Do Moving Companies Take Furniture Apart Before the Move?

Needless to say, relocating is a daunting task. During this process, some belongings prove tougher to shift than the rest due to their weight, shape, or how delicate or valuable they are. And, you’ve guessed it, moving furniture is one of the more difficult moving tasks you can tackle during your move.

That is why it’s always a good idea to contact local movers from Toronto and inquire about whether or not they will disassemble your furniture prior to a move, and then reassemble it once you’re at your new address. Let’s take a look at if movers will cater to your demand and how much they will charge you.

Why is furniture problematic to move?

When listing possessions that are hard to move, bulky furniture will most probably top this list:

  • Some articles are way too large to maneuver tight spaces;
  • Some too awkwardly shaped to manage flights of stairs;
  • Others come with fragile adornments, glass panels, and other delicate elements that can be damaged when moving.

Therefore, a house move will have you wondering how to tackle bulky furniture – how to safely move them out, how to avoid damages on the articles and the people handling them, how to put them in the moving trailer and make sure they are safe for transit, how to remove them once you get to your new home.

Dismantling your furniture pieces prior to relocating and putting them back together at your new house is the only way to accomplish this challenging task. You can do the job yourself or consider renting the services of professional movers.

Do relocating firms take furniture apart?

For an extra fee, most local moving companies offer dismantling and reassembling services, which will allow you to gain additional peace of mind knowing you don’t have to deal with all your large and bulky pieces of furniture all on your own.

What is the cost of hiring movers to take apart furniture?

The charges are dependent on how complex the process will be (the time and effort used), the kind of relocation, and the company’s set rates (every firm lists any additional services offered and the rates they come at).

For a local move, the rates will be by the hour – the final relocating fees will be determined by the time taken by the moving team to finish everything from beginning to end. Extra services such as organizing and taking apart and reassembling furniture can be requested.

However, keep in mind that the move will consume more time and require you to pay for any additional time. If you are relocating across the country, the charges will depend on how heavy your belongings are and how far your new place is. For dismantling and reassembling of furniture, you will have to pay a set fee.

Remember, the relocating team that took apart your articles will most likely differ from the one that unloads your possessions at your new place. The new crew might not be aware of how your furniture should look like or how to reassemble them.

Which moving company in Toronto will help disassemble my furniture before the move?

We trust that these tips gave you a better understanding on whether movers will take apart furniture pieces. It’s important to consider furniture disassembly even if you’re moving back with your parents, and especially if you’re trying to get your partner to relocate with you. Whatever the case, you want to best movers helping you out, and that’s Miracle Movers. To us, it makes no difference if you’re moving to the Art Gallery of Ontario or to another location. We’re here to help you out. Contact us today!