How to Move a Vending Machine on My Own?

Relocating a vending machine is not an issue most people come by since the reputable vending agencies handle everything related to them, including relocation. However, if you happen to have the duty of moving one in your hands, professional movers in Mississauga have compiled a guide on how to move a vending machine by yourself.

Before we begin, it is important to note that vending machines pack a lot of weight that can make it tricky to perform a self-move. For this reason, it is highly advisable to let experts handle its relocating, because vending machines are expensive and can be considered a luxurious item to move.

How do you move a vending machine?

Vending machines can be extremely difficult to relocate without professional help. They are very heavy, extremely bulky, and can require additional moving equipment to relocate successfully. That is why it’s always the best idea to hire professional movers. However, if a self-move is unavoidable, then you should ensure that:

  • The required moving equipment is available
  • You have a few capable helping hands
  • You can carefully follow the moving steps

Required moving equipment

There are various tools that you will require to ensure the entire moving process of the vending machine goes smoothly without anybody getting hurt. They are:

  • A heavy-duty vending machine dolly. This can be substituted for the dolly used to move furniture
  • A pallet jack. This tool is also referred to as a forklift. Consider renting one as opposed to purchasing it, unless you plan on relocating bulky items regularly. In case you cannot find one, ask for assistance from the experts
  • Furniture blankets. These will be used to safeguard the surface of the machine during the move
  • Quality packing tape
  • Screwdrivers. These will prove useful in case of small repairs are required
  • Helping hands. This is a job for two or more people and no less

The moving process

Adhere to the steps below for a smooth vending machine move:

  • Procedure 1: Ensure everyone handling the task is wearing closed footwear with good quality soles to avoid slipping.
  • Procedure 2: Get the measurements of the device. Proceed to also measure the path that will be used to ensure that it will fit. Remember to calculate for the additional room since the device is bound to rise higher during the move.
  • Procedure 3: If a doorway fails to meet the required measurements, consider removing it at the hinges. Have a helping hand when doing this.
  • Procedure 4: Remove everything from the appliance including foodstuff and cash. It may take some time, but it will save you the trouble of having to clean up any messes that may occur.
  • Procedure 5: Keep the cord secure to avoid any accidents occurring from tripping on it. One way to keep it safely out of the way is by keeping it in the special case that comes attached to the vending machine. If it does not have one, tape it to the back of the appliance in an arch using quality packing tape.
  • Procedure 6: Encase the whole machine in furniture blankets. This way, it will not be damaged during the move from hitting walls and other objects. Additionally, no damage will be incurred to other areas such as walls. Use tape to keep the blankets in place.
  • Procedure 7: Ensure you have the skills to run a forklift. Lower the forks and get them completely under the appliance. Ensure not to go too far and hit a wall. Center the forks to avoid the machine from leaning to one side when being lifted.
  • Procedure 8: Use the pallet jack to lift the forks and the device with them. The machine should be held on to from both sides and the back to ensure it remains stable in case of any hurdles.
  • Procedure 9: Take things slow and keep the communication open with the people helping out.
  • Procedure 10: If the machine comes with a refrigeration unit, putting it on its side is not an option, unless it’s only for a short period.
  • Procedure 11: When you arrive at the new spot, slowly lower the machine with your pals still at the sides and back to steady it. Remove the blankets and check for any damage
  • Procedure 12: Put everything back in the machine: food and coins. Give it a good wipe to remove any dust as a result of the relocation.
  • Procedure 13: If the machine was put on its side to be moved, wait a couple of hours before you can plug it in. This will give the fridge adequate time to get back to its usual state.

If these procedures prove too difficult to achieve, do not hesitate to reach out for help from expert vending machine movers. This will greatly reduce the chances of you, your helpers, or any of your property suffering damage.

Which movers in Mississauga can help me move my vending machine?

Moving a vending machine is a difficult task, one best left to professionals to deal with. That is why you should always hire a reputable moving company in Toronto to help you move big, bulky items. Luckily, you can always rely on Miracle Movers – Mississauga’s leading professional movers!

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