How to Organize Your Trophies for a Relocation

Once you are sure that a relocation is around the corner, the first thing to do is take a stroll in your house deciding what to pack and what to trash. Some homes happen to have trophy cases containing medals, trophies, cups, and awards that have been accumulated over time and that you definitely don’t want to throw away.

However, successfully relocating your invaluable trophies can be quite a challenge without help from experienced movers in Moncton. Therefore, we have compiled some useful guidelines to help you keep your priced awards with you as you relocate.

What are the good and bad sides of moving your trophies?

The decision of whether to keep or throw away the trophies you have collected over time can be quite tricky. However, it is one that has to be made. The tough part is that you cannot ask for the opinion of others as they may leave you more confused than help bring you closer to your choice. This is because you are the only one who can truly gauge the value of the awards – more like sentimental heirlooms.

You may consider throwing them out since they serve no true purpose. Again, they are signs of achievements and milestones you have triumphed in through life. Here are some of the pros of carrying your awards with you to help you weigh if you are making the right choice:

  • Trophies are a representation of the achievements you have acquired to aid you in becoming the individual you are today
  • They provide tangible memories to remind you of the moments you came out on top
  • You may require using your trophies to motivate your child, grandkids, or even play to work for greatness. The use of physical evidence of success will be a greater motivation than just word of mouth. This is especially the case if the struggle is with games or with education.
  • Often, such awards can easily be stacked in a moving carton without having to take up too much space during the haul. Moreover, they can easily fit in storage in your new place if you decide not to put them on display

Even though there are numerous pros to relocating awards, there is also a bad side to it. They include:

  • Your awards may have lost their sentimental value and taking them with you will only add to the pile of work that comes with moving
  • Some reasons may arise that may cause you not want to go back to the moment in your life when you were awarded your trophies. Therefore, it would only make sense to get rid of them
  • Like any other household item, organizing awards for a move will consume some precious time out of a very busy period
  • The storage area in the home you are relocating to may not be big enough to hold any extra items, leave alone a carton filled with trophies

How do I organize my trophies for the relocation?

Once you have considered all the necessary factors and decided that your awards are worth hauling along with all your other belongings, you will need to organize them efficiently to ensure their safety. In most instances, awards are crafted from either wood, rubber, metal, plastic, or glass.

Sometimes, these materials are combined to make one trophy. The material used will determine how fragile the piece is. For instance, a glass trophy will be more delicate than a rubber one. Aside from the material used in their craftsmanship, trophies tend to come with small elements that can easily break off if not handled properly.

Therefore there is a lot to keep in mind when sorting such articles for moving. Below are some of the procedures to follow to ensure your awards have a smooth ride to your destination:

  • Phase 1: Collect all the necessary packing tools you will need during organizing. They include:
    • A sturdy moving container. It should be dry and proportional to the number of awards you plan to shift
    • Packing sheets
    • A lot of bubble wrap
    • Packing tape
    • A marker pen
  • Phase 2: Using the packing tape, secure the bottom of the container: this should be done whether the container is new or not.
  • Phase 3: Cushion the shifting box with some bubble wrap. Do not be shy about going all out. This step will provide ample protection from any sudden movements on the road
  • Phase 4: Encase each award in packing sheets – go for plain white paper. While wrapping, be kind on the pieces to avoid damaging any fragile articles. Tape can be used to keep the sheets in place.
  • Phase 5: Add an extra layer of bubble wrap. The more you use, the better protected your possessions. You can also use tape on the wrap to ensure it does not come off.
  • Phase 6: Proceed to place the awards in the carton one at a time. In this step you should remember that:
    • Some trophies may have tricky designs that may make them difficult to organize
    • Some may have come with containers to keep in, so ensure you put them to use
    • Some may come with different proportioned elements that may throw them off balance and cause them to break if not carefully placed
  • Phase 7: Stack the pieces side by side. Once the bottom is filled, add another cushioning layer of bubble wrap before proceeding to place another row. Begin placing the bulky pieces first as you work your way to the lighter ones.
  • Phase 8: Ensure all remaining rooms are filled with soft materials so that the pieces are immobile.
  • Phase 9: Put some bubble wrap at the top before sealing the box using tape. Mark the box with large writing indicating that the contents of the container are delicate and should be handled cautiously.
  • Phase 10: Consider taking the container with you during transit. However, if you are working with a reputable team, then you can let them take it.

Who are the most dependable movers in Moncton to handle my move?

Moving trophies is just as delicate as moving your valuable antiques, which is why you have to make sure to take proper care of them. First, take your time comparing different moving companies until you find the best one for the task at hand and only then start preparing and packing your trophies for the relocation.

Or simply contact your reliable local moving company – Miracle Movers. We have years of experience handling different types of valuables during both short and long-distance relocation, and we know what it takes to keep your trophies safe.

To us, it makes no difference if you’re moving to a location near the Magnetic Hills Zoo, or to another location near Moncton. Reach out to us and we’ll handle everything!