Glasses are some of the most delicate pieces to handle during relocations and are usually among the most damaged at the end of the process. Even with their fragile nature, proper steps can be taken to make sure that they arrive at your chosen destination, unscratched. These steps are elaborated further in this piece.

  • Pack them separately

In most homes, wine glasses and other treasured delicates of the kind are kept separately from other items for a good reason. Therefore, the same should be done when organizing them for relocation and pack them on their own to avoid getting to your new residence with chipped or broken glassware.

  • Purchase cell pack containers

When purchasing moving supplies in Markham, consider taking some cell pack containers. These cartons are specially built to ensure the safety of glasses by carrying separate compartments for each. You can also save some coins if you are carrying out a cheap moving in Markham by asking for bottle boxes from grocery or liquor stores. Alternatively, if you cannot locate these moving boxes in Markham, purchase some dividers instead and use them in ordinary containers. Go ahead and buy other supplies such as packing paper, bubble wrap, plain newspaper, and others. Before you can start the arranging process, ensure that the dividers fit properly and do not move around when easily pushed.

  • Stuff the glasses

Take each glass one at a time and fill it with crumpled packing paper inside the globe. Ensure that no room is left once you are done, but be gentle enough to avoid breakage by avoiding pushing on the glass sides or crumping the paper too tight. Having paper inside the globe ensures that it does not get damaged easily upon impact.

  • Wrap them

Each glass that is wrapped should be taken one at a time and laid to its side on several sheets of paper that are perpendicular to the glass. Encase the piece in the leaves as you push the paper edges over the globe. The paper should go around the base to ensure that it is completely covered. The edges should be folded into the glass as per its molding.

  • Pack them

The glasses should go into individual compartments in the containers with their stems first. Their fit should not be too tight, and if they are loose, go ahead and add some more sheets of wrapping paper. If you have different-sized glasses, alternate between large and small ones to avoid having one area too tightly packed while another is loose.

  • Fill the container

Once all the glasses are in the carton, fill any remaining room with bubble wrap to ensure none of the pieces can move when being transported. Seal the container and label it as fragile.