community vibes really shape the personality of a neighborhood, setting the tone for daily life and the overall feeling of the area. From the sound of local languages and the smell of home-cooked foods to fun festivals and local events, these cultural elements give a neighborhood its own special identity. They provide not just a home, but a welcoming space where people can connect and appreciate different backgrounds. Toronto is a melting pot of cultures and offers a wide range of community experiences. From the close-knit, community-friendly feel of East York to the lively, diverse setting of Scarborough, the cultural and community vibes vary widely, offering a range of experiences that can fit all sorts of preferences and ways of life.

Some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto

There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from in Toronto. However, this is not always an easy decision. Each neighborhood is special and offers plenty of benefits for residents and visitors alike. If you are currently looking for a good place to live in Toronto, then look at our list of amazing spots and why you should choose them.

East York

Known for its quiet residential streets, green parks, and friendly neighbors, this area offers a calm but connected way of life. The neighborhood is proud of its local restaurants, small shops, and community events that bring people together. East York isn’t just a place to live- it’s a community that combines old-school values with modern comforts, making for a lifestyle that’s both peaceful and closely connected to the city’s happenings. Interested in experiencing this for yourself? Then let the movers East York offers handle all the work, and start exploring the place’s unique amenities.

Elderly people taking a walk in the forest
East York is a perfect destination for people of all ages!


Etobicoke has lots of parks, quiet spots by the water, and golf courses too. It’s quiet but still close to the action in the city. If you’re thinking of moving here, you might want to look up movers Etobicoke local recommend the most to make the transition smooth. The area has all sorts of homes, from big condos with views of the city skyline to smaller houses with gardens. And if you want to go downtown, it’s easy because the main roads are nearby. In addition to the housing and natural spots, Etobicoke also boasts great schools and shopping areas. The cost of living here is moderate, with an average rent for a one-bedroom apartment around 2,305.52 C$. The area is also known for its efficient public transport, making commuting hassle-free. It’s a place that offers a bit of everything: tranquility for those who seek it and convenient access to city life for those who love the hustle and bustle. Overall, it’s a balanced and inviting place to live.

North York

If you’re thinking of moving to North York, you’re not alone—many turn to movers North York provides to help with the transition. There’s a lot to like about this area! Once its own city, North York is now a key part of Toronto and offers a mix of busy city life and quieter suburban spaces. It’s got tall buildings, lots of places to shop, and plenty of options for dining and entertainment. The average monthly cost for a family of four, excluding rent, is approximately 4,041.1 C$. Public transport is readily available, with a monthly pass costing around 156 C$. North York is home to people from all kinds of backgrounds, and you’ll find many different cultural festivals and events here. Even with its busy atmosphere, you can still find quiet neighborhoods and green parks where you can relax.


If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ll love living in Scarborough. This area offers a quiet getaway with lots of natural beauty to enjoy. At the same time, Scarborough is a diverse and lively place, with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The cost of utilities like electricity, heating, and water averages around 209.96 C$ per month for a 915 sq ft apartment. The area is also well-connected by public transport. You’ll find all sorts of restaurants serving food from around the world, various shopping spots, and lots of cultural events throughout the year. Because of all these perks, many people look for highly-rated movers Scarborough has to offer to help them move into the area more quickly.

Some people taking a selfie know how to find the right neighborhood in Toronto
In Toronto, there’s a neighborhood for everyone, each with its own unique feel

Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto is the busy center of Canada’s biggest city and it’s full of life. Tall buildings shape the city’s skyline and show off its strong economy. The streets are always bustling with different activities. You’ll find everything from fancy stores and top-notch restaurants to comfy coffee shops and historical places. Living here is pricier, with a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costing around 2,578.80 C$. However, the area compensates with a lively lifestyle and numerous amenities. Downtown Toronto is more than just a place on the map, it’s the exciting heart of a city that’s always changing and full of different people and ideas.


York is a quiet but lively area in Toronto that has a lot to offer. Its streets are filled with small shops, historic buildings, and welcoming cafes. If you’re looking for a place that feels like a community, York is a great choice. The average cost for basic utilities is around 209.96 C$, and the area offers various local markets where fresh produce is readily available. Public transport is also efficient and affordable. The area has a lot of history, and you’ll see old buildings that add a special touch to the neighborhood. People who live here enjoy a range of local events, from markets to festivals that happen throughout the year. These events bring everyone together and make York a friendly and inclusive place to live.

Finding your perfect spot in Toronto

As you explore the diverse areas of Toronto, you’ll find that the city is more than just a big, busy place. It’s made up of smaller communities, each with its own unique mix of people and activities. You might be attracted to the quiet, community feel of East York or the lively atmosphere of downtown Toronto. Either way, the city has a lot to offer. So if you’re wondering whether you can find the right neighborhood in Toronto, don’t worry! A little research and exploration will help you find a place in this amazing city that you can call home. To make your move easier, consider hiring professional Toronto movers, who can not only help with the logistics but also provide useful insights into the various neighborhoods, helping you make a well-informed decision about where to set up your new home.