Whether you’re changing streets, cities, or countries, relocating is a big deal. Once you’ve narrowed it down to where you’ll be living, there are some specific things to consider before settling down in one place. It all comes down to one question: what does one look for in a neighborhood? The leading Toronto movers have compiled a list of some of the most crucial points to consider!

There are two people you should consult with when looking for a new house: a mortgage expert and a real estate agent. Both experts will sit down with you and listen to your future goals and hopes because they want to find you your dream home.
A mortgage expert will tell you what’s attainable based on how much you make, your expenses and lifestyle, while a real estate agent will show you various potential neighborhoods and advise you along the way.

Consider asking yourself:

  • What type of home are you searching for? Single detached, townhouse, duplex, or apartment?
  • What kind of neighbors do you want? Singles, families, professionals, couples, or retirees?
  • What is essential to you in a neighborhood? Shopping, good schools, or great restaurants?

Transportation is a huge determinant when looking for the right neighborhood. Regardless of how much you rely on public transportation, consider living in an area that has various public transit methods. Some popular ones include trains, buses, bike lanes, and the metro.

If you have children, you’ll probably want a neighborhood with educational facilities nearby.

  • Do you require daycares and preschools?
  • Do you need a school that offers after school programs because you work late?
  • Do you need summer day camps because you’re too busy at work?
  • How old are your kids and what grade are they in? What level of education do they need?

The answers you give will help you filter through communities more effectively.

These include restaurants, nightlife, shopping malls, grocery stores, and many more. A family with young kids would be suitable in a home near a school, park, or recreational hub, whereas a young, professional couple may prefer downtown living. Find a neighborhood that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

Every city offers something different in terms of recreation:

  • Summer activities: golfing, hiking, sailing, canoeing, cycling, hiking
  • Winter activities: ice skating, skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding
  • If you love nature: parks, pools, gardens, beaches
  • If you prefer the indoors: theaters, community centers,  museums and art galleries

Does your neighborhood have any fun festivals, live music, fair, concerts, or sporting events?
Once you choose the neighborhood, contact Movers Toronto to get a moving quote.