How to Move Exercise Machines

Everyone wants to have a stress free relocation and start afresh while still having the comforts of the previous home. As you transport your possessions to the new house, you will obviously want to certify that the things that are crucial to your lifestyle are kept safe and secure throughout. 

For fitness lovers, they will undoubtedly have expensive home gym equipment to relocate, as it would be hard for them to buy again or give out. The good thing is that when one puts in the right packing effort and style, they will be able to haul their facilities easily. All you have to do is follow these simple tips by the best moving company in Calgary.

How do I move my home gym equipment?

Moving exercising machines is quite a demanding task, and not just because they can weigh a lot. They’re also large, and moving bulky items is difficult, which can present a challenge when loading them onto or into your moving vehicle of choice. However, don’t allow moving to put you in a bad mood. Here’s some advice on how to make an easier job of moving exercise machines.

1. Secure the cartons carrying the gear

Take some of the smaller weights and dumbbells and place them in different boxes so that the cartons do not break, or become too heavy to carry. Wrap them in bubble wrap and then use padding to fill in any spaces left so that they do not bump into each other. Once you are done, be sure to label the boxes to make it easier to know what is in them, and where they will go in the new house.

2. Dismantle the larger ones

The best way to move big machines like treadmills and elliptical machines is to remove the pieces before packing it and having it transported. Some treadmill models save you this process as they are foldable. Once it is folded, wrap the cord around it so that it does not use up any more space. 

After that, wrap it in a blanket to protect it from dents and scratches. When it comes to elliptical, weightlifting machines, and normal treadmills that do not fold, take them apart and box every section separately. In case one wants to transport it the way it is, get help from experts.

3. Take photos

Before pulling them apart, we recommend taking snaps of all the equipment. This will help you figure out how to put the pieces back together once you are done unpacking. It is also a good way to remember which of the parts go together, and this will save you the headache of trying to make heads or tails with the dismantled items. This is also a useful tip when it comes to other electronics that are in the home.

4. Contact proficient movers

Sometimes individuals are worried about being able to haul their gear and get it to their destination in one piece. This feeling of anxiety is common, and not something that you should worry a lot about. There are lots of relocating firms that one can get in touch with to assist them with the process. 

As you pick the crew, see to it that you have picked one that has the experience of carrying bulky and specialty items. Letting them handle this will save you time and money as well since the damage will be minimal or none.

Which moving company in Calgary is the best choice for moving exercise machines?

If you’re moving, and you want to take your home gym with you, going it alone probably isn’t the best option. You should definitely hire a reputable moving company, and there are no better professional movers than Miracle Movers. 

We are the leaders when it comes to providing comprehensive moving services in Calgary and the area, and we are glad to help you relocate your home gym. Go to the Heritage Park Historical Village, relax a bit, and let us take care of everything else. Contact us today for a carefree move.