In Part 1, you received plenty of useful tips and advice for making a short distance move. Now, you know what to expect, how to prepare, and the number of factors you need to consider. Today, we’ll get to the most important factor and your biggest concern – money.

The Cost of a Local Move

Usually, the price will be the determining factor of what type of relocation will take place. Whether it’s professionals helping you out or friends and family assisting you, these two options are very important to plan out. To help you decide between the two here’s more information.

How to Find the Best Local Mover in Toronto

We want you to find the best local movers in Toronto that will give you a helping hand. If you know anyone who’s moved recently, this would also be a good chance to get recommendation or reviews of a professional moving company. Ask your friends and family, and even share a post on social media to get some answers. Make sure you get specific details about each person’s experience or involvement with the particular moving company he or she is reviewing.

Find additional suggestions online at social media platforms and websites/apps designed to help people find reviews. You want to try to get a big picture or representation of this company. Find local movers near you and read former customers’ comments on their trustworthiness and services. You also want to find out how much you’ll pay for hiring, so keep short distance moving quotes in mind. Ask for in-house prices and other calculations for residential movers. Before you select the Toronto moving company of your choice, make sure you obtain all the information you can get. Ask for recommendations on quoted prices as well.

Giving a Tip to Best Local Movers in Toronto

How much should you give the professional movers as a tip? If you feel like rewarding the crew’s effort, then go ahead and tip them. The debate over whether you should tip moving crews or not leaves many people puzzled or frustrated – but it’s really not that complicated. Simply ask yourself if you’re satisfied with their work and attitude. This is all you need to know if you’re considering giving them a tip.

If you’re not happy with the movers’ work, then don’t even think about tips. Tips aren’t required or even highly recommended – they’re earned. If the movers you hired did something wrong, performed a lousy job, or lacked professionalism – then it’s simply not worth giving them a bonus. But, if your helpers did a great job throughout – then sure, go ahead and give them their reward! A tip shows your appreciation and gratitude. And there’s no doubt they will be encouraged and thankful for the tip.

Now, it’s no longer a question about if you should give them a tip – but rather how. The average tip is $10 to $20 per person for a 3-4 hour move and $30 to $40 per person for a more laborious move. Of course, if you’re very happy with their efforts – by all means, offer more!