How to Keep Your Fridge & Floor Safe During a Move

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in most homes that helps in preserving food. Even with the convenience that comes with its everyday use, a fridge can be a source of headache when it’s time to relocate.

On top of worrying about preserving the state of the fridge without incurring any damages, one has also to ensure that the floors between where the device is placed and the truck are not damaged.

The weight of the fridge can cause tears and scratches no matter if your floor is crafted from wood, carpet, or laminate. With the application of some practices, a few of which are touched on below, you can have your fridge carried and loaded without creating a mess.

How can I keep my floor & fridge safe when moving?

There are several things you should consider doing before actually starting to move your refrigerator across your beautiful floors. Take a look at how to relocate your fridge and keep it and your floor safe.

Sketch out a path

There is a chance that some areas in your home are too small for the refrigerator to fit through, and you do not want to find out while already in the process of carrying the appliance. The best option is to measure the device as well as the size of pathways to find the best route to use.

If the main door is too small to use, consider using the sliding patio door. Laying out a plan saves you, and anyone else involved a lot of stress.

Prepare the appliance

Proceed to prep the fridge for relocation after you are done with chalking out how it will leave the house. Begin by emptying all its compartments to make it as light as possible and also ensure no food will go bad during transit.

Advisably, leave the appliance to defrost for up to forty-eight hours before the big day; this ensures that all the moisture is eliminated to reduce the chances of mold development. Once the cleaning process is done, proceed to shut the fridge doors tight to avoid them opening while on the road, especially if its shelves are still inside.

It is recommended to pack any compartments that can be separated from the main frame separately to reduce the risk of breakage. The code should also either be removed or taped tightly to the appliance.

Wash the floor

Having debris and small particles on your floors put them at more risk of ending up damaged considering the massive weight of refrigerators. Therefore, you should clean the path that will be used.

Collect all the necessary tools

Of all the appliances, the handcart is the most essential and can be rented from numerous stores. Subfloor panels also come in handy to push the appliance away from the wall so that it can be placed in the handcart.

Avoid dragging

Dragging such a heavy device will cause extensive damage to your floors, which is why subfloor panels have to be used. Place them at the front of the fridge to make it easier for the device to slide onto the dolly. Once it is upright, tie it to the handcart and start rolling.

Hire a professional

The most recommended approach to hauling your fridge safely is letting experts handle the task. Reputable moving companies have the skills required to ensure the safety of both your appliance and floors.

Which professional moving company from Toronto should I hire?

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