How Can I Estimate My Relocation Fees?

If you are planning to relocate, it is recommended to hire a professional moving company, especially if your move is to another state: this will relieve the stress of having to worry about hauling your possessions.

It is no secret that there are many aspects to a successful relocation. Therefore, unless you have the helping hands of pals and loved ones, expert relocating agencies are your best bet.

Even though this option will relieve you of some worry, it will not be kind to your wallet. Hiring relocating firms is costly, but in the long run, it’ll be well worth it.

What is an interstate move?

Also referred to as a long distance move, this relocation entails moving from one state to another. Therefore, your goods will have to cross state borders.

What are approximate relocation costs for an interstate move?

The charges incurred for this kind of move are dependent on the weight of your possessions and the hauling distance. According to research, such a move will need about four thousand, three hundred dollars for goods weighing seven thousand, four hundred pounds over about one thousand, two hundred and twenty-five miles. This does not include any extra services that may be required.

These charges may seem above average, but remember that a long haul entails more fees that an in-state relocation. The latter is charged in accordance with hours while the latter depends on how much your possessions weigh.

How do I determine relocation fees?

This amount is dependent on how heavy your belongings are, the hauling distance, the labor used, which will be determined by your respective state.

Additional key factors

Here are some of the additional factors you should consider when determining your relocation costs.


You will be charged according to your hourly rate for any organizing that the packing crew will help you with, including dismantling and putting together furniture. These fees will be inclusive of any equipment used as well as time spent.

Hauling charges

This will include fuel costs and the labor used during transit. The longer the haul, the higher the fees.

Insurance coverage

The law requires all long distance relocating agencies to provide insurance for their clients. The client can opt for either a cover that entails the replacement or full reimbursement of damaged items or for the basic liability coverage that only offers $0.60 for each pound of the damaged goods. The latter option is the most common, since you will not have to pay anything or almost nothing.

Third-party coverage

This insurance may apply to goods that are of high value. Ensure that you keep all the receipts and snap some pictures before the relocation. Such documents will come in handy if there will be any replacement needed. Additionally, this coverage may cater for any stolen items during the relocation.


A storage option is especially handy if your move is a long haul. The fees incurred for this service differ from one facility to another. Therefore, ensure you conduct thorough research.

What should I pay attention to when estimating moving costs?

Before settling on a relocating firm, you’ll need to be keen on some factors including;


Always ask your selected relocating agency if they hand out some tasks of the relocation to subcontractors. They do not work full time with relocating agencies and follow different regulations as the agency you hired. Therefore, make a point of avoiding such firms.

Belongings coverage

Even though it is a rare occurrence, damage to items can happen. Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure the relocation agency has the necessary insurance coverage. If a firm does not offer coverage, they most probably lack the necessary authorization to operate.

Relocating fraudsters

You do not want to lose your belongings and cash to scammers. Do thorough research on the legitimacy of the firm you have in mind before making things official. Be attentive to the remarks made by previous clients. Also, a reputable firm will usually (and upon request) send one of their people to take a look at your belongings before giving you a price estimate.

How can I save some money when hiring professional movers?

Explore some of the ways you can save money when hiring a professional moving company.

Pick an ideal moving date

The day you relocate has a huge impact on the cash you’re going to spend. The ideal choice would be to move on a weekday as opposed to the weekend and during the middle of the month. These periods are when relocation firms are least booked, making their prices lower.

Register with the AAA

This will reward you with price cuts on storage and moving. Some relocating firms offer free full value insurance to those registered with the agency.

Organize the move on your own

Even though having a packing crew handle organization will save time and energy on your side, it will dent your wallet. You can accomplish this task by yourself with the help of pals and loved ones.


As has been stated numerous times before, the heavier your shipment, the higher your moving costs. Therefore, before your move, ensure you get rid of everything that no longer serves you a purpose.

Which moving company in Red Deer, Alberta do I hire?

There is only one moving company in Red Deer, Alberta that always provides its customers with accurate estimates of the moving costs. Miracle Movers always gives detailed quotes to its valued customers, be it for helping you relocate without a forwarding address or helping them move their vehicle to another location. To us, it makes little difference if you’re moving across the border or closer to Bower Ponds. We’re able to handle all moves. Give us a call today!