The shattering of glass? Great, another one. When you’re in the moving process, there’s so many things that can go wrong, considering the many fragile and delicate items to transport. And the big, heavy things? Your heavy item may be an arcade machine and that’s no easy task. These machines are expensive, therefore you want to be as careful as possible and equally informed.

The first thing you need to do is remove everything from the machine. For instance, if it’s a coin machine – move the coins and if it’s a pinball machine, move the pinballs. Then, start breaking apart the machine – the necessary parts only; you should know which parts are able to break down. A helpful tip is to remove the most fragile parts first. These should include screws and nails so they don’t fall over the place. The next important thing is to obtain protective wraps to cover up the parts and ensure they’re secure. Remove the legs, if any, from the machine. Lift the front so the door will face up.

Remember again, to be very delicate with the parts of the machine. Wrap the cabinets and door with blankets. Now, you can get the machine in the moving truck and ensure all hands are on deck if you need help. You’ll likely need help as most arcade machines weigh hundreds of pounds. Breaking one of those fragile pieces may sound like an easy thing to fix, or for you – the end of the world. It’s true small modifications to your arcade system may be a big change and even a dent in your wallet – which is why you want to take much precaution in the process.

The best option would to hire professional help such as the expertise from a longstanding Toronto moving company. Of course, ensure your mover has experience with moving arcade machines. That way, you still know you’ll be able to play your game when you get to your new home.

Again, contact skilled movers serving Mississauga and other areas across Toronto for the best help!