Chandeliers are beautiful pieces that add to the aesthetic value of a house. Therefore, nobody would want to see such a piece ruined during relocation, especially if some sentimental value is attached to it.

Relocating a chandelier can be tricky. Most of them are usually quite delicate and need ample protection when being transported. You will require certain tools and follow specific guidelines to ensure your chandelier remains in one piece. Movers London has all these compiled to make the process easier for you.

Tools required for organizing a chandelier

Some of the essentials required for this process include;

    • A sturdy moving container
    • Two smaller moving containers for detachable articles and bulbs
    • Packing sheets, tape, and peanuts
    • Bubble wrap
    • Foam padding
    • Ladder
    • Sealable bags
  • Cable ties
  • Screwdrivers and pliers
  • A couple of soft blankets
  • A pair of helping hands

Detaching a Chandelier from the ceiling

Procedure 1: switch off the power from the main supply box. This is the most crucial of all procedures and should never be ignored under any circumstances. Electricity can pose a great risk to your life.

Procedure 2: climb the ladder and disengage the fixture used to transmit power to the piece. In the case that you have no expertise in this, ask for help from someone who does or let a professional handle it for you.

Procedure 3: have a pal hold up the chandelier to avoid it injuring you if the supporting cables break.

Procedure 4: using a screwdriver, remove the screws holding the chandelier as well as the wires that run into the ceiling.

Procedure 5: place the chandelier on the floor cautiously with some helping hands.

Taking Apart a Chandelier

Procedure 6: collect all cables and keep them in a bundle. Keep them together using rubber loops. Wires left on the floor unattended could be safety hazards.

Procedure 7: take out all the light bulbs one at a time and put them in the cases they came in or small containers that they will fit in. You can opt to encase them in bubble wrap if the original containers are not available, and place them in a small container.

Procedure 8: take out all elements that can be detached such as the chains, shades, arms, and other adornments that are included in the piece.

Procedure 9: if any of these elements are attached using screws or hooks, they should be removed to. Take some snaps so that you remember where they all go. Wrap the elements in packing sheets. However, bubble wrap should be used for more fragile articles.

Procedure 10: all the removed pieces should be placed in a sturdy container. For tiny elements such as screws should be kept in sealable bags to avoid losing them.

Organizing a Chandelier for a Move

Procedure 11: acquire a sturdy carton that is appropriately-sized for the piece. Using packing tape, make the bottom of the carton stronger to avoid it breaking during the move. The container should have some extra room on the sides to allow the placement of cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, foam padding, or soft blankets. However, it should not be too big.

Procedure 12: this step is especially for crystal chandeliers. This kind of chandeliers is quite tricky to handle than other types. Every crystal element should be safeguarded individually to avoid them hitting each other and causing damage when being relocated.

Procedure 13: the piece should be placed in an upright position in the container slowly and carefully. Proceed to put the peanuts in all the remaining room to make the chandelier immobile.

Procedure 14: slightly shake the container to see if the chandelier moves in the container. If you feel any movement, increase the amount of cushioning materials. Do this until not even the slightest movement can be felt. Take as long as possible and do not feel as if you are wasting time.

Procedure 15: cover the top of the chandelier using a soft blanket to cushion the top of the item. A couple of bubble wrap layers can be placed for extra protection.

Procedure 16: shut the top of the container and secure them using packing tape. This procedure should be done on all the boxes that contain chandelier elements. This process will keep the cartons strong and avoid the articles within from falling out and causing damage to your belongings.

Procedure 17: on all boxes indicate that the contents of the containers are very delicate and should be handled cautiously. Also, write which side is upright. The markings should be made using easily legible marker colors such as black, dark blue, or red.

If you have read through this procedures and you still do not think you can handle the task by yourself, consider renting the services of experts to tackle it for you. Skilled relocation teams understand that chandeliers are pieces of great value and will handle yours with the best care possible.