How Do I Move a Heavy Safe on My Own? Part 2

If you’re familiar with the first part of our safe-moving adventure, don’t be too quick and think that you’re all done. No, there are still a couple of steps more before you can truly say you’re familiar with the ins and outs of relocating a heavy safe on your own. It’s high time to see how you should continue and finalize the relocation of your heavy safe.

How do I move a heavy safe?

Now that you’re done the majority of prep work for the relocation of your heavy safe, it’s time to take a closer look into how you should continue and complete the relocation of the safe you’re planning to move together with you.

Come up with an effective yet low-risk relocating plan

Today, let’s explore the moving blueprint. Apart from the appropriate tools, correct handling methods and strategies are additional essential bits in moving safes. It is not advisable to make up your plan as you are going along unless this is something you have done before.

Before moving anything, think through every step you are going to take. Create a comprehensive plan because just sheer force won’t cut it. If you try to use force to move it, you’ll most likely get hurt in the process.

Moving a safe on your own

Prior to doing anything, temporarily empty your safe of any heavy belongings to ease the moving process. Moreover, it is a good idea to spare your valuables any damage due to the unusual relocation your metal box is about to endure. Also, tape a blanket or two around the frame to avoid it running into and destroying any surfaces as it moves.

Securing a safe for moving

Cautiously tip the safe diagonally and slip the hand-truck beneath it, and secure it tightly using ties to minimize movements. Once it’s securely wrapped on the appliance, slop it back to ensure the heavyweight is evenly dispensed on the wheels.

Moving a safe up or down stairs

You might have to move your safe up or down the stairs depending on its location in your house. It is strongly advised to leave such a task to the experts. Nevertheless, when moving it up the stairs, have one person as your guide as the other two move the hand-truck from one step to the other.

Moving it downstairs is more challenging. Have as many helping hands guide you and move the wheels from one step to the other. This process should be handled carefully and in no rush. In the ordeal, be careful not to hurt yourself.

Take all the necessary precautions – wear appropriate clothing and work gloves – and remember that safety is the most crucial part of the process. If you notice the safe is about to fall, just run and bar any heroism thoughts.

Which moving company from Mississauga can move my heavy safe?

Relocating safes without the proper expertise is very dangerous and demanding. It’s just as difficult as attempting to organize all your belongings on your own, or relocating to a new city by yourself.

That is why you should do what’s right and contact Miracle Movers to help you properly handle your safety. We can relocate your safe anywhere across Mississauga, be it close to the Humber River, or somewhere else close to Mississauga. Call us for more details.