How to Get Moving Help From Your Friends?

Summer is a relocating season. With longer days and shorter time left on our leases, people countrywide start packing up in anticipation for the moving day. For most, moving all their belongings from one apartment to the next is too tough a job to handle single-handedly. In this scenario, you have two options: you either pay someone to move your items for you, or you rely on your friends for help. 

However, rallying up your friends for free helping hands is easier said than done. Take a look at some of the tips and tricks for getting your buddies together on moving day for you to try out. Who says you need to hire professional movers in Calgary, no matter if you’re moving alone or moving in together with your significant other.

How do I encourage my friends to help me move?

If you’re thinking about asking your friends to help you move, they’re certainly going to be there for you if they have the time and no prior obligations. However, that doesn’t mean that the moving day should be just that – a moving day. 

You should do all you can to make the experience as fun and enjoyable for your friends as possible. Here are some ideas you could try out and make your day of relocation awesome!

1. Make it a party

Relocating doesn’t have to be a long, strenuous process. Turn moving day into a party to convince you and your friends that you are having fun. This may appear challenging, given most parties don’t involve the kind of physical activity that relocating does, but there are a few things provisions you can have to make the event at least a party: music, food, and beers.

2. Music is key

First, create a playlist. A solid playlist is essential for any good moving day party. You are going to want to balance here. That means don’t have a playlist with only 80s hair metal. If you want to include it in there to get the adrenaline pumping, by all means, go ahead. Just ensure you balance it out with other music genres.

And don’t forget to consider your pals’ musical tastes. They are already doing you a favor, don’t make them have to endure your go-to karaoke song on repeat all day long. Once the music is bumping, open the doors and chug the beer. Ideally, your moving day will be bright and sunny, and a cool 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Use a heavy book or door jamb to ensure the main door stays open for easy access to the moving trailer outside. The booze will relax everyone and add a bit of fun to the day. However, you may want to hold off drinking until all the delicate items have been packed and loaded.

3. Remember to feed your friends

Spending the day moving all your belongings is bound to work up an appetite. Have the pizza delivery guy on speed dial and be on the lookout for any signs of hunger. Make sure you remember to call the delivery guy in advance so that you aren’t left with a handful of a buzzed, sweaty, hungry, and irritable group of your closest pals.

Keep hunger at bay by offering some snacks while packing. Chips and salsa, carrots and hummus, or a bowl of trail mix are perfect finger foods that your friends can munch on throughout the day. Offering help during a move is one of the important responsibilities of a good pal. Ensure you return the favor to keep the good karma rolling.

Who are the best movers in Calgary to help me with my relocation?

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