5 Useful Tips for Packing Up Your Office

How do you pack office supplies when moving

Every relocation requires a lot of time and planning, especially if you’re moving your office. You have to think of numerous tasks and pack up important documents, office supplies, appliances, gadgets, and many more. You want to complete it in an efficient and hassle-free way so that everything arrives safely. 

For this reason, many people choose to hire an office moving company near them and place this job in the hands of experts in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Until you decide whether you want professional assistance or not, read these useful tips for packing up your office successfully.

How do you pack office supplies when moving?

Office relocation is a demanding and important process for both you and your co-workers. However, in order for it to be successful, it’s important to stay calm and plan everything ahead. That’s why organizing your time, items, and packing supplies is your best friend. 

1. Make a checklist

A checklist will ensure you have evidence of everything you’ve packed and moved. It will also help you organize the whole process more easily. Go through the list and check each item you pack or load onto the vehicle. Upon arrival, go through it once more and make sure everything is there.

2. Get rid of the unnecessary items

This is the best moment for you and your coworkers to go through the office supplies and decide what to throw away and what you’ll keep. If you come across broken items, check if they can be repaired and if not, throw them away. Throw or shred unnecessary files and decide if there are unused items you want to donate.

3. Sort out and label office items

First, you should sort out all the items, from small to bulky ones. Then you should put labels with the name of an item and its new address. You can try color coding – use papers of different colors for each group of similar items. Put a piece of tape around the label so it doesn’t fall off. You should also separate the items you’d like to move yourself (valuable documents, plants, etc.).

4. Electronics

Disconnect the electronics and prepare them for relocation. Carefully pack them and use bubble wrap so that you avoid any damage. All wires and cables should be properly separated and organized so you can unpack them more easily. You can use zip ties to keep them together and place them with the appropriate items.

5. Paperwork, appliances, and smaller items

When it comes to paperwork, you should organize it into file folders and label each of them for easier identification. Place them all in a box and label the box, too. Smaller items should be packed in zipper bags while liquids such as hand soaps should be packed in a separate box. When preparing your furniture, you should make sure to empty them and tape them so they don’t open during the move. 

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Where can I find a reliable office moving company near me?

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